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CNN Beheads Contract With Kathy Griffin After Public Outrage

Despite a ginger apology from ISIS impersonator Kathy Griffin and after a 24 hour ‘wait and see’ on the optics of her Trump beheading stunt, CNN has canceled it’s New Year’s Eve contract with the comedienne.

Of course neither Griffin nor CNN are actually sorry… They’re sorry her stunt will impact their bottom lines when advertisers began pulling ads from the Fake News network and venues began canceling Griffin’s stand up appearances.

The Trumps did not take Griffin’s stunt sitting down

Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway points out the fact that Griffin’s photo shoot was very intentional…

Even Griffin BFF Anderson Cooper distanced himself

ADT has begun pulling ads from CNN

Even the Church of Satan wanted nothing to do with Griffin’s stunt

And then there’s Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings talkin’ shit…

Nothing like electing a conservative outsider President to expose the true colors of the left…

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Tucker Carlson Immolates Suspected Antifa Bike Lock Attacker’s Activist Attorney

Last night Tucker Carlson danced circles around Dan Siegel, the civil rights attorney representing Berkeley bike lock attack suspect Eric Clanton who may be facing more than 40 years in state prison. Siegel, an activist lawyer, former Oakland mayoral candidate, and community organizer who led a moment of silence for  ‘brother comrade’ Hugo Chavez in 2013, thought he could try lawyer-talking his way around Tucker’s questions. Nope. Carlson went in with brows at full drop and Comrade Siegel was artfully vanquished.

During an April 15th demonstration at Civic Center Park in Berkeley, a man identified by researchers on the website 4chan as Diablo Valley College professor Eric Clanton allegedly hit Trump supporter Sean Stiles over the head with a u-shaped bike lock. Clanton was arrested last week and his apartment was searched – turning up a cache of Antifa paraphernalia, U-locks, sunglasses, and facial coverings.

It looks like Siegel’s 3 pronged defense will be to try and discredit 4chan, say Clanton wasn’t at the event, and peddle the notion that an off-camera provocation justifies attempted murder with a bike lock.

Siegel: “It hasn’t even proven that he was present at that event, much less that he hit anyone, much less that he did so without justification.”

And of course, what argument with a leftist would be complete without bringing up Hitler:

Siegel: “These alt-right people were using Nazi and KKK salutes, waving a flag that has Nazi and KKK symbols on it. People didn’t like that.”

You are, without really looking into it, are assuming that these 4chan people have produced some legitimate evidence of an assault.

‘These 4chan people’?

Siegel’s poor grasp on 4chan tells me he doesn’t know what he’s dealing with. First of all – this is the ‘Nazi flag’ he’s referring to:

The symbols on the flag are the name of the Egyptian frog-diety “Kek” and the 4chan website logo. Here’s video of Siegel acting all confused about it.

Meanwhile, one of the ‘Nazis’ at the rally appears to be an Antifa member in disguise.

4chan doesn’t mess around

When they aren’t exposing disgusting Burger King employees and driving Trump’s #1 Twitter troll into quit Twitter and leave the country, researchers on the site have made headlines geolocating a terrorist training camp which resulted in an airstrike on ISIS, harassed Shia LaBeouf to the point of melting down in a bowling alley, and perhaps most notably – helped Donald Trump win the 2016 election by deciphering tens of thousands of emails released by Wikileaks in amazing time. And they’re still at it – working furiously on the Seth Rich investigation and other swamp related matters.

And ol’ Siegel doesn’t keep up with the news

Trying his best to paint the ‘alt-right’ as violent, Dan Siegel brought up the stabbing in Portland, Oregon – in which the attacker was initially mis-reported as an alt-right nutcase, only to be revealed as a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Siegel: Now, we’ve been at these rallies where these alt-rightists have stabbed people. We had the incident in Portland Oregon just the other day, so for you to suggest that these right wingers are peaceful supporters of the First Amendment is ridiculous.

Carlson: But that’s totally been debunked! The guy who’s been charged with the two murders in Portland was not an alt-right guy, he was not a Trump supporter. He was a Bernie Sanders supporter and a Jill Stein reporter.

Siegel: Oh come on! He gets up in court today and says I’m not a terrorist, I’m a patriot!

Carlson: It’s on his Facebook page! Maybe you should do a little research before you go popping off on television. It’s his statement, not mine. It’s not a close call – he says “I did not vote for Trump…” …but to lay it at the feet of Trump supporters is just wrong, by his own description!

Speaking of stabby people – I guess Dan Siegel forgot about the concealable knives Antifa was selling for their rallies.

All in all, it was quite the cucking by Carlson – who left Eric Clanton’s attorney a bit worse for wear by the end of the interview. Oh, and it looks like someone from 4chan may have gotten to Seigel’s Wikipedia page.

