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Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald Discuss Deep State War Vs. Trump, While Ex-Spook Hints At Assassination

DeepState-e1398185022722Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is not a fan of President-elect Trump, appeared on Tucker Carlson tonight to discuss the dangerous ongoing effort among powerful anti-Trump factions within the US Government’s “Deep State,” who have collaborated with members of the Democratic Party and the traditionally liberal media to inflict maximum damage on the incoming President. Recall Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s ominous “six ways from Sunday” comment from 10 days ago.

Greenwald, an accomplished litigator, journalist, and author, does a masterful job illustrating the players, motives, and potential fallout from this dangerous effort within the US Government’s intelligence apparatus. Greenwald goes deep, discussing how Trump’s election ruined the plan for regime change in Syria, specifically mentioning, among other things, that the deep state was waiting for Obama to leave office before executing their plan:

The number one foreign policy priority of the CIA over the last four to five years has been the proxy war they’re waging in Syria to remove Bashar Al Assad – and Hillary Clinton was quite critical of Obama for constraining them. She wanted to escalate that war to unleash the CIA, to impose a no-fly zone in Syria to confront Russia, whereas Trump took the exact opposite position. He said we have no business in Syria trying to change the government, we ought to let the Russia and Assad go free and killing ISIS and Al Quaeda and whoever else they want to kill.

He [Trump] was a threat to the CIA’s primary institutional priority of regime change in Syria. Beyond that, Clinton wanted a much more confrontational and belligerent posture towards Moscow, which the CIA has been acrimonious with for decades, whereas Trump wanted better relations. They viewed Trump as a threat to their institutional pre-eminence to their ability to get their agenda imposed on Washington.

What you’re seeing is actually quite dangerous. There really is at this point obvious open warefare between this un-elected, but very powerful faction that resides in Washington and sees Presidents come and go – on the one hand, and the person that the American democracy elected to be elected on the other. There’s clearly extreme conflict and subversion taking place. ‘

This really is a must-watch, and goes hand-in-hand with Tucker’s interview with Dr. Stephen Cohen this week:

Meanwhile ex-spook and security consultant John Schindler – who is very clearly part of the faction to remove Trump by any means, sent out an ominous tweet yesterday which mentioned “taking traitor Trump out now.”



This is overt, and Schindler also just more or less outed Washington Post’s David Ignatius as a CIA mouthpiece (along the same vein as Deep Throat, perhaps we can refer to Ignatius’s source as Golden Shower?).

This cavalier attitude towards assassinating Donald Trump has been supported by social media giant Facebook:


And nothing, to the best of my knowledge, has been done about the multitude of death threats Trump has received – including ones from individuals who have visited the White House and have CIA connections.



Meanwhile 8 years ago, a La Mesa, California man was charged, arrested, and thrown in a halfway house for 60 days for going on a drunken, racist, profanity laced online tirade against President-elect Obama ending in “he will have a 50 cal in the head soon.” – a conviction which was later reversed when the threats were found to be not credible.

Perhaps the secret service is merely spread too thin to investigate these threats, or perhaps President-elect Trump is wise to have his own private security.

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John Kerry: Dismissive Of Politicized CIA “Intelligence” But Still Claims Russia Influenced US Election – To Be Addressed In “Months Ahead”

This is interesting. On the same day that Julian Assange denied any Russian involvement in the Wikileaks, John Kerry made it very clear that he wasn’t going to comment on, or support, the CIA’s unfounded “intelligence” leaks regarding the Russian hacks. Here’s going to be the narrative in the coming months:

Obama knew the Russians were involved in “directing” the leaks (giving it to Wikileaks).

Not wanting to appear to influence the election by making an issue of it, Obama decided to hold back on pursuing the matter.

This will be flushed out in the coming months.

My take: Kerry seemed annoyed at this entire CIA nonsense intended to influence electors. He didn’t specifically say Russia did the hacking – a notion which supports what I’ve been reading from people who know WTF they’re talking about (and which has annoyed the shit out of congressional intelligence committee members). The story will be that while we never know who did the hack, at some point, the Russians got ahold of the emails and delivered them to Wikileaks. You will note in the video that Kerry uses the word “directed,” as in, Russia was a link in the chain. The takeaway from that narrative will be that Russia, and/or Wikileaks, selectively withheld information which would have damaged Donald Trump (which Julian Assange refuted today on Hannity).  Perhaps they’ll say next that Russia was further upstream?

