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Facebook Unleashes Liberally Biased Snopes and Politifact to Root Out Fake News

1511234_619656728101214_883473867_nWho watches the watchers? Or in this case, Facebook’s recently announced “fact checkers” who are set with the Orwellian task of choosing what you, citizen, should consider FAKE NEWS. In the not too distant future, all articles not emanating from primary sources will be flagged, branded, sorted, and filtered for your efficient consumption. You will be told how to feel about things by arbiters of truth, and dissenting opinions will be weeded out of the news flow. In the case of Facebook, the five “fact checkers” have minimal oversight or accountability. They’re also notoriously biased towards the left, often wrong, and have been slow to correct themselves when called out for their partisanship. This comes on the heels of the Washington Post’s new Twitter fact-checking extension.

Facebook’s new thought police have also been intimately involved in denouncing “fake news,” a phrase which was first used by the social media giant in a January 2015 crackown on “hoaxes and fake news stories.” That said, of the five fact-checkers, two stand out as particularly obvious shills:

Snopes, which was just dressed down by the Daily Caller in a fascinating Exposé. The article provides evidence of Snopes’ liberal bias, several instances of flat out lies, and they dig deep into the individual opinions of the militantly liberal fact checkers who love insulting conservatives. It’s a pretty damning article – I’ll wait if you want to read it. Snopes helped seed the phrase “FAKE NEWS” into the public lexicon.

Politifact is riddled with propaganda. They are incredibly biased, funded by a Clinton Foundation donor, and not even close to being qualified to sit on an exclusive panel of Facebook “FAKE NEWS” judges. Politifact also wove mentions of “FAKE NEWS” into their reporting prior to the phrase taking off. (see more examples here)

fnewsThe timeline of FAKE NEWS is also interesting. It went from a relatively unused phrase to MSM buzzword about two weeks before the election. It’s resurrection began in April when the Washington Post attacked Donald Trump for a tweet which cited an article from a “fake news” site that claimed Trump had the most support from the rust belt since FDR. Over the ensuing months Snopes, Politifact, Buzzfeed, The Guardian, and Vannity Fair began to use it with increasing frequency, effectively inserting the phrase into the national conversation. Now everyone is using it.

Let’s go back in time and take a look at “Fake News,” shall we?


April 2nd, “Fake News” sorted by relevance (Google’s default) for results prior to 10/29/0216 – the inflection point on the above chart. What do we have here? Oh my, if it isn’t the CIA’s trusted source for leaking national security rumors, Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post linking Trump supporters to Fake News.


Searching for