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Bill Nye The SJW Agenda Peddling Guy’s Netflix Show Driving Liberals To Conservatism

Bill Nye, the Mechanical Engineering undergrad who self-identifies as a scientist, is doing more for the conservative movement than that time Michael Moore dropped a MOAB on Hillary Clinton during the election.

You may have heard about Nye’s new SJW agenda peddling Netflix show that’s bombing – the one which featured an ice-cream orgy and a degenerate performance about transgenderism by Rachel Bloom – a statutory rape advocate whose vagina apparently has a voice:

If you watched that, I’m sorry. Anyway, because of that steaming pile of garbage, normal people on the left are flocking to the right thanks to whatever the fuck that was:

Good job Nye, keep trying to normalize degeneracy – it’s become free advertising for the right.

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Fyre Island Debacle Followup – Ja Rule’s 2017 Hunger Games Have Come To A Close #FyreFestival

The fallout from the failed #FyreFestival has been nothing short of spectacular. To recap; Ja Rule and some millennial promoter cobbled together an ill fated two weekend festival in the Bahamas. They advertised it using CGI or drawings with what it was supposed to look like, and charged $4K – $12K per person to attend. Then Ja and Millennial guy completely fumbled the ball – leaving thousands of trust-fund babies to play Hunger Games: Ja Rule edition.

Here’s the latest…

It’s obviously been canceled:

Ja Rule kind of apologized:

The other guy apologized and looks forward to the next iteration of the concert:

McFarland said that the island “didn’t have a really great infrastructure — there wasn’t a great way to get guests in here — we were a little bit ambitious.”

“There wasn’t water or sewage,” he continued. “It was almost like we tried building a city out of nothing and it took almost all of our personal resources to make this happen, and everything we had, to make this festival go on. We thought we were ready and built two different festival sites.”

On the morning of the festival, McFarland said a “bad storm came in and took down half of our tents and busted water pipes,” while guests began to arrive. That was when he said the organizers realized, “Wow, we can’t do this.”

“We were on a rush job to fix everything and guests were arriving and that caused check-in to be delayed,” he added. “We were overwhelmed and just didn’t have the foresight to solve all these problems.”

McFarland is hopeful that a Fyre Festival in 2018 will come to fruition, saying that make-up dates in May 2018 will be “free for everybody who signed up for this festival.”

An insider has spilled the beans on why this whole thing was doomed from the start:

On Wednesday, Ja Rule arrived for a “site visit.” I don’t know if he actually visited the “site” but he did spend a lot of time on a yacht, according to his Instagram. Meanwhile the event planners were holed up indoors putting together a game plan and a budget. With so little having been prepared ahead of time, the official verdict was that it would take $50 million to pull off. Planners also warned that it would be not be up to the standard they had advertised. The best idea, they said, would be to roll everyone’s tickets over to 2018 and start planning for the next year immediately. They had a meeting with the Fyre execs to deliver the news. A guy from the marketing team said, “Let’s just do it and be legends, man.” -NYmag

The Bahamas is doing damage control 

And reactions around the web have been nothing short of hilarious:

Lord of the Flies…

Now that we’ve all had a nice laughlet’s hope all those rich kids get home safely. Be on the lookout for overwrought cringeworthy stories from “Fyre Island Refugees” who just went through the height of human suffering…

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[updated] Rich Kids Duped Into Music Festival Debacle In Bahamas – ALL HELL BREAKING LOOSE, Ja Rule Involved


What was set to be the opening weekend of trust-fund millennial debauchery in the Bahamas has turned into nothing short of Lord of the Flies. The Fyre Festival – organized by Ja Rule and some guy who’s scammed millennials in the past was hyped by models and advertised as a boutique luxury music festival held in Exumas, Bahamas. All inclusive tickets ranging from $4,000 – $12,000 were supposed to include a chartered private flight from Miami, private luxury tents, yacht rides, and performances from Blink-182 and about two dozen other artists.

Not so much…

The “chartered flight from Miami” turned out to be severely delayed coach seats, and upon arrival shocked concert-goers were met with partially constructed USAID disaster relief tents:

“Luxury” meals:

“Secure” lockers:

And an attentive concierge booth:

Hundreds of pieces of luggage were lost in transit, though a big container truck showed up in the dark to toss bags to a mob:

Just in time for the robberies!