Reinforcing the notion of a smooth transition are Obama’s words from a speech given yesterday in Greece – in which he basically reduced the entire effort to disrupt the transition to a temper tantrum. quitbitching





Considering that now John Kerry, the FBI, and the ODNI do not support the unfounded CIA claims (or at least the manner in which they are being used as an obvious ploy to influence electors), it appears that the core of the establishment has made their peace with Trump’s inauguration on January 20th, while the fringe elements of the left continue to try and cling to power, treasonously shitting on the democratic process in their quest for world domination.

Now enjoy your Kerry Air quotes:

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Julian Assange PROOF OF LIFE On Sean Hannity: “Our Source Is Not The Russian Government,” Obama Knows And Is Advancing False Theory To Hurt Trump

assangeJulian Assange was on Sean Hannity today. I consider this proof of life, as Assange addressed the entire thing head on. It was a fluid conversation in which Hannity and Assange interrupted each other a couple of times and it was a believable exchange. Phew! My day just got 100% better.

The 26 minute video is below, however here are the highlights:

Our source is not the Russian government

Does Wikileaks have hacked info from RNC which was withheld?

Yes – we received about 3 pages of info to do with RNC and Trump, but it was already public. Nothing significant.

CIA says Russians tried to influence election. Do you think they are?

I think it’s very interesting. The key quote for us is from Clapper, who oversees all agencies – says evidence is not strong, no good insight into the sequencing of the releases, or when the data may have been provided.

There’s a deliberate attempt this week, to conflate a whole lot of issues together. It seems to be a desire, a dangerous and foolish desire, to flip members of the US Electoral collage. It’s foolish because it won’t happen It’s dangerous because the argument that it SHOULD happen could happen in 4 or 8 years.

What about the reports of a DHS attack on Georgia?

Could be nothing, a test.

Without revealing your sources, safe to say that the info came from within the USA?

We have said it has not come from a state party [Russia, or any other country], there’s been no claim that it’s been altered or fake. We’re unhappy that we felt we even needed to say it wasn’t Russia, as we never like to reveal our sources in any way.

Do you think Obama knows the source wasn’t Russia? And he’s purposefully advancing the theory to hurt Donald Trump?

YES. (9:30) It’s clear if you look at statements by Clapper that US intel was not aware of when or how received it’s pretty clear Obama must be getting the same briefings. Deliberate attempt to conflate information.

Benghazi: Youtube demonstration “spontaneous”

That’s false, and our publications show Hillary Clinton knew it was false. Letter from Hillary to Chelsea, the day of / after the attack, where she had knowledge of the cause. The CIA advanced the Youtube video lie.

Assange then goes on to discuss how the polls got Brexit and Trump’s election SO WRONG.

There was intense pressure to make people feel ashamed to vote for Trump.

Assange EXCORATES the liberal media for bias, which turned a lot of people off.

Everything is almost all insecure now, almost all hackable.

Assange addresses the Conflation between 3 current events; the wikileaks publications, alleged hacks of the US voting system (DHS), and other publications appearing on the internet that almost nobody has heard of. In this last category: DC Leaks and wordpress site calling himself “Guccifer 2.0.” Also publications by “The Hill” “Gawker,” and “smoking gun” who have relied on Guccifer leaks. Those leaks are intended to look like the Russians.

And most importantly: If Trump goes to the dark side and we have information on him, we won’t hold back

See the interview here:

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Intelligence Sub-Committee Member Peter King: 99% Of CIA Great, 1% Is Leaking Disinformation – “This violates all protocols”

First, get to know Pete King. This man has the right to opine on whatever in the hell the CIA is up to, after the agency pulled out of today’s House Intelligence Committee meeting while a nebulous spectre of elector-influencing Russophobic McCarthyism hangs over the country right now.


King told Megyn Kelly that someone inside the CIA is up to some shit; that there is a specific protocol in place in which the CIA had a duty to inform congress if there was new information regarding Russia’s influence in the election.

“This could be a whole house of cards”


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Breaking: New CIA Source – Washington Post’s Russia Story “An Outright Lie”


Update: Reuters reporting Top Spy Agency (ODNI) has not embraced CIA assessment.

