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DARK MONEY – Project Veritas has Gone EVEN DEEPER! Offshore Dark Money Fronts, Obama Connections, and the Attempt to Cover it up.

In this newest and most explosive of new videos exposing the Clinton Criminal Enterprise (CCE), James O’Keefe III has gone deep – as in White House deep. Project Veritas, infiltrator of covens and exposer of gross criminal behavior, set up a corporation in Belize meant to look like a dark money front. Veritas funded this company, and promptly set out to entice high level democrats to this sweetest of honey pots. Once the Veritas videos broke, the DNC realized their massive fuckup and scrambled to return the money!

From the new video’s description:

In the effort to prove the credibility of the undercover donor featured in the videos and to keep the investigation going, Project Veritas Action made the decision to donate twenty thousand dollars to Robert Creamer’s effort. Project Veritas Action had determined that the benefit of this investigation outweighed the cost. And it did. In an unexpected twist, AUFC president Brad Woodhouse, the recipient of the $20,000, heard that Project Veritas Action was releasing undercover videos exposing AUFC’s activities. He told a journalist that AUFC was going to return the twenty thousand dollars. He said it was because they were concerned that it might have been an illegal foreign donation. Project Veritas Action was pleased but wondered why that hadn’t been a problem for the month that they had the money.

Watch Convicted Felon Creamer brag about his connections to Obama and the Clinton campaign.



Watch the new O’Keefe video and discuss. I will be posting updates, analysis, and developments throughout the day.



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Hillary’s Birthday Means Popcorn Time – Deploy the Butter Pumps!

Ok – Kim Dotcom made a series of tweets earlier in the year alluding to a surprise on Hillary’s Birthday, today, and he hasn’t referred to them since except for one cryptic tweet a week ago which referenced “7 days to go.” My first thought was that perhaps the leaks Dotcom was talking about were supposed to be released on Hillary’s birthday, but due to the first assassination attempt on Julian Assange, they were dumped ahead of schedule. I think I was wrong.

Mr. Dotcom just tweeted this tonight:



Between tomorrow’s anticipated JUICY O’Keefe Video and Kim Dotcom’s MEGA sense of humor, George Soros might just pull the plug on the whole neocon thing until the next round, when he can slide Paul Ryan onto his lap (who has of course earned his way back into forgiving RINO hearts by helping put the Clintons in jail). Soros will grab Paul Ryan’s biceps and give them a good squeeze while whispering sweet lizard nothings about power and money.

UPDATE: Kim Dotcom is a Trolling Bitch



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Tomorrow’s O’Keefe Video Should be SPICY! Project Veritas Offshore Dark Money Front Lured Democrats Into a Trap!

From what nimble navigators around the web have pieced together, it looks like tomorrow’s O’Keefe video – set to drop around Noon EST, is going to contain some interesting information on Brad Woodhouse and Hillary Clinton.

Behold, from O’Keefe’s Reddit AMA and recent tweets:

(you can follow the Project Veritas YouTube channel here)


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Fire Bellied Newt Gingrich vs. Democratic Operative Megyn Kelly

Newt Gingrich has once again proven that no terrarium can hold this man’s keen wit and uncanny ability to quickly eviscerate his foes before they realize their entrails have been liberated from their body. The key takeaway for me was Newt’s brilliant framing of rigged MSM polls and overwhelming bias vs. unbiased polls and other evidence as “a contest of two parallel universes” – though the entire skirmish is a pleasure to watch.

Worth 8 minutes of your time, and feel free to scroll down if you are at a loss for an appropriate verb to describe what happened.



h/t Backandfill

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BREAKING: Obama Knew About Hillary’s Server, “We Need to Clean This Up – They do Not Say state.gov”

Since the word “Bombshell” has no meaning anymore, just know that THIS IS HUGE. It could mean the unraveling of the Clinton Campaign, and the beginning of actual indictments, should God Emperor Harambe J. Trump set foot in the white house come January:


Recall that Obama is a fucking liar and said he only learned about the emails through the media.

This is big news, stay tuned.

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Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn, Wanda Sykes, and Joan Cusack go Full Retard

In what can only be described as the best recent example of famous liberals’ cognitive break with reality, maybe because Wanda Sykes said it was cool, these #WithHer ivory tower morons went and made a TOTALLY RACIST REMAKE of Beyonce’s revered Formation video and released it on the Jay-Z and Beyonce owned “Tidal” streaming media service. Truly mind boggling.


Not only has the video been downvoted 3:1 as of this writing, Amy Schumer’s twitter account has been bombarded with loyal fans who are outraged that these Canada bound Hillary supporting SJWs could be so ignorantly racist.

See the tweet and the video before they’re deleted:

You be the judge:

Beyonce’s “Formation”

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Michael Moore: Trump’s Election Will be the Biggest “Fuck You” Ever Recorded in Human History

I am speechless. Michael Moore, AKA “Based Jabba the Hutt” just dropped some truth, masterfully conveying why this election is truly a revolution for the American middle class, and why Trump is going to win. It feels wrong to say this – as in, I am having a hard time physically looking at Moore’s picture in the youtube preview, but everyone needs to listen:


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Chicken, Cigarette, Lobster, Duck…

The new O’Keefe video is out, featuring Robert Creamer – the White House frequenting felon who wrote Obamacare while in Prison – admitting to undercover journalists that Hillary Clinton violated FEC laws with her involvement in this most retarded of schemes that fell flat on it’s bill. I’ll leave the deeper analysis to other aware and non-compliant citizens, as I would just like to point out that democrats have been fucking with conservatives for years with retarded mascots:



I like this one better:



UPDATE: Lookie here; from the new Project Veritas video – it appears that Aaron Black, the DNC dark operative who was caught on tape bragging about his crew of miscreant agitators, was overseeing the duck op.


UPDATE II: Zulema Rodriguez, the paid DNC shill working under Aaron Black in the Project Veritas videos, just couldn’t resist documenting their FEC violation:



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Greetings and Salutations

I have been coming to Fly’s sites for almost a decade, and one thing I’ve always come to expect is high concentrations of relevant and timely information. Right now, at this moment in history – should our great grandchildren be fortunate enough to learn about it – we are being hit with a high volume of mind blowing revelations almost every single day. News flow is so rapid that we must stop and check ourselves for information overload, during which our minds become numb and we have a hard time assigning appropriate value to new information. Hell, during the last 3 weeks of the election that will be talked about for fucking EVER, we’ve learned about such fascinating topics as:

Also, people are growing increasingly nervous over Schrodinger’s Assange since they cut his internet a few days before a strange chemical weapons scare that shut down the nearest airport, as well as the appearance of militarized police pictured outside the embassy. If and when we see him, will it REALLY be Julian? Or will they Tupac hologram our beloved Geralt of Rivia? Until proven otherwise, we have to assume he’s dead or getting Reek’d  by a leather apron wearing Podesta at a black site.


Fly has done an astounding job of burning the midnight oil to bring you the latest rumblings from outside safe spaces. My goal with this blog will be to comb through the newsflow to hunt for anything of import which may have slipped through the cracks. I may not post all day, or every day, but I will be sure to bring you interesting things to chew on that are low noise and high signal. I follow several weaponized autists around various corners of the internet. We’re not talking your normal aspies or CTR Nerd Virgins – my sources take weekly vaccinations as part of their “Reverse McCarthy” strategy, just in case. So far so good.

Now let’s all grab some popcorn and wait for the new O’Keefe video. Apparently Hillary is in this one.


EDIT: O’Keefe III – Hillary and the Ducks!

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