Reports are rolling in of burning tents and anarchy:


Phones are dying, passports are missing:

Feral dogs are roaming around:

And relationships have been destroyed:

The US embassy is reportedly involved:

Oh, and Blink 182 canceled…

Only one question remains; WHERE IS JA?

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Germany Braces For Wave Of Migrant-Fueled Terrorism Lawsuits – 200 So Far This Year

Thanks to the influx of migrants, Germany’s Department of Terrorism Crime is expecting 500 – 600 lawsuits related to Islamic Terrorism in 2017. Last year there were 250 such terrorism-linked cases, up from 68 in 2013, according to general prosecutor Peter Frank.

The influx of migrants and refugees in recent years is a major cause of this development , said Frank. “There you can see what has come to us, both in the past few years, as well as escaped or has come from all countries to Islamic terrorists.”

According to this, the proportion of procedures with an Islamic background is explosive: it currently accounts for 85 to 90 per cent, four or five years ago it still lay at 50 to 60 per cent. The rest is attributable to legal or left-wing extremists and nationalists.  T-Online.de (translated)

Moreover, Germany’s President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maaßen said that there are at least 10,000 Salafist extremists roaming around Germany, with at least 1,600 considered at extremely high risk for terrorism. Every day, two to four threats are received by the OPC.

Violence among extremists has increased. Maaßen complained that the development culminated last year in five terrorist attacks in Germany. Of the perpetrators, however, only the assassin from the Berlin Christmas market had been noticed before, the other assassins did not. Just a lot of young people often radicalized themselves in secret. (Translated)

Coincidence? Germany’s admission of migrants seeking asylum leads the pack:

And some are saying Angela Merkel has single handedly destroyed German culture by allowing the greatest number of Islamic migrants of any country in the EU:

And surprise, surprise – crime is spiking:

The Telegraph reports that the crime rate in Germany among ‘refugees, asylum-seekers, and illegal immigrants’ rose by more than 50% last year, and had “increased disproportionately” even when the “huge influx” of refugees entering the country under Merkel’s opern-door refugee policy was taken into account.

“The proportion of foreign suspects, and migrants in particular, is higher than the average for the general population.”

Also interesting to note:

While the general crime rate in Germany fell slightly last year, Islamist-inspired crime rose by 13.7 per cent, according to the figures. -Telegraph

This echoes what Breitbart reported last May – migrants in Germany are committing a vastly disproportionate number of crimes, and account for almost the entirety of the increased crime-rate since 2014.

The data reveals that without migrants considered, crime rates in Germany would have remained roughly static since 2014. –Breitbart

It is unclear whether victims in the increasing number of terrorism-related lawsuits are able to sue the German government or just the perpetrators, however the prospect of Germany being held financially accountable for Merkel’s refugee program would add a completely new dimension to the costs of this ill-fated experiment in forced migration.

And as the United States considers the prospect of resettling Syrian immigrants – which “has to be part of the discussionper the increasingly influential and effervescent Ivanka Trump’s statements this week, let’s consider the best use of resources per Stefan Molyneux (who has insightful and often lengthy “Freedomain Radio” podcasts):

And if you think the spike in German lawsuits over terrorism are bad, just imagine what an influx of migrants would do to the US legal system… Better Call Saul.

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Alex Jones Slams CIA / DOJ War On Julian Assange: ‘Trump Is SO Wrong On This’

Alex Jones of InfoWars issued a powerful indictment of Donald Trump last night, stating the President is ‘so wrong’ over his administration’s war on Wikileaks. Trump recently made statements to AP distancing himself from the organization, saying that he’s “OK” with Jeff Sessions arresting Julian Assange – six months after proclaiming “I love Wikileaks!” on the campaign trail.

Jones begins with a brief history lesson on the decades-old information wars between globalist propaganda emanating from the power-hungry elites, and patriotic anti-communist splinter groups within the US intelligence agencies such as John Birch, the namesake of the John Birch Society (JBS).

“I was reading what they [the John Birch Society] said the elite were doing, and then I’d go read what the elite were saying at the library, by the time I was 16 – at law libraries to actually read Club of Rome stuff, and it was word-for-word what JBS was saying.” –Alex Jones

The InfoWars host then proceeds to excoriate Trump for his about-face on the Wikileaks founder:

We always hear Trump’s so loyal, well if people did things that were legal and lawful – exposing criminal activity in the government and it got you elected, how in the HELL, excuse me, how on earth can you do that, President Trump?