Prolific investigative journalism website True Pundit, run by a gentleman who goes by the twitter handle Thomas Paine (@Thomas1774Paine), has been on the bleeding edge of newsflow throughout the election – breaking several stories himself, including the pending NYPD Weiner Laptop investigation before it was officially announced.

In a breaking story this evening, “CIA personnel with direct knowledge of the case” told True Pundit that the WaPo story was utter horseshit, and that there is nothing definitive about the hacks whatsoever.


The Central Intelligence Agency is declaring the Washington Post’s much-hyped story linking the Russian government to hacking the presidential election to help Donald Trump an “outright lie,” according to CIA personnel with direct knowledge of the case.

The Washington Post, in a front-page splash on Friday, fingered the CIA for allegedly confirming the wild rumors of Russian hacking that were concocted and spread by Democratic lawmakers for months preceding the election and the weeks since the GOP win. The Washington Post’s story, however, contained no CIA sources and in fact, no credible U.S. intelligence agency sources whatsoever. Instead, it hinged on what unnamed lawmakers had supposedly been told by unidentified, supposed CIA-linked sources in “secret” briefings: That the CIA had developed proof the Russian state waged an orchestrated campaign to destabilize the U.S. election to benefit GOP-candidate Trump.

“It’s an outright lie,” a CIA analyst divulged to True Pundit. “There’s nothing definitive like that. There are leads from activity originating in Finland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Britain, France, China and Russia.”


Read the entire report here.

If the acceptable standard of evidence is “sources say,” then there’s absolutely no reason to believe True Pundit’s reporting is any less credible than the Washington Post – which is owned by Trump foe and full time WORM LOOKIN’ MOTHERFUCKER, Jeff Bezos. Recall, in addition to the baseless CIA rumored hit piece, Bezos’s WaPo also engaged in the “FAKE NEWS” witch hunt with their bullshit industry blacklist (for which they had to issue a massive “Editor’s Note” distancing themselves from the source).



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Trump Hits Back: Uses Twitter To Smite DNC Conspirators Playing “Russia/CIA Card”


Donald Trump countered the buzz surrounding the baseless WaPo / CIA accusations of Russian election tampering, pointing out what the narrative would be if the shoe were on the other foot:

Trump’s support network, ungrateful establishment shills aside, has been quite vocal in countering the unfounded claims from the agency known for it’s upstanding moral behavior. Even based gay independent (i.e. not a shill) Glenn Greenwald had to call the CIA out on their bullshit. Add RNC communications director Sean Spicer devastating CNN cuck Michael Smerconish with truth – that the RNC has worked with our intelligence community and found conclusive proof that there was no hack – information which the RNC offered to show the NY Times to “Correct The Record” – which the NYT REFUSED TO LOOK AT!

Reactions over twitter have been quite entertaining as well:

As Raul reported earlier today:


At minimum this is all entertaining.

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Trump To Chris Wallace: CIA To Undergo Changes – “We Have Our People, They Have Their People”

Tonight on Fox News Sunday, President-elect Trump addressed several controversial topics, answering some fairly hardball questions from Fox’s Mike Wallace. In response to questions on WaPo’s report on Russian hacking, and who he thinks is spreading these rumors, Trump said that this entire narrative is coming from the left, who are sore losers after suffering “one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics,” and that the spy agencies are confused right now. “Take a look, they’re not sure, they’re fighting among themselves!” Trump points out that they have no clue who did the hacking, and it could have been anyone. Wallace then asks how Trump can possibly trust the information from these people he has to rely on for information – to which Trump replied:


“I’ll make changes at the top. I mean we’re gonna have different people coming in because we have our people, they have their people”

(see below)


The rest of the interview covered several other hot-button topics. In summary:

Swamp Draining:

Trump says he wants to make good deals for this country, suggesting we don’t need bloated programs like a $4.2 Billion dollar Air Force One. We need to look at the bad deals made, such as the hundreds of billions of dollars wasted on the F35 program.

Trump also said that the people [government officials] making these deals should have a lifetime ban from working for these companies.


