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Chicken, Cigarette, Lobster, Duck…

The new O’Keefe video is out, featuring Robert Creamer – the White House frequenting felon who wrote Obamacare while in Prison – admitting to undercover journalists that Hillary Clinton violated FEC laws with her involvement in this most retarded of schemes that fell flat on it’s bill. I’ll leave the deeper analysis to other aware and non-compliant citizens, as I would just like to point out that democrats have been fucking with conservatives for years with retarded mascots:



I like this one better:



UPDATE: Lookie here; from the new Project Veritas video – it appears that Aaron Black, the DNC dark operative who was caught on tape bragging about his crew of miscreant agitators, was overseeing the duck op.


UPDATE II: Zulema Rodriguez, the paid DNC shill working under Aaron Black in the Project Veritas videos, just couldn’t resist documenting their FEC violation:



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