To add some color to this, let’s recall the narrative that Dr. Steve Pieczenik laid out right before the 2016 election; the systematic releases of emails damaging to Hillary Clinton were central to an internal ‘counter-coup’ conducted by splinter groups within US Intelligence agencies, through Wikileaks – and not the Russians. The goal was to wrestle control of the USA out of the hands of the open-border globalists and their criminal candidate.

And Trump was supposedly the answer… the man considered by many to be in Julian Assange’s debt for his victory over Hillary Clinton – a woman whose pay-for-play cronyism, dreams of open borders, and cult-like control over the MSM were exposed for the world to see. And now Trump is throwing Assange under the bus – and is “OK” with the US government pursuing the journalist who’s been living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for the past four and a half years.

Rewind to just 6 months ago, and both Trump and CIA Director Mike Pompeo loved Wikileaks:

And while Alex Jones circles back to the Trump Train, stating he “loves 85 percent” of what Trump is doing – he’s right on the mark when it comes to the most recent developments concerning Julian Assange – who is quite possibly responsible for keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House, considering how close the election was. What Jones fails to mention, however, are the cadre of liberal advisors and globalists in Trump’s ear; daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, and of course – Goldman Sachs alums Gary Cohn and (Obama roomie / Valerie Jarrett pal) Dina Powell.

The whole thing is very swampy. Meanwhile, French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has vowed to give Julian Assange asylum in France and/or citizenship should she win the election on May 7th.

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PRE-HAPPENING: Mattis, Tillerson, Trump Tell Congress Of ‘Urgent National Security Threat’ From N. Korea

Senators took part in a rare hour-long ‘secret session’ at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next to the White House to hear what senior officials described as an ‘urgent national security threat’ posed by North Korea’s nuclear capabilities. The scare-mongering administered by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Director of Intelligence Dan Coats, and a special appearance by President Trump.

The specifics of the threat(s) weren’t disclosed, but here are some broad brush strokes:

  • North Korea has improved their offensive capabilities, bigly – switching from liquid to solid fuel missiles, and beefing up their nukes.

Which means

  • Immediate economic sanctions until North Korea denuclearizes.

Followed by

  • Bombing the shit out of them if they don’t.

Mattis, Tillerson and Coats made the following comment in a joint statement after the briefing:

“The United States seeks stability and the peaceful denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. We remain open to negotiations towards that goal. However, we remain prepared to defend ourselves and our allies”

The three also noted that North Korea had essentially thumbed their nose at all prior attempts to compel them to scale down their illicit arms programs, so we’re probably going to light ’em up like Baghdad. Back to green camo  and tunnel warfare boys, Tony Stark’s got some MOAB’s to sell!

Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del) called the session “very clear-eyed, sober and serious.”

Coons told MSNBC the administration is working to avoid a conflict and “making it clear to China how serious we are about preventing North Korea from developing the capability to deliver a nuclear warhead by ICBM against the United States or one of our key allies, and that there are real efforts being made to avoid a misunderstanding or miscalculation because I do think this is a very dangerous circumstance and situation.” -FreeBeacon

During China President Xi Jinping’s visit to Mar a Lago – which included rich, creamy chocolate cake over a Syrian fireworks display, Xi told Trump that he does not have the kind of leverage over Kim Jong Un everybody thinks he has. Of course, China did switch coal purchases from N. Korea to the USA, could elect to stop selling them oil, and constitutes 90% of North Korea’s foreign trade – so Xi was talking out his ass…

North Korea, as it were – just conducted a large scale live-fire artillery drill this week, sending 300 – 400 rounds of munitions into the ocean to try and intimidate the USA.

Meanwhile, the US war machine is in full swing. In addition to the aircraft carrier strike group led by the USS Carl Vinson arriving off the Korean peninsula tomorrow, the cruise-missile flinging submarine USS Michigan was sent over to silently creep around – and Vandenberg Air Force Base in California just test launched a Minuteman III ICBM today.



Blah blah blah procedural economic sanctions and diplomacy – which we all know won’t work, so we’re about to fuck North Korea up and China better not do shit about it.

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Nordstrom Selling Fake-Mud Jeans For $425

Nordstrom ($JWN), which canceled Ivanka Trump’s fashion line after their liberal customers complained, has decided to mock blue collar Americans by selling a pair of $425 jeans with fake mud!