Trump says the 10-15 year wait for permits is a huge problem. Companies don’t want to apply for a permit (mining, for example), and wait 10-15 years only to be denied. This type of red tape drives businesses out of the country. Because of this, China and other countries “are eating our lunch.” THAT SAID, Trump said his EPA wouldn’t do bad deals [for the environment].

Dakota Access Pipeline:

No comment, as it may be resolved before he gets into office. If it isn’t, Trump said he would solve it “very quickly.”

Obama’s legacy:

Not going to “take a wrecking ball” to it. There are things they agree on, and things they never will.

Appointing generals:

When asked about criticism over taking council from Generals; Trump said that Generals had “passed the test of life, that’s how they got to be generals” and others didn’t. Trump also mentioned that Obama had the same exact numbers of Generals at his disposal.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson:

Though initially coy about the question of the next Secretary of State, Trump did defend Tillerson – saying he’s much more than just a CEO. He’s the CEO of the world’s largest company, he knows many of the players around the world (world leaders of oil producing nations), and Tillerson is a “world class player.”

Call with Taiwan:

“Suck my nuts” could be the best way to describe Trump’s answer. While Trump said he recognized the “One-China” policy, he questioned why we’re honoring it when China treats us so poorly. The President-elect railed against China’s currency manipulation, tariffs they impose on US exports, and building a giant fortress in the middle of the ocean. Furthermore, Trump doesn’t want China dictating to him – and it would have been disrespectful for him not to have taken the call.

Carrier deal and factories:

Trump made it clear that his administration is going to offer tax breaks to companies looking to send jobs and factories overseas. Those who ignore this offer and send jobs overseas to make shit that they sell right back to US consumers, are going to face a 35% tariff on goods re-entering the USA. Trump mentioned that the Wall St. Journal has no clue WTF they’re talking about on this subject.

Keeping his stake in Celebrity Apprentice:

Trump said he would maintain his stake in the enterprise, but would not be involved whatsoever while his children run his business empire. Trump said he’s turned down “7 deals” from a major player in the last week, and that the money he spent on the election is peanuts compared to the money he’s giving up as the President. Trump said he was happy to leave his business behind, as this is a calling, a higher purpose. Trump told Wallace “I’m not going to do [personal] deals.”

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The Same CIA Who Told Us Saddam Hussein Had Weapons of Mass Destruction Now Tell US Russia Hacked the Election


The propaganda machine has been turned up to 11 to sully the reputation, or worse, of Donald J. Trump. Jill Stin’s asinine recounts and the threat of faithless electors are one thing. This is different. The once reputable Washington Post has decided to cash in on their journalistic street cred to peddle bullshit for the CIA – the same CIA who lied to us about WMD’s. This time, the fiction is that “anonymous sources” have claimed that the Russians provided Wikileaks with hacked emails. Furthermore, independent Presidential candidate and former CIA employee Evan McMullin from Utah has been pushing this Russia narrative HARD. To top it off, the establishment is freaking out over FAKE NEWS and RUSSIA with the fast-tracking of the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act – all based on this unfounded narrative over Russia influencing our election.

The left has been hanging their hat on FAKE NEWS the Russian hacker thing as the reason Hillary lost – when in fact if anything it was the content of the emails which blew everyone’s mind and redpilled any and all who cared to examine the evidence. Furthermore, the source of this Russian hack narrative – which has now been parroted by virtually the entire MSM, is as flimsy as a cheap plastic bag.

Per Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept:

These unnamed sources told the Post that “the CIA has concluded in a secret assessment that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win the presidency, rather than just to undermine confidence in the U.S. electoral system.” The anonymous officials also claim that “intelligence agencies have identified individuals with connections to the Russian government who provided WikiLeaks with thousands of hacked emails” from both the DNC and John Podesta’s email account. Critically, none of the actual evidence for these claims is disclosed; indeed, the CIA’s “secret assessment” itself remains concealed. (source)

Reactions around the internet have been quick to call out the CIA, WaPo, and McMullin on this bullshit. The propaganda wing of the establishment wasn’t trained to deal with crowdsourced investigative work and the light-speed flow of information (which is why they are trying to censor it). Enjoy your remaining free speech while it lasts!

Part of the BS narrative, by the way, is that the RNC was hacked – but the Russians wanted Trump to win so they only released the Hillary bombshells. Right.

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