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Cucked Kellogg Pulls Ads From Breitbart’s 45 Million Readers, #DumpKelloggs Top Hashtag On Twitter

As Fly reported earlier – Kellogg, dispenser of junk food disguised as breakfast, instigator of childhood diabetes, has pulled their ads from Breitbart.com. The company whose corn flakes were invented as part of an anti-masturbation crusade, has a problem with Breitbart’s conservative values.

cyuj-ybi“We regularly work with our media-buying partners to ensure our ads do not appear on sites that aren’t aligned with our values as a company,” said Kris Charles, a spokeswoman for Kellogg, which also makes Frosted Flakes and Special K cereal. “We recently reviewed the list of sites where our ads can be placed and decided to discontinue advertising on Breitbart.com. We are working to remove our ads from that site.”

In response, Breitbart launched #DumpKelloggs, which is currently the top trending hashtag on Twitter.

This level of cuckery comes exactly seven days after the second largest digital ad service, AppNexus, dumped Breitbart over safe space violations when their employees determined there was simply too much truth being dispensed. Breitbart is, of course, one of the few mainstream outlets that doesn’t participate in the anti-Trump narrative.  Maybe AppNexus was pressured to dump Breitbart by their investors at News Corp (Breitbart competitor owned by Fox), Microsoft, Democrat VC Josh Kopelman, or the very establishment Rockefeller family’s Venrock?

It will be interesting to see if this makes a dent in Kellogg stock $K . We all remember what happened when GrubHub Cuck Executive Officer Matt Maloney told employees who voted for Trump to resign.


You can see how well $GRUB fared vs. the S&P 500: cuckedgrubIf you’re still ingesting Round-Up laced breakfast cereal and disagree with Kellogg’s cuckery, vote with your wallet and stop buying their products. You’ll live longer.

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Trump To Settle Conflict Of Interest Claims By Leaving His Business “In Total” – Establishment Watchdog Agency Approves

Given the number of times “conflict of interest” has been tossed around on Facebook by my bitter liberal extended family members, it’s probably smart for President-elect Trump to nip this one in the bud.

And it looks like Trump has made some friends!  The US Office of Government Ethics – which I didn’t know existed, but has obviously been sleeping through the last 8 years – was quick to tweet some reassuring feedback. Kind of interesting, the US OGE is headed by Walter Shaub, Jr., a donor to Obama who was appointed to his post in 2013. The tweets below at least imply that everyone is playing well together.

The tweets themselves were out of character for this boring cardboard agency. Per the Washington Post:

OGE lawyers have been influential in past presidents’ decision making, but their advice has almost always been kept confidential. If nothing else, the OGE’s tweets have publicly revealed federal-ethics officials’ preference for the president-elect to completely divest — a form of lobbying that is potentially unprecedented for the agency.

The messages surprised many who had worked with the agency in the past: Brett Kappel, a Washington campaign-finance lawyer who has worked with OGE, said the agency “never tweets about an individual federal official’s ethics issues unless they are announcing the conclusion of an enforcement action.”

Well, that puts a lid on that whole thing. Now we can get back to discussing the loose hairs clogging the drain, how much hair is acceptable, and whether it means Trump has sold out completely or just enough to avoid getting JFK’d. Perhaps some scary oligarch in a wood paneled room conveyed that Steven Mnuchin was a non-negotiable component of Trump’s ascendency to the throne. Mnuchin, Goldman banker turned hedge fund manager turned Hollywood producer, co-produced the movie Our Brand Is Crisis, about a Bolivian presidential candidate who hires an American PR team to win an election. The other producer on Our Brand Is Crisis is Grant Heslov, whose film Argo was one of the many Hollywood productions to work closely with (and seek permission from) Chase Brandon, the CIA’s “Entertainment Liaison Officer.”

According to Richard Klein, a consultant who helps connect Hollywood studios with the CIA and other government agencies, Argo was the first movie to get permission to film inside Langley headquarters in fifteen years. The Atlantic


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NY Times: Tenfold Increase In Subscriptions Since The Election $NYT

The New York Times, perhaps Donald Trump’s #2 MSM enemy after CNN, says they have seen a 10x increase in subscriptions since Trump was elected President.

From the election on Nov. 8 through Saturday, the Times has seen “a net increase of approximately 132,000 paid subscriptions to our news products,” the media giant said in an exclusive statement to CNBC.

“This represents a dramatic rate of growth, 10 times, the same period one year ago,” the statement said. CNBC

I guess all it takes to boost subscriptions is a contentious election driving concerned citizens into the arms of the Gray Lady? With all the FAKE NEWS out there, who could blame them?

Of Note, Fly’s Exodus algo nailed the oversold condition on November 2nd, which was followed by a massive 19% run over the last 4 weeks. To put that in perspective, an investment of just $2600 in $NYT on November 2nd would have paid for an entire year of Exodus.