The “Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans” which come with a “caked on muddy coating,” have already drawn heavy criticism:

It’s for the trust fund baby. It’s for the kid who inherits the millions of dollars, the kid who doesn’t want to work hard and wants to go into Nordstrom, pay a lot of money and act like they work -Ainsley Eardhardt, Fox & Friends

Described as “workwear” that “shows you’re not afraid to get down and dirty,” Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe mocked the jeans “that look like they have been worn by someone with a dirty job… made for people won don’t”

This morning, for your consideration, I offer further proof that our country’s war on work continues to rage in all…

Posted by Mike Rowe on Monday, April 24, 2017

The reviews on the Nordstrom website are outstanding…

So (liberal) Ivanka’s line is out because of her father’s politics, while “fake mud” jeans are in so trust fund babies can pretend to be the masculine version of their preferred gender.


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Reddit Allows “Syrian Rebel” Group To Promote Al-Qaeda Affiliates

William Craddick | Disobedient Media

[For those who aren’t familiar with Disobedient Media, founder William Craddick is an incredibly detail-oriented journalist. Armed with a law degree and a penchant for research, Craddick and his team have done deep digs on a wide variety of subjects from human trafficking to shady Syrian ‘white-helmets‘ to government corruption. In their latest piece, DM exposes Reddit for blatantly providing a platform to terrorist-linked organizations. Reposted with permission.]

Reddit Allows “Syrian Rebel” Group To Promote Al-Qaeda Affiliates

An investigation has revealed that terror groups operating out of Syria have taken to Reddit, utilizing the online messageboard as a forum for individuals who support Islamic terror groups operating inside Syria. Disobedient Media has determined that the subreddit r/SyrianRebels lists at least one moderator who appears to support extremist-aligned groups in Syria and has recently announced that they will host an “Ask Me Anything” session with a senior Al-Qaeda militant in charge of media outreach for the terror group. Reddit has refused to remove the subreddit, claiming that it does not violate their site’s rules.

 I. Subreddit Devoted To “Syrian Rebels” Supports Extremists, Syrian White Helmets

The front page of r/SyrianRebels sports a number of posts that are anti-Assad and support the contention that the Syrian government was behind the April 4th chemical weapons attack in Khan Shaykhun, Syria. They also feature several articles from the Atlantic Council. Disobedient Media has previously noted that the Atlantic Council is a think tank which has in the past taken money from special interests in return for pushing specific policy objectives that benefit their donors.

 Multiple members of the subreddit’s moderating team appear to be either supporters or members of groups within Syria who have ties to Islamic extremist groups fighting in the country’s civil war. Several moderators espouse support for the Syrian White Helmets, who Disobedient Media has tied to war crimes committed by rebel groups in Aleppo and other areas of Syria. Another supports the Al Bunyan al Marsous Operations Room, a coordinated organization of rebels in Daraa, Syria. Observers have noted that members of the Al Bunyan al Marsous Operations Room include Hay’at Tahrir al Sham, who have been described by BBC News as being Al-Qaeda’s latest incarnation in Syria. The subreddit has also linked to their own dedicated Telegram channel. Telegram has been reported to be a favorite medium of communication for jihadists due to its encrypted messaging system and has been criticized for hampering anti-terror units in their efforts to combat extremists.

On April 18th, 2017, the moderating team made an announcement that they planned to host an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session on April 29th with Shaykh Abu Sulayman, the former media relations manager for Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham, who U.S. intelligence officials say is merely another proxy for Al-Qaeda fighting in Syria. Shaykh Abu Sulayman, real name Mostafa Muhammed, has been described as the most senior Australian member of Al-Qaeda by the press and is labeled a terrorist by the United States Department of the Treasury. The moderators claimed that their reason for giving an Al-Qaeda propagandist a forum to spread his message was their desire to feature an “English speaker in rebel-held Syria who has first-hand knowledge of events there.” There was no explanation for why they chose an English speaking member of Al-Qaeda, or how they had been able to coordinate and schedule a question and answer session with him.

