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Trump Hits Back: Uses Twitter To Smite DNC Conspirators Playing “Russia/CIA Card”


Donald Trump countered the buzz surrounding the baseless WaPo / CIA accusations of Russian election tampering, pointing out what the narrative would be if the shoe were on the other foot:

Trump’s support network, ungrateful establishment shills aside, has been quite vocal in countering the unfounded claims from the agency known for it’s upstanding moral behavior. Even based gay independent (i.e. not a shill) Glenn Greenwald had to call the CIA out on their bullshit. Add RNC communications director Sean Spicer devastating CNN cuck Michael Smerconish with truth – that the RNC has worked with our intelligence community and found conclusive proof that there was no hack – information which the RNC offered to show the NY Times to “Correct The Record” – which the NYT REFUSED TO LOOK AT!

Reactions over twitter have been quite entertaining as well:

As Raul reported earlier today:


At minimum this is all entertaining.

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#TWITTERGATE: Guy Exposes Thousands Of Child Porn Accounts On Twitter, Gets Full Ban, CP Accounts Stay

Twitter has a problem with child pornography. In 2012, the Guardian published an op-ed piece about Twitter failing to police an account containing child porn for several days after it was reported multiple times. Since then, Twitter has publicly stated that they will take measures to immediately ban and remove any accounts containing CP. Fast forward to now. Throughout the election, a hacker who has gone by various iterations of the handle “@0hour” has flooded the social network with all sorts of interesting and shocking things – including pictures of Bill Clinton with a young woman on what appears to be a private jet, as well as several photos purported to be clothed yet provocatively posed underage girls on Jeff Epstein’s “orgy island” (not posting). @0hour has been promptly banned by @Jack after tweeting these bombshells, and each time he creates a new account.

This week, “@0hour” (with his new account) started exposing a massive number of twitter accounts with openly displayed child porn, which Twitter has allowed to operate in broad daylight. After @0hour’s first several tweets, other Twitter users began sending him more and more CP related accounts – over 1000 by his count.

In response, Twitter immediately banned @0hour. The worst part? Many of the child porn accounts @0hour exposed were still operational long after the @0hour handle was banned.

Not only that, @0hour isn’t the only one who was banned for exposing child porn Twitter accounts… WHAT. THE. FUCK. @JACK?

Below are some of the tweets I took screenshots of after this whole thing unfolded. I’ve scrubbed the child porn handles. If you want to see more, just search twitter for #twittergate. @0hour is now going by @Caspers__ghost








9aI have to go fucking vomit too.

Why would Twitter suppress this information – banning the whistleblower instead of the pedos? This is unprecedented, and equivalent to aiding and abetting. Is @Jack silencing embarrassing bombshells like this in an attempt to salvage shareholder value to attract bidders (Disney?) that can save them from a death spiral?

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RACIST TWITTER: Egregious Double Standard For Hate Speech Ignites Controversy

Despite their best efforts to undermine him at every turn, Donald Trump won the election because of Twitter – and Twitter knows it.

Do you think for a second that the mainstream media would have given any air time to the Wikileaks revelations on Pay-for-play, Hillary starting WWIII over a Saudi Pipeline, #SpiritCooking, #Pizzagate, Hillary’s desire for “open borders,” Judge murder, Cheating during the primary debates, or any of the other bombshells that blew our minds over the last 6 weeks? Nope. None of that, including the ability for weaponized autists on Reddit and 4chan to quickly connect the wiki-dots, would have happened without Twitter (and of course, Facebook).

This free flow of information has led to a mass awakening, a red pilling if you will. Liberals were defeated by their own invention on November 8th, and the Silicon Valley arm of the thought police aren’t going to let it happen again.

Look, the current narrative is that FAKE NEWS cost Hillary the election, and racist Trump supporters are prowling the streets looking for blood. Somehow they’ve flipped the script on the huge epidemic of left on right hate crimes happening in the name of their criminal candidate’s loss. By participating in this charade, Twitter, Facebook, and Google are setting a dangerous precedent via selective enforcement of hate speech. These companies are implicitly condoning, legitimizing, and even participating in the spread of violent, racist behavior on the left. Case in point:


Yeah, that post on the left gets to remain in the public record forever.

Twitter, with their double standards, has been shafting conservatives this entire election – for which Wikileaks even called them out before Julian Assange was possibly murdered (Kek forbid).

Not surprising. Millennial douchebag and CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey (who, to be fair, looks 12 without that beard. The beard can stay), and who is being sued right now over inflated share prices while he and other executives cashed out, is a known cuck. Some of the fucked up racist actions of his affiliates go mostly unreported on the Evening News, and are never denounced by leadership on the left. Maybe it’s because the Saudi Prince – a huge fan of censorship – now owns more of Twitter than @Jack? And before any of you comment on the FAKE NEWS sourced in this paragraph, ask yourself; did Alex Jones or Breitbart make those recorded events up? Watch the videos, decide for yourself instead of Huffington Kneejerking away from the article. Or, scroll up and click on the word “hate crimes” if you missed it the first time. The fact of the matter is that certain media outlets will never cover events that fall outside a prescribed agenda unless the issue is too big to ignore.

UPDATE: And take a look at how Jack Dorsey treated Trump’s director of digital advertising and fundraising, courtesy of ZeroHedge.

Going forward:


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