See video below:


Anyone else think of this guy?

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John Sununu Savages CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Over Coverage Of Trump-Russia Investigation

In a Tuesday interview on CNN’s ‘New Day,’ former governor of New Hampshire and Bush I Chief of Staff John Sununu busted out a flamethrower and lit host Alisyn Camerota’s dark-rooted hair on fire in a heated exchange over the network’s reporting of the Trump-Russia investigation.

Camerota: You should be concerned if there was collusion.

Sununu: I don’t see any evidence of collusion. Do you?

Camerota: No

[awkward pause]

Sununu: Ok so that should end your reporting right there. You should put an exclamation point after your no!

Camerota: Understood, but we’re at the beginning of the investigation so-

Sununu: You’re seven months into the investigation!

Camerota then suggests that since former FBI head Robert Muller just took over the investigation, that the clock was somehow reset and that they’re just starting out. Nevermind the entire ‘unmasking’ operation conducted by the Obama administration which was both illegal and bore no fruit.

Sununu: Can I ask a question? If muller comes out and says that my version is correct, and yours isn’t – how much crow are you going to eat?

Camerota: Governor – I don’t have a version of events.

Sununu: Of course you do! The whole half hour I listened to you is a version.

Sununu ends strong – telling the absolute truth:

Camerota: Governor, we appreciate your perspective that there’s nothing to see here, and that the investigation is – I dunno, silly.

Sununu: Politically motivated, by folks trying to rationalize a horribly run Democratic presidential campaign.

[mic drop]

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Ailing Deutsche Bank Racks Up Another $41 Million In Fines Related To Money Laundering $DB

Deutsche Bank – which announced they would need to raise 8 billion Euros in March, was hit with a $41 million fine on Tuesday for failing to employ adequate anti-money-laundering oversight.

Deutsche Bank’s insufficient monitoring involved billions of dollars in “potentially suspicious transactions” that were processed between 2011 and 2015, the Fed said. The transactions involved affiliates in Europe that failed to provide “accurate and complete information,” the regulator said. –Bloomberg

The $41 million penalty follows a $630 million judgment in January for their involvement in a $10 billion Russian money-laundering scheme involving the bank’s Moscow, New York, and London branches.

It gets better… The $670 million in aforementioned money laundering fines pales in comparison to the $7.2 billion the German bank agreed to pay in January for misleading investors on residential mortgage-backed-securities leading up to the credit crisis.

“This resolution holds Deutsche Bank accountable for its illegal conduct and irresponsible lending practices, which caused serious and lasting damage to investors and the American public,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch said in a release.

“Deutsche Bank did not merely mislead investors: it contributed directly to an international financial crisis,” Lynch added. –CNBC

This doesn’t sound good at all

Deutsche Bank’s March announcement of an 8 billion euro special rights offering was previously declared a ‘last resort’ by CEO John Cryan, and brings the overall money raised over the last few years to over 30 billion Euros. Germany’s largest bank also abandoned plans to spin off their Postbank retail bank subsidiary, and they are re-integrating their market trading operations with corporate / investment banking. That’s not the behavior of a healthy bank.

As ZeroHedge pondered in February – is it time to panic about Deutsche Bank?


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El Salvador Freaks Out As Trump Deports Hundreds Of MS-13 Gang Members

When migrants cross the border from El Salvador, they’re not sending their best. Criminals, drug dealers, and rapists have been sneaking into our great country in droves – which in the words of Donald Trump, “has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems.”

And while President Obama released nearly 600 illegal immigrants convicted of sex crimes in 2015 because their home countries wouldn’t take them – the ‘law and order’ President is doing the exact opposite…

The Washington Post, which, in a rare moment of journalistic integrity used verifiable sources, has reported that the government of El Salvador is freaking out over the record number of MS-13 gang members Trump has started to drop back in their home countries.

This year the U.S. government has deported 398 gang members to this country, compared with 534 in all of 2016, according to Salvadoran government statistics. This sharp increase in the rate of gang deportations — and the prospect of more gang roundups in the United States — has prompted Salvadoran authorities to hold emergency meetings and propose new legislation to monitor suspected criminals who are being sent home.

Trump has railed against MS-13

Throughout the 2016 election, Trump mentioned MS-13 in several tweets and speeches – citing the notably violent gang as a prime example of the types of violence illegal immigration, and rightly so. MS-13 is possibly the most notorious street gang in the Western Hemisphere. Originating in refugee-rich neighborhoods in Los Angeles in the 80’s, the gang’s territory now extends all the way from El Salvador to Canada – engaging primarily in human trafficking and drug smuggling.