II. Reddit Administrators Refused To Remove The Offending Subreddit

 When Reddit’s administration team was contacted about the content and nature of r/SyrianRebels, they refused to take action against the group, despite their clear promotion of Al-Qaeda affiliated groups and operatives. The administrators’ response claimed that they had checked the subreddit and decided it did not violate Reddit’s site rules. The administration team took this position despite the forum’s decision to allow an Al-Qaeda member to speak there. Their decision comes after both members of the press and U.S. politicians have clearly stated that there are no longer any “moderate rebel” groups fighting the government in Syria. The Guardianhas further noted that even supposedly “non-aligned” groups of rebels responsible for retaking territory held by ISIS in Syria are little more than bands of mercenaries who have fought alongside jihadist groups in the past and will continue to in the future if the price is right.
Reddit’s response to concerns about the content being promoted on r/SyrianRebels

Many of the members of r/SyrianRebels promote these very groups, despite the clear signs that they are affiliated with jihadist organizations responsible not just for acts of terror and war crimes in Syria and the Middle East, but Europe and the United States as well. By failing to curtail these groups and deny them a forum on their website, Reddit’s corporate team is in effect allowing terrorism to thrive and promote itself on their platform.

This would not be the first time that terror groups have tried to use the platform for staging operations. In March 2015, Mossad officials told the New York Post that they had found users on Reddit who were using hexadecimal characters and prime numbers to encode plans for terror attacks. Over the past few months, Reddit has also been forced to close down subreddits that promoted child abuse and so called “alt-right” political views after receiving complaints from various factions of the site’s userbase.

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Violent Antifa Attack On Jack Posobiec Caught On Camera – Along With Probation Violating Pedo Advocate Luke Kuhn!

Sunday afternoon at a DC protest, a violent member of Antifa assaulted Rebel Media’s Washington Bureau Chief Jack Posobiec, as he attempted to give the alt-left a platform to speak their mind. The assailant was quickly arrested by George Washington University police, and Posobiec is filing charges.

Posobiec described what happened here:

Upon closer inspection of the video, however was clear footage of Antifa organizer Paul ‘Luke’ Kuhn – who was busted by Project Veritas plotting Butyric acid attacks at a DC Trump inauguration party. The undercover sting, filmed at the iconic Comic Ping Pong pizzeria – which is definitely not owned by a pedophile, resulted in the arrest of Kuhn along with two others. As part of his ‘deferred sentencing’ / probation, Kuhn agreed not to attend future Antifa events. And it looks like he just violated that agreement…

Want to know a little more about Luke?

As soon as the Veritas video hit, nimble navigators on Reddit and 4chan found solid evidence suggesting DisruptJ20 organizer Luke Kuhn is a strange man. As Disobedient Media also reported, Kuhn made several pedophilic posts to usenet internet groups. One is a defense of sex with young boys “Yes, I did post a few articles to Boychat,” and in the other post, Kuhn envisions a child raping Ronald McDonald as a more effective deterrent than E-coli in dissuading children from eating McDonald’s.

And it seems that in 1998, the “Utopian Anarchist Party” which Kuhn was a big part of began to distance themselves after Kuhn’s posts in “chickie-hawk/kid-porn scene” forums. Apparently even liberal anarchists have boundaries.

“DC Indymedia editor Luke Kuhn and Bill White were partners in the UAP from 1996 to 2000. Both were identified as “occasional neo-Nazis” in 1998 for their tactics which included encouraging people to bomb public schools, supporting school shootings, publishing the phone numbers and addresses of private citizens to harass them (which is still a favored Luke Kuhn tactic), and their persistent appeals to young children to run away with them, while Luke Kuhn was advocating that it should be legal for adults to have sex with children.”

And from Redditor talmichael:

His full name is Paul Luke Kuhn:

Here are 1998 Archive.org links to Kuhn’s “Runaway Railroad,” his outreach to children who wish to run away from home. Not sure if he is still doing this. He includes all kinds of terrifying tips for minors so that no one finds them, including: Disguise: Cut it short or shave it — better to grow long, but hard to do Dye your hair — natural colors; not obviously dyed Grow a beard or shave — confounds verbal descriptions Change clothing style/appearance — easiest big change. This quote from a 1995 Washington Post article indicates Kuhn’s first name is actually Paul, and that he lived in Rockville at that time. Kuhn was known for going shirtless so I assume it’s the same person: Across the city, the curfew sparked a variety of reactions from the citizenry. When the clock atop the Riggs Bank in Georgetown struck midnight, Paul “Luke” Kuhn was parading down M Street, wearing brown shorts with no shirt and carrying a yellow placard that read “{Expletive} the curfew.” Kuhn, 29, of Rockville, called the curfew “the number one assault on our civil rights. This curfew is Pearl Harbor.” He said he and other opponents planned further demonstrations against the curfew. “The cops don’t like it. It’s ridiculous,” he said. “They’re being asked to hunt curfew violators when they could be hunting murderers.” In any event, few underage teenagers were in evidence on the streets of Georgetown after midnight. “We don’t have a lot of problems with teens in this area,” said Lt. Emmojean Simpson-Jones, shift supervisor in Georgetown. http://archive.is/4S8sy

