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#PIZZAGATE Cover-Up: NY Times Goes To Great Lengths To Defend Comet Ping Pong Pedo Suspects, For The Second Time!

zap2aThe New York Times is out today with an op-ed by Alexandra Zapruder (granddaughter of that Zapruder), who took it upon herself to vehemently argue that #Pizzagate is nothing more than a dangerous alt-right conspiracy theory promoted by “online terrorists.” This is the NYT’s second article defending Comet Ping Pong in three weeks. It’s also full of inaccuracies and completely fails to address the subject matter. Let’s quickly dissect:



Right off the bat is the attempt to link “right-wing fake news” and “conspiracy websites” to the completely incorrect statement about Hillary Clinton’s role as “mastermind” of a child sex-slavery ring. Nobody has ever said this, and in fact Zapruder’s rhetoric is a psychological trick called “reductio ad absurdum” (reducing to absurdity) to convince the reader that the story is so insane it couldn’t possibly be true. You may have noticed other MSM outlets pushing the “Hillary Mastermind” theme in their reporting. Next:



Yes folks, if you question any of this you’re aligning with TERRORISTS!


Sure, association and innuendo and cherry-picked details. In case you didn’t catch that, the owner of Comet Ping Pong – James Alefantis (whose Instagram icon is Antinous, 13yr old lover of Emperor Hadrian, symbol of pederasty) has been to the White House and Tony Podesta’s house. A George Soros SuperPac even used Comet Ping Pong, of all the Pizza restaurants in DC, for $11,600 of catering. Clearly this isn’t just a case of a random pizza restaurant owner who somehow stumbled upon Washington Elite – as evidenced by Alefantis standing 20 feet away from President Obama as he took this picture (oh, and visitor logs). Alefantis is also tied to #spiritcook and Podesta Pal Marina Abramovic. Oh, and Alefantis – a pizza shop owner – was one of GQ’s 50 most powerful people in Washington. WTF? Maybe it’s because Alefantis was White House insider and Media Matters / Correct The Record founder David Brock’s LOVER.

Let me repeat: White House insider David Brock and Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis were lovers.

Moving on: ppp4

The rest of the article is more of the same. You get the picture, and can read the whole thing here if so inclined.

Two thoughts immediately come to mind; first – Zapruder’s article goes over exactly zero of the evidence in question – of which there is plenty. The entire argument is an emotional tirade designed to shame any who dare question the strange and worrisome evidence. Second, why is the NY Times (among others) focusing so much energy on defending Comet Ping Pong?

img_5745abWe DO know that NY Times CEO Mark Thompson covered up the UK’s Jimmy Savile case for The Guardian before joining the NY Times. In case you’re not up to speed on Savile, he was a high profile UK children’s television host and massive pedophile who was good friends with Prince Charles and disgraced pedophile bishop Peter Ball. Savile threw countless parties for high ranking members of the UK establishment steeped in rumors of pedophilia. Most of this was uncovered after Savile’s 2011 death, after years of Mark Thompson’s diligent work to protect this pedophile.

To review, we have a very suspicious body of evidence surrounding Comet Ping Pong, owned by David Brock’s former lover James Alefantis – whose Instagram icon is a famous pedophile. There is a mountain of evidence suggesting Alefantis is a pedophile himself, which include pictures, associations, and comments Alefantis has made online. This is all in the public record now. Instead of addressing the evidence and disproving it, the NY Times – headed by the guy who covered up the Jimmy Savile UK pedophile ring – has chosen to publish TWO articles in three weeks defending Comet Ping Pong – casting any suspicion as right-wing FAKE NEWS and conspiracy theory.

If there’s one way the MSM could possibly, single handedly, without doubt – add fuel to the fire that is #pizzagate – emotional opinion pieces like Zapruder’s are the blueprint. Attempts to frame curious people as terrorist sympathizers, instead of addressing the subject matter, are completely transparent and will blow up in their faces. This isn’t the JFK investigation. This is a massive crowdsourced effort to get to the bottom of what appears to be a high level Pedo ring operating in Washington DC, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

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Trump Fires Flynn Jr. Over #Pizzagate Tweet, MSM In Full Attack Mode Over “Absolutely Abhorrent” #FakeNews

As readers of this site know, the #Pizzagate story is back in play after a strange man with a gun entered Comet Ping Pong and allegedly fired a round into the ground. Within hours of the incident, embers of discussion around the internet erupted into a forest fire after Mike Flynn Jr. and Jake Tapper got into a DM argument over Flynn’s #Pizzagate tweet.


Tapper, as you may know, was revealed by Wikileaks to be a Democrat shill – fielding questions from the DNC to sabotage Trump / Cruz in upcoming interviews. Coincidentally, of the 1,684 pizza restaurants in DC, Comet Ping Pong (#pizzagate ground zero) is the Tapper family’s favorite. (as an aside; Jennifer worked for this AmeriCorps)

In response to the Tapper / Flynn spat, Morning Joe went apeshit, calling Flynn Jr.’s tweets “Absolutely Abhorrent”

Hours later, Donald Trump fired Flynn Jr. from his transition team, drawing a hard line in the sand over #pizzagate. The message is clear; Trump will not entertain unproven conspiracy theories.

The bigger story here is that the MSM reaction to #pizzagate is to castrate the messenger instead of critically examining the evidence. When they do attempt to scratch at the surface, it’s utterly incorrect – stating things like “Conspiracy theorists believe Hillary Clinton was running a child trafficking ring out of the back of a pizza restaurant.” Wrong, totally wrong.