In Central America, MS-13’s presence has contributed heavily to making the “Northern Triangle” of Guatamala, El Salvador, and Honduras – the most violent place in the world not at war. (more)

ICE arrests

The New York Times – also using actual sources, reports that immigration arrests are up 38% for the first three months of 2017 over the same period last year.

From Jan. 22 to April 29, ICE officers arrested 41,318 people, at a rate of more than 400 people per day, compared with 30,028 over roughly the same period in 2016, the data showed.

“These statistics reflect President Trump’s commitment to enforce our immigration laws fairly and across the board,” said Thomas Homan, the acting director of ICE, on a phone call with reporters.

And while only about half of the increase in ICE arrests were for illegal immigrants who had otherwise committed no crimes, the message is clear; there’s a line to get into the country. Get in it and wait your turn.

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Uber Cans NY Manager After Shortchanging Drivers By Tens Of Millions

Last Tuesday, Uber admitted to underpaying NY drivers by tens of millions of dollars over 2.5 years – the second such admission in three months. Dicks!

Uber said it had mistakenly underpaid New York drivers since late 2014, an accounting error that will likely cost it tens of millions of dollars. The company said it would refund the money plus interest, which comes to an average of about $900 per driver. It didn’t say how the error occurred or who was responsible. –wsj

In the wake of last week’s embarrassing announcement, the company shitcanned their New York general manager Josh Mohrer – who is leaving to become managing director of Tusk Ventures, which according to the WSJ is “a consulting firm that for years has helped Uber battle regulators, and which is also an investor in Uber.”

Is that a step down?

Now let’s think about the future. Uber is definitely planning on deploying fleets of driverless cars as soon as possible – allegedly even stealing trade secrets from Google. Instead of overpaying pesky humans by tens of millions – they’ll be paying robots nothing.

That, of course, is how the robot uprising begins. Thanks Uber.


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Hillary Emerges From Crypt, Dons Anti-Seizure Glasses For Cloudy Memorial Day Parade

Days after Hillary Clinton coughed and sputtered her way through the 2017 Wellesley College commencement address, the failed 2016 Presidential candidate and her $500,000 Moscow speech giving husband Bill sauntered down the street at the Chappaqua Memorial Day parade. Hillary donned a pair of her best seizure preventing Morpheus sunglasses, while Bill looked like quite the dapper rapist in his sporty Nikes.

These are the same glasses Hillary wore on Sept 11th, 2016 – right before seizing up and having to be thrown into a van in a beef-handling manner.

This is not a well woman

Hillary and Bill made their way to some sitting area and conserved energy



Tell me, Hillary voters… How do you think Madam President would be handling the rigors of the Oval Office right now?

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TX Lawmaker Attacked And Threatened After Calling ICE On Protesters – Warns He’ll Shoot In Self Defense

Texas state Rep. Matt Rinaldi (R-Irving) was assaulted and physically threatened by Democrat colleagues after the Republican lawmaker called ICE on protesters opposed to the state’s tough new law on sanctuary cities. According to Rinaldi, several people were carrying signs which read “I am illegal and here to stay.”

Hispanic legislators nearby were enraged by Rinaldi’s call to ICE – who Rinaldi said “threatened my life on the House floor.”

“We called law enforcement trying to incentivize them to leave the House,” Rinaldi told the Texas Tribune. “They were disrupting. They were breaking the law.”

“I was pushed, jostled and someone threatened to kill me,” Rinaldi said. “It was basically just bullying.”

Nevárez said in an interview with the Tribune that he put his hands on Rinaldi and told him to take his argument outside the House chamber. “But was I going to shoot the guy? No,” he said. –Texas Tribune

Matt Rinaldi’s statement

According to Democrat representative Ramon Romero Jr., Rinaldi allegedly said “Fuck them, I called ICE.”

Rep. Rafael Anchía talks about the first amendment

“For us, this looks like the fabric of Texas, and this looks like Texans exercising their First Amendment right against a law that they perceive to be hateful and unjust,” Rep. Rafael Anchía (D), chairman of the caucus, said about the diverse group of protesters. “That is a cornerstone of our democracy.”

“To others, I guess it appeared like a group of undocumented persons in the gallery somehow doing something unlawful who need to be deported. Those were some of the words used by Representative Rinaldi,” Anchía continued.

Angry protestors

Not-so angry protestors


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Berkeley Bike Lock Terrorist Eric Clanton Facing Over 40 Years In Prison, $40,000 Fine

Eric Clanton – the 28 year old California philosophy professor unmasked by 4chan and subsequently arrested and charged with four felonies for assaulting Trump supporters with a bike lock – is facing serious jail time.

First, let’s check out the police report

Clanton is accused of hitting at least seven victims including Sean Stiles over the head with a ‘U-shaped’ bike lock. Stiles required 5 staples.

