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CLOSING IN: Deep FBI Source Reveals Book “Clinton Cash” Kicked Off 2015 Case “Actively and Aggressively Pursuing,” Indictments Coming

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THIS MAY BE IT: Fox’s Brett Baier, upon word from a source deep within the FBI, reports that the book “Clinton Cash” kicked off a massive 2015 investigation into the Clinton Foundation – and in particular, Pay to Play. Remember, five days ago Chris Wallace fucking NAILED an increasingly nervous Robby Mook to the wall like a bitch over the Clinton Foundation. Mook sat there with his carnival face, lookin’ like a guy named Mook. If your name is Mook, or Comey, or Lynch, or Clinton, I advise you change it TOMORROW. Move. Start over.

The day after the Chris Wallace interview, the FBI reopened the email case against Hillary Clinton. Mook’s grilling and and the Clinton Foundation news was dropped like yesterday’s cold soup. I was afraid this was the cover – the Clinton play to get the Clinton Foundation off the headlines. Little did I know, the FBI is FUCKING BASED. Plans within plans, bitches.

Not only has the FBI Vault Twitter account been releasing all sorts of interesting and cryptic shit lately relating to the Clintons, we have a high level CIA guy (Tom Clancy wrote about him), who was Former Dep. Sec of State under Kissinger, Vance and Baker, who served Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush I, with degrees from Cornell, Harvard, and M.I.T., TELLING YOU ABOUT WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON. This motherfucker is about the most credible source you’re going to find, and the fact that he’s said some tin foil things probably means we should dig a little deeper.

As you may have seen already, Brett Baier’s source within the FBI has basically confirmed that shit is majorly going down right now, and indictments should follow.

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Clinton Foundation Pay-To-Play: Chris Wallace is Going In For The Kill

Four days ago Chris Wallace pantsed that smug bitch Robby Mook at Fox Studios when he brought up the Clinton Foundation during an interview.

Mook probably left that interview pretty flustered, doing thousands of little damage control calculations in his very exhausted evil brain. Little did poor Mook know, Master-Baiter Chris Wallace was baiting him into the next level of the fucking game.


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Whatever happens from here, this election is already a watershed moment in US History. The country is going to spend several years processing, reacting to, and moving forward from these wikileaks revalations, all while we deal with our train wreck of an economy (and hopefully avoid thermonuclear war with Russia).

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