Flynn Jr.’s tweets were merely pointing out two things – namely:

  • There are a lot of strange coincidences in the #Pizzagate controversy, as revealed by the #PodestaEmails
  • Until this story is disproven, the issue isn’t going to go away

That was not an endorsement, or a rekindling, or a call to action. It was simply an observation after the topic resurfaced. People want to know why the Podestas and Comet Pizza are fans of pedo and cannibal art. Or why they’re joking about selling babies. Or why they use the phrase #chickenlover – a term used in the gay community to describe a man who likes underage boys. Or why Podesta remained friends with convicted pedo Dennis Hastert, or engaged in late night #spiritcooking sessions with Marina Abramović, or had strange logos created that were apparently too lascivious to forward. There’s not a lot of ambiguity here – these data points are out there. It’s human nature to identify the members of the village that you shouldn’t leave your kids with, and people understandably want answers when our leaders are seemingly steeped in “abhorrent” behavior. Calling all of this “Fake News” implies that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation, which is all people want.

Instead, the re-emergence of #Pizzagate was the spark needed to kick the war on #FAKENEWS into overdrive. Don’t fall for it.

The entire “Fake News” narrative is an attempt to control what you know about the world. Thanks to the internet, anyone with a keyboard can share their opinion. When the Drudge Report broke the Monica Lewinsky scandal in 1998, it was the opening salvo in the assault on the mainstream media’s control over information. With the passage of time, alternative media outlets have grown in size and readership, and distrust of the MSM is at all time highs.

Do you blame people for questioning the news? Over the course of this election alone, we learned that much of the media is completely cucked. Those who aren’t end up dead – often from mysterious circumstances.

The battle over hearts and minds is won by treating people like adults, and this war on #FAKENEWS is entirely condescending. The premise is that you are too stupid to critically analyze information – that we’re all sheep, and we need real news outlets to shepherd us away from dangerous and misguided opinions.

Sorry, that’s not how human beings work. Much like free market capitalism, if someone (a “fake news” outlet, for example) consistently puts out a bad product, people will stop consuming that product. They will be ridiculed and shunned for following charlatans. The beauty is that it’s self-regulating, whereas trying to control choice has never worked, and using #pizzagate and “Russian hackers” as an excuse to silence alternate opinions is going to backfire, bigly.

Inform your decisions with facts and evidence, scrutinize anything that doesn’t sit well, and decide for yourself. Thanks to the internet you have virtually unfettered access to the raw data, even if you have to pay for it. You can actually read all the Wikileaks yourself, in context, and use the Mattlock lobe of your animal brain to come to your own conclusions. Whatever you do, don’t believe the vomitous hype from conglomerate news organizations with a vested interest in controlling what you think.

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#PIZZAGATE Coverup? Strange Behavior By Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, and The Firing Of Joe Biggs Have The Internet Abuzz

Just like that – #Pizzagate is back. It all started two days ago when a man walked into Comet Pizza and according to police, fired an assault rifle at the floor. Reports allege that the gunman was investigating the restaurant for it’s central role in the much talked about #pizzagate scandal, which was ignited by the DKIM verified Wikileaked Podesta Emails.

Reactions around the internet have varied from outrage to disbelief, with the MSM quick to condemn the incident along with #pizzagate, and the Reddit-4chan Autist alliance madly working to piece things together and prove that the whole event was fabricated.

(I dragged this little timestamped prediction out of the rabbit hole).


Of all the opinions and information flying in the immediate aftermath – one voice stood out from the rest; the son of Trump’s incoming National Security Advisor Mike Flynn.

With #Pizzagate decidedly back out of the shadows, outspoken conservative Breitbart journalist Milo Yiannopoulos immediately pounced on the opportunity to give a presentation to the world…


…however, 30 minutes before Milo’s speech he made this odd statement:

“… I do have one announcement to make, which is that sadly, when I announced I was going to be speaking about Pizzagate this evening, I got a number of phone calls with Washington area codes saying ‘not yet, stop it,’ so we’re going to be talking about a few other things instead.”


Also of note, many have noted that Alex Jones has recently had an abrupt change in tone towards #pizzagate starting about a week before the comet pizza incident. Early yesterday, Jones put out a video suggesting that #pizzagate is a diversion and people should stop looking into the story. This was kind of, very, totally out of character for the king of Conspiracy theories. In fact, something like #pizzagate heating up are precisely what Alex Jones has built a career on.

maxresdefault-8Last thing (for now), Infowars reporter and Army Veteran Joe Biggs – known for his over the top investigative journalism and hard hitting #pizzagate youtube videos – was just fired for unknown reasons, and Infowars has deleted some or all of Biggs’ #pizza related content from their video archive. People have no clue what he did, as neither @Rambobiggs nor Infowars has commented on specifics. Biggs has made several tweets and gab.ai posts which he’s deleted in the last few hours:


Biggs then asked (in another deleted tweet):

So we’ve got a strange 4chan post warning that a false flag involving James Alefantis (owner of Comet Pizza) was about to occur, the day before a guy walks in 2 hours till open and allegedly fires a round into the floor. The incident sets the internet ablaze again and the MSM shifts into maximum FAKE NEWS WITCH HUNT MODE. The controversy draws the son of a very public figure into the fray – and just as we’re about to hear from outspoken and very articulate Milo Yiannopoulos on the issue, he cancels. The same day, Alex Jones of Infowars puts out a video encouraging people to stop investigating #pizzagate – and Infowars fires resident #pizzagate expert Joe Biggs (@rambobiggs) and removes his content.

There are a few theories floating around right now; Either Alex Jones and Milo have been compromised and Joe Biggs has been thrown under the bus, or Trump’s team told everyone to knock it off until after the inauguration and Biggs didn’t want to play along. Another possibility is that Alex Jones has been looking to pivot away from #pizzagate for a week or so, and Milo was called off so as not to embarrass Breitbart. Whatever the truth, something is afoot.

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