In short, Antifa terrorist Paul ‘Luke’ Kuhn is a fucking weirdo, and he was just caught on film at an Antifa event violating probation.

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NYT: FBI Refused To Pay $50K For FISA-Linked Trump Dossier After Former MI6 Agent Failed To Corroborate Claims


  • Former MI6 agent Christopher Steele provided the FBI with a 35 page “pissgate” opposition research dossier on Donald Trump.
  • The New York Times just revealed an agreed upon $50,000 payment if Steele could back it’s claims.
  • When Steele failed to do so, the FBI refused to pay him the $50,000 – implying a low level of confidence in the dossier.
  • Despite the low level of confidence, the FBI then used the dossier as the foundation for a FISA warrant request in September of 2016 as probably cause to spy on Trump campaign associate Carter Page, which was granted.
  • In December, Trump’s attorney Donald McGahn asked Mr. Page to stop holding himself out as an “advisor” to Donald Trump, as he had no role in the Trump campaign, and was engaged in a limited capacity for a one-time foreign policy advisory committee in March.
  • Recall that House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes disclosed the existence of multiple FISA warrants – so it is unclear if this dossier-linked FISA warrant is related to the Susan Rice unmasking scandal.

If one needed any more proof that the absurd and discredited 35 page “pissgate” Trump opposition research dossier was Fake News, look no further than Saturday’s edition of the New York Times – which revealed an arrangement struck between the FBI and the author of the dossier, former MI6 agent Christopher Steele; $50,000 for “solid corroboration” of his claims.

Steele was apparently unable to produce satisfactory evidence – and was ultimately not paid for his efforts:

Up until now, the dossier has been considered discredited since virtually all of it’s wide-ranging claims of financial collusion and lascivious leverage between President Trump, his advisors, and Russia were unproven. Now, however, we know that the FBI had such a low level of confidence in the document that they were unwilling to pay for it.

Where this story takes an even more troublesome turn is the fact that this uncorroborated ‘low confidence’ document was used as the basis for a FISA warrant against former Trump campaign associate Carter Page – an international financier specializing in Russia’s oil and gas markets, and who had a very limited role on a Trump campaign foreign policy advisory committee last March. This means that while the FBI felt the dossier’s claims weren’t solid enough to pay for, they turned around and used it as evidence of probable cause for a September FISA warrant request to spy on Carter Page (which presumably included ‘incidental’ surveillance of anyone he spoke with).

So the FBI used ‘low confidence’ information to fool the FISA court into issuing a Surveillance warrant…

And what exactly were the portions of the discredited dossier used to justify probable cause?

A July 19 memo from Steele’s dossier alleges that the Trump campaign used Page as an intermediary in a “well-developed conspiracy” to help Trump during the election. The source of that claim has since been identified as Sergei Millian, a Belarusian-American businessman who has a history of exaggerating his business ties.

Another July 19 memo from the dossier alleges that Page, a low-level adviser on the campaign who never met Trump, met secretly with Kremlin officials and Igor Sechin, the president of Russian oil giant Rosneft, to discuss relaxing Ukraine-related sanctions against Russia.

Page, an energy consultant, has denied having the secret meeting and says he has never met Sechin. Daily Caller

So while Page did visit Moscow twice in 2016, Christopher Steele’s uncorroborated claims were the foundation for the September FISA warrant.

Furthermore, upon Carter Page’s second return from Moscow last December, Trump’s attorney, Donald McGahn, wrote Mr. Page a letter requesting that he cease holding himself out as an “advisor” to Mr. Trump – considering the very limited scope of Page’s involvement with the Trump campaign:

At the end of the day, the FBI needs to answer for why they felt that an unverified dossier which wasn’t worth paying for was then used as evidence of probable cause in a FISA warrant request.

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