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Hillary’s Birthday Means Popcorn Time – Deploy the Butter Pumps!

Ok – Kim Dotcom made a series of tweets earlier in the year alluding to a surprise on Hillary’s Birthday, today, and he hasn’t referred to them since except for one cryptic tweet a week ago which referenced “7 days to go.” My first thought was that perhaps the leaks Dotcom was talking about were supposed to be released on Hillary’s birthday, but due to the first assassination attempt on Julian Assange, they were dumped ahead of schedule. I think I was wrong.

Mr. Dotcom just tweeted this tonight:



Between tomorrow’s anticipated JUICY O’Keefe Video and Kim Dotcom’s MEGA sense of humor, George Soros might just pull the plug on the whole neocon thing until the next round, when he can slide Paul Ryan onto his lap (who has of course earned his way back into forgiving RINO hearts by helping put the Clintons in jail). Soros will grab Paul Ryan’s biceps and give them a good squeeze while whispering sweet lizard nothings about power and money.

UPDATE: Kim Dotcom is a Trolling Bitch



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