Today’s announcement couldn’t have come at a better time for the New York Times, as revenues have been effectively sideways for 4 years.

growthIn the above Exodus chart, notice all those little spikes in the December quarter? Turns out it’s a good month for the NYT – up an average of 3.77%, 29 out of the last 42 years.


Let’s see if this Trump Bump™ will stick for the beleaguered New York Times. In the meantime, trade well and look out for FAKE NEWS.

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Trump Selects Tom Price To Dismantle Obamacare As Next Health Secretary

With Jill Stein’s charade unraveling and focus returning to adult matters, you should know that Donald J. “Lion-O” Trump, his sidekick Steve Bannon, and mistress of elections Kellyanne Conway have been working hard to make America great again by fulfilling yet another Trump promise – destroying Obamacare.

sx00052_9This utterly failed assault on the middle class was authored in large part by convicted felon, democrat operative, and Hufington Post contributor Robert Creamer, who wrote much of the Affordable Care Act from prison. Creamer, you’ll recall, was also in charge of the hate machine which sent paid agitators to Trump rallies to incite violence and mayhem. This architect of destruction visited the Obama White House 340 times – which included 45 meetings with President Obama, surely to talk about yoga and wedding plans.

4e16bb10-af6b-45ea-b632-fefa9d667368In order to put an end to this charade, Trump has appointed healthcare ninja, (and current chairman of the House Budget Committee) Dr. Tom Price, M.D. as Health Secretary of these great United States. Price, a six term Republican congressman from Georgia, has been a noted figure in opposition to the Affordable Care Act.


If President-elect Donald J. Trump wanted a cabinet secretary who could help him dismantle and replace President Obama’s health care law, he could not have found anyone more prepared than Representative Tom Price, who has been studying how to accomplish that goal for more than six years.

Mr. Price, an orthopedic surgeon who represents many of the northern suburbs of Atlanta, speaks with the self-assurance of a doctor about to perform another joint-replacement procedure. He knows the task and will proceed with brisk efficiency. (-NY Times)

While we don’t have any definitive insight into how exactly how this task will be accomplished, we do know that Trump told the NY Times he was in favor of keeping the preexisting condition and adult children provisions in Obamacare. As for Price, he introduced the “Empowering Patients First Act” in 2009, which promotes using tax deductions and credits to aid in the purchasing of private health insurance, state-based high-risk insurance pools, competitive interstate insurance markets, and medical debt repayment programs. (source)

csecWith a firm nod to Trump on what appears to be following through on a major campaign pledge, I sincerely hope our government also gets around to addressing the asinine cost of healthcare in the USA versus other advanced nations. A hospital stay costs an average of $1,825 in spain, $5,504 in Germany, and $15,734 in the USA. Having a baby in America will set you back anywhere from $9-$15K, versus $1,967 in Spain and $1,291 in Argentina. An MRI costs $1,080 in the US, and just $280 in France (source). Perhaps if our government cracked down on flagrant and excessive healthcare expenses across the board, premiums could drop substantially as insurance companies wouldn’t have to play games where everyone knows they don’t pay the full amount of the bill, while privately insured citizens are on the hook for the whole tab notwithstanding debt settlement or bankruptcy protection (which is why the medical debt repayment provisions in Price’s Empowering Patients First Act are excellent. Hopefully they translate to Trump’s plan).

While dismantling Obamacare and encouraging competition between insurance companies will undoubtedly translate to lower premiums (and more discretionary income in the pockets of consumers), something tells me the healthcare industry and their fleet of lobbyists are going to carve out a few life rafts for themselves to comfortably navigate the swamp with their inflated prices.

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Libtards Try To Turn Ohio State Terrorist Attack Into Gun Control Debate – Except NO EVIDENCE GUNS USED


Today, as of the latest available information, 10 people were injured when at least one asshole pulled the fire alarm at Ohio State University and attempted to copycat the Nice, France truck attack by driving a vehicle onto the sidewalk, striking several students. The driver then exited the vehicle and proceeded to attack students with a machete. First, here’s the latest from OSU:


There have also been reports of multiple attackers in different areas of the campus, as well as an explosion, which I’m sure will be reduced to “lone wolf” shortly. Since the initial reports were of an active shooter (likely the sound of cops shooting the guy), dipshits on the left wasted no time turning this into a gun control debate before all the facts were in.


Backpedaling liberals can never be wrong, even while backpedaling. Sheila Jackson-Lee has decided to remain quiet. Why correct yourself when you can continue spreading bad information?