Clanton’s apartment was searched and a cache of Antifa paraphernalia was removed (shocker).


Clanton has a prior arrest for demonstrating with BLM in 2014

And I doubt his Antifa tattoo will help in prison

Now let’s look at part of the criminal complaint filed Friday (download entire .pdf here)

Full list of charges

Adding it up

While I’m not a lawyer, it’s clear Clanton is alleged to have committed crimes which carry enhanced sentences: Three of the four felony charges allege a ‘serious felony,‘ while the attack on Sean Stiles is being considered a ‘serious felony and a violent felony.

Let’s take a look at California sentencing guidelines for assault with a deadly weapon that is not a firearm:

4 felony charges = up to 16 years

But wait – there are enhancements!

Three of Clanton’s charges are “serious” and one is “violent and serious.” So tack on 5 years for each of the three serious felonies, and 15 years for the serious and violent felony.

So, if Eric Clanton is found guilty and the judge throws the book at him, he’s looking at up to 46 years and $40,000 in fines. Tack on 6 more months for allegedly committing the crime(s) while wearing a mask.

Does anyone think he’ll serve anywhere near that?

In Berkeley? Against Trump supporters? I’m not holding my breath. For starters, the judge could order that Clanton serve all four felonies concurrently and/or simply hand out an otherwise light sentence.

Clanton allegedly attacking someone at the Milo UC Berkeley protest.

And a picture which appears to be Clanton from that event.

Let this be a lesson to Antifa – dressing up like ISIS and plotting cowardly attacks like Eric Clanton…

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NYC Mayor De Blasio Staffer Arrested On Child Pornography Charges

A 29 year old staffer for NYC mayor Bill De Blasio’s office has been arrested and charged with two felonies after police found a massive collection of child porn on his laptop, according to court documents. NYPD’s investigation began March 29th when Jacob Schwartz, 29, handed over his laptop – on which over 3,000 images and 89 videos were discovered depicting sexual acts with children as young as 6 months old.

Schwartz – a computer programmer making $66k / year was also the president of the Manhattan Young Democrats – as well as VP of the NY State Young Democrats. When the NY Post reached the former organization for comment, they said they were “shocked” by the allegations against Schwartz – adding that he is “no longer a member of the board.”

Schwartz thought he was hot shit in Democrat circles, rubbing elbows with and promoting Hillary’s campaign manager Robby Mook.

Breitbart obtained a now-deleted biography of Schwartz from the Manhattan Young Democrats:

Jacob was born and raised in the heart of Greenwich Village, and was involved in political organizing from a young age. Some of his oldest memories are handing out leaflets for his father, as he campaigned for District Leader. More recently, he helped start the New Democratic Alliance in New York City, and, in 2012, worked for the Obama campaign as a Field Organizer in the Lehigh Valley. A graduate of Lehigh University with an M.S. in Energy Systems Engineering and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Jacob currently works for the New York City Department of Design and Construction on their Build It Back Hurricane Sandy recovery and resiliency program. He is also the founder and executive director of a climate education non-profit called Common Climate, and previously served as Issues Assembly and Policy Director for MYD.

Schwartz was charged with promoting a sexual performance by a child and possessing a sexual performance by a child under 16, both felonies.

Schwartz’s father is huge Democrat insider

Jacob Schwartz’s father is Arthur Schwartz, a prominent Manhattan attorney, community activist, and DNC operator. Schwartz served as council to Bernie Sanders during the 2016 election. He was also a delegate during Barack Obama’s 2008 run for president.

Schwartz has also represented SEIU, several unions, and served as general council to ACORN from March of 2009 to October 2010.

He also made a killing in NY real estate

Arthur Schwartz turned a 2003 investment of $499,000 into $20.89 million when he sold in 2014.

The elder Schwartz has called his son’s arrest “a personal tragedy,” and told the Post “He’s already in therapy for this.”

The younger Schwartz is out on $7500 bail.

And poor Bill De Blasio – the vocal Trump critic who headed up an anti-Trump protest in Columbus Circle, clogging up traffic, railed against Trump’s Immigration Executive Order – calling it ‘Simply Un-American,’ accused Trump of being the cause of Anti-Semitic threats (which turned out to be an Israeli guy). De Blasio also refused to assign a label of terrorism to a Sept. 2016 Manhattan bombing carried out by Afghani named Ahmad Kahn Rahimi which injured 29 people. Even though a note left on an unexploded pressure cooker referenced al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

So, a rising star NY Democrat was arrested on charges of pedophilia, and two of Trump’s most vocal New York critics on the left have been thoroughly dragged into the mud.

And boy was Hillary’s timing bad…

During Friday’s commencement address at Wellesley College, Hillary tried to smear those investigating high level pedophilia:

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