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President-Elect Trump Responds To Terrorist Attacks – Pledges to Eradicate Jihadists From Face Of The Earth

President-elect Trump issued statements regarding today’s series of terrorist attacks; the first being the assassination of the Russian diplomat to Turkey, the second in Berlin, when a Pakistani refugee killed 12 people and injured 48 after driving into a crowd of holiday shoppers, and the third took place in Zurich after a shooting in a mosque.

Trump’s official tweet was followed official statements regarding the Turkey and Berlin attacks:



Let that sink in: 

Islamic terrorists continually slaughter Christians in their communities and places of worships as part of the global jihad

…These terrorists and their regional and worldwide networks must be eradicated from the face of the earth…

Bold and refreshing language from the man who will be president of the United States in a month. Trump also acknowledges Christians shopping for Christmas without censoring his language to be “inclusive” or politically correct. Sure is nice to have a president with a pair of balls. Mad Dog Mattis is gonna be one busy bringer of death if this is Trump’s opening salvo in his war on terror.

Reactions from around the web:

Note that there are more than a few people wondering why the Turkey shooting was so “clean.”


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Turkish Official Links Assassination Of Russian Diplomat To USA-Based Muslim Cleric In Pennsylvania, Putin Responds

gokcekReports are rolling in that the mayor of Ankara – the city in which the Russian diplomat to Turkey was assassinated today – has linked the assassin to the Gulen Movement,  started by Turkish President’s arch-rival and self-exiled Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen. This is strange considering Gulen and his movement are nonviolent progressive Muslims who are proponents of peace, technology, and democracy, while his arch rival Turkish president Erdogan is a free-speech hating despot who has cracked down on all forms of dissent since the Turkish “coup” attempt in an. Reuters and The Express report [emphasis mine]:

accuses“[the] Assailant is a policeman. According to what I have heard, he is a FETO member. The slogans of the assailant are just perception management.”
In the aftermath of the comments Turkey analyst Ilhan Tanir tweeted: “Ankara Mayor just spoke and accuses “FETO” a.k.a Gulen Gr as an actor behind assassination, claiming just like shooting down Russian plane”.
Turhan Ozen, head of the UK’s Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD), also believed Gulen could be behind the horrifying attack.
He told Express.co.uk: “Gulen or serious mental problems is the only explanation I can think of.”
“Every day something is happening. It must be a concerted effort to destabilise the country and possible try another coup at the end.” –Express.co.uk

Note the statement: The slogans of the assailant are just perception management.”

fethullah-gulen-saylorsburgIn other words: even though the assassin went on a passionate rant in the name of anti-Assad Syrians, the mayor of Ankara has – with no evidence – linked him to Turkish president Erdogan’s arch political rival, currently in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania at this house:

Erdogan accused Gülen of having a hand in his (definitely not staged) “coup,” however these rumors were disproven:

In 2005, a man affiliated with the Gülen movement approached U.S. Ambassador to Turkey Eric S. Edelman during a party in Istanbul and handed him an envelope containing a document supposedly detailing plans for an imminent coup against the government by the Turkish military. However, the documents were soon found to be forgeries. Gülen affiliates claim the movement is “civic” in nature and that it does not have political aspirations. -Wikipedia

Primer on Gülen:

Muhammet Fethullah Gülen (Turkish: [fetuɫˈɫɑh ɟyˈlen]; born 27 April 1941) is a Turkish preacher, former imam, writer, and political figure. He is the founder of the Gülen movement (known as Hizmet meaning service in Turkish), and the inspiration figure for its largest organization, the Alliance for Shared Values. He currently lives in self-imposed exile in the United States, residing in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania.

Gülen teaches a Hanafi version of Islam, deriving from Sunni Muslim scholar Said Nursî’s teachings. Gülen has stated that he believes in science, interfaith dialogue among the People of the Book, and multi-party democracy. He has initiated such dialogue with the Vatican and some Jewish organizations.

Gülen is actively involved in the societal debate concerning the future of the Turkish state, and Islam in the modern world. He has been described in the English-language media as an imam “who promotes a tolerant Islam which emphasises altruism, hard work and education” and as “one of the world’s most important Muslim figures.

Gülen was an ally of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan before 2013. The alliance was destroyed after the 2013 corruption investigations in Turkey. Erdogan accused Gülen of being behind the corruption investigations. He is currently on Turkey’s most-wanted-terrorist list and is accused of leading what the current Turkish officials call the Gulenist Terror Organisation (FETÖ). A Turkish criminal court issued an arrest warrant for Gülen. Turkey is demanding the extradition of Gülen from the United States.[16][24][25] However, U.S. figures in general do not believe he is associated with any terrorist activity, and have requested evidence to be provided by the Turkish Government to substantiate the allegations in the warrant requesting extradition. Wikipedia

Primer on Erdogan:

A complete dick, the establishment puppet and Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan survived a totally not staged coup attempt in July of 2016, and immediately began dismantling Turkish democracy and free speech. Once the “coup” was over, Erdogan made over 40,000 arrests, fired 80,000 people from their jobs (including 3,000 judges, 2,000 university professors, as well as 120 journalists), and has hinted at executions. Wikileaks noted the following after the coup attempt:

Don’t believe the hype:

If we are to believe the words of the now deceased gunman, today’s assassination was carried out in the name of anti-assad jihadist groups – which would implicate Saudi Arabia, who just lost out on that pipeline through Syria. On the other hand, if we are to believe the unsubstantiated words of the mayor of Ankara, the assassin was part of the Gülen movement. If this narrative is pursued – and/or more solid links are uncovered between the assassin and Gülenism, it will undoubtedly force the USA (and Donald Trump) into a diplomatic nightmare.

Meanwhile, Putin has opined on the matter and it looks like he’s not buying the mayor of Ankara’s shit:

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VIDEO: Russian Ambassador To Turkey Assassinated By Anti-Assad Terrorist – Gunman Was Turkish Police Officer

thp_mdg_191216andrei-_37jpgRussian ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, was assassinated while giving a speech today in Ankra, Turkey. The Mirror reports that the gunman, Turkish riot cop Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş, shouted “We die in Aleppo, you die here” before opening fire. He then went on a diatribe, shouting “Allahu Akbar,” before reportedly ordering people out of the room and firing more shots into the Ambassador.

Not much is else is known about the situation, however there are currently raids going on against terrorists in Belgium right now, as well as a shooting at an Islamic center in Zurich, Switzerland (see below video). No word on whether these incidents are related.

This is unfortunate timing just three days after President Obama’s press conference last Friday, in which he stated:

“Our goal continues to be to send a clear message not to do this to us, because we can do stuff to you. Need to do in a thoughtful, methodical way. Some of it will be public, some of it will be clandestine.”

While there is no evidence that Obama or the west is connected, we do know that Clinton Foundation donors Saudi Arabia and Qatar have armed, financed, and otherwise supported ISIS and other terror groups. If this gunman was acting on behalf of the these interests [NSFW] (Free Syrian Army, Al Nusra, ISIL), as it appears, consider this a big “fuck you” from Saudi Arabia and Qatar in retaliation for not getting their pipeline. Also, prepare for the mother of all coalitions against Islamic terror – as we may be about to team up with Russia to kick some Jihadist ass.

Also of note, things are going down in Belgium and Zurich right now:


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