A Redditor claiming to be an OSU student notes that there are 2 in custody:


Here are the latest updates from OSU’s “The Lantern” twitter account:

More updates from The Lantern


Trump is already out with a statement:


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S&P 500 IS LOW ENERGY, Though Lots Of Red Under The Surface On An Otherwise Boring Day

As you can see, there’s not a lot of love going on in the S&P 500 today outside of select tech, utilities, and a handful of standouts across the board.


The view from within Exodus reinforces this milquetoast trading, with just 29.8% of large caps bullish. After scanning though some of my favorite names, I’m inspired to go make a Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry, Gravy, and Mustard sandwich on a Hawaiian roll – so that I may sleep the rest of my day away.


That said, traders inside the Pelican Room are tossing ideas back and forth, per usual.

The Dollar, Bonds, and volatility are all screaming BORING (for now…)

boring boringus vxxboring

Hang onto your hat, or use your chin-strap, for it may fall from your head while you nod off.


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Breitbart From Beyond the Grave: Late Conservative Firebrand Suggested Podesta was Involved with Pedophilia Back in 2011

Quick post from the road:

Don’t forget this.

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Want To See Some REAL Grassroots Mobilization? /r/The_Donald Combats Jill Stein’s Cuckery!

It’s been an interesting couple of days. Jill Stein’s recount scheme kicked into top gear while we were all lethargic from Tryptophan. Stein, who was at one point losing to write-in candidates Harambe and “Deez Nutz” in Texas, has pissed off a lot of good hombres over at Reddit’s now legendary /r/The_Donald forum with her cucked desire to see a war monger in office.

In response to Stein’s money grab shitshow, the_donald has mobilized! User “ocifferdave” has compiled relevant information a nice and informative post for Trump supporters to use in preventing what looks like a hail mary at stealing this election from The Don. The moderators at “The_Donald” have stickied the post at the top for all to see.

Pasted for your convenience below (or hop on over to the Reddit post here).

As a reminder for anyone who might want to participate, please heed the top comment from the thread:


——–post below——–

Want to help assure a speedy and fair recount in WI, MI and PA by applying a little pressure on election officials?

Hey, Cuck The Record mothercuckers!

‘Pedes are now fired up because of you rotten lot!

Ha! Thanks!

Here’s some ideas on how ‘pedes can help in WI, MI, and PA:

☻ Call and email the State of Wisconsin Elections Commission and politely but firmly voice your concern about Hillary Supporters volunteering to “help” with the recount.

PRO TIP: Email each person below separately with a custom introduction and conclusion sentence as these emails will be shared within their office (I work in a government office, we share time sensitive, important emails with each other to get the full team on board in resolving the customer’s complaint).


☺ Contact the State of Michigan’s Bureau of Elections and ask them how they plan to do the recount in time for their Electoral College vote on December 19th.

SPEZ EDIT: T_D please forgive me, I’m helping ocifferdave, so if you find any further contact info for MI I’ll just edit the database directly so that the info you share shows up here! #KeepingMyJob

♥ Contact the State of Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation and ask them to do the nation a favor and allow it to begin mending from a gouging political season by REFUSING to hold the recount as there is no shred of evidence of voter fraud.

u/ChooseYourLife Also, CC your emails up the government food chain and make it clear that you need an immediate response as to what they plan to do, as your request is time sensitive to the future of our Republic. Not a bad idea to CC local news outlets as well.

SPEZIT: Adding governor’s offices and news!

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker:

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder:

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf:

Wisconsin News:

Michigan News:

Pennsylvania News:

**BONUS!: u/themessias1001 giving us a heads up:

The Michigan Republican Party is urging people to get involved by donating what they can and signing up to volunteer for the potential recount at migop.org/recount.

EDIT UPDATE: Removed phone numbers per mod request. 🙂 This way no wrong numbers can be accidentally dialed. ADDED STATE LINKS TO THE PHONE NUMBERS.

From a PM: please add these links for our centipedes in WI and MI Hot links at FragCake’s post on how to volunteer!



u/Hencer612 Hypothetically, take the 48 electoral votes away from Trump. He still has more Electoral Votes, but not 270. What happens?

Damn, good question! Recounts taking too long, miss Dec 19th Electoral College vote day, Trump slides under 270 electoral votes, and per the Constitution of the United States, its now up to THE SWAMP to choose the president. Yikes! (I heard this on the super amazing No Agenda podcast, so I will try and find the sources they found.)

u/robottonic: […]contact Senators Ron Johnson (won WI by 100k) and Pat Toomey (won PA by 100k). Vote fuckery hurts them too. Hell, contact the rest of the R’s in congress. I’m sure they like having the majority. Ron Johnson’s website. Phone/fax for all 3 offices + contact form. Pat Toomey’s websitePhone/fax for both offices + contact form.

A rough draft on what an email could look like from a ‘pede to those above:

Dear Wisonsin/Michigan/Pennsylvania Governor, Election Board, News:

Do you think it is right that your state should allow a recount after our country FINALLY BEGAN TO HEAL? Stop the division, stop the recount!

If recount happens, please do not allow campaign members to volunteer due to a clear lack of neutrality. What are you doing to get the word out so democracy loving Americans this state know they can volunteer?

Lastly, what assurance can you give me–GIVE AMERICA–that the recount will be completed on time so this state can be represented at the Electoral College on December 19th?

Thank you for your time!



PS: I will forward my concerns I listed above to the Governor’s Office/Election Board/Local News.

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CEO of Reddit Draws the Ire of His Users After Revealing Himself to Be a Deceptive Shill – Now We Have #SpezGate

cuckTwo days ago, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, AKA “spez” shut down a forum dedicated to connecting the many dots in the Wikileaked #PizzaGate scandal, claiming it had become a witch hunt. If you’re not up to speed on PizzaGate, or need a refresher, this 21 minute video is comprehensive.

In response to Reddit nuking the PizzaGate forum, the Washington Post published an article about the incident. In it, they link directly to the reddit post which, as Fly reported yesterday, Huffman altered several user entries containing the phrase “Fuck Spez.”

Redditors took notice, some pointing out that Spez altered the entries after the Washington Post article came out (which has now been edited to include the deception):


The ensuing shitstorm

This latest Reddit debacle has redditors speculating far and wide about the implications of Spez’s extreme cuckery, plus a weird fact about Spez himself:

Spez just exposed Reddit to massive liability as they are no longer covered under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. (and there’s precedent)


Spez may have committed a Federal offense with a 10 year sentence.

Spez violated Reddit’s own Terms of Service.

Spez just revived MSM coverage of #PizzaGate

Spez is the moderator of a non-satirical forum about cannibalism, which he just made private (seriously, here’s a screenshot from before it was closed to the public).

Needless to say, Steve Huffman, AKA “Spez” AKA “weak-ass cuck” is a moron at best, and might also be into eating people and/or pizza – considering he just shut down a large and concerted anti-pedophile effort. Indeud.


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TOTAL JOKE: Jill Stein Prepares Recount Request In Swing States As Morons Flood The DOJ With Calls. Meanwhile Nate Silver Destroys Narrative


A SCHEME IS AFOOT! Not content to respect the results of the election, green party candidate Jill Stein is on the cusp of formally requesting election recounts in battleground states, after a group of “prominent computer scientists and election lawyers” told John Podesta that while they did not find any evidence of tampering, they had observed a “suspicious pattern” in swing states (as reported last night):

The group, which includes voting-rights attorney John Bonifaz and J. Alex Halderman, the director of the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society, believes they’ve found persuasive evidence that results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania may have been manipulated or hacked. The group is so far not speaking on the record about their findings and is focused on lobbying the Clinton team in private.

The academics presented findings showing that in Wisconsin, Clinton received 7 percent fewer votes in counties that relied on electronic-voting machines compared with counties that used optical scanners and paper ballots. Based on this statistical analysis, Clinton may have been denied as many as 30,000 votes; she lost Wisconsin by 27,000

“While it’s important to note the group has not found proof of hacking or manipulation, they are arguing to the campaign that the suspicious pattern merits an independent review” NY Mag

In conjunction, there’s a hilarious and asinine effort underway to flood the DOJ with calls for an investigation into vote rigging given the above “findings.” These morons seem to be under the assumption that the DOJ is “tallying” all the calls, so keep ’em coming liberal comrades! The effort is being fueled by posts on Reddit, the Huffington Post and even Huma Abedin’s sister. The problem, idiots, is that the DOJ only wants calls about new evidence which may be useful in launching or assisting an ongoing investigation. They do NOT decide to pursue investigations based on the fervor of the disaffected. Millions of people flooding the DOJ with requests to investigate is probably pissing them right the fuck off, and is effectively creating a “needle in the haystack” scenario for any actual evidence or leads. Go right ahead with that Trumper Tantrum™ snowflake.

That said, statistician Nate “I vote for Democratic candidates the majority of the time” Silver points out why the new findings are bullshit. In a nutshell democrats can’t fathom that there were dramatic shifts to Trump in traditionally blue areas. You know, the silent majority that was afraid to “come out” to their families in support of Trump? These are the same people who watched Michael Moore’s speech about how Democrat leadership kicked them to the curb, and absorbed all of the shocking bombshells about Hillary Clinton and her team of weirdos. Said voters then reflected, let the new information inform their decisions like an adult, and decided they didn’t want to vote for another job-outsourcing, oil war mongering neocon who masquerades as a liberal.

Alas, no matter how flimsy the evidence, it appears that the generation that brought you participation awards – and their little pavlovian snowflakes who tantrum without them, are not going to take this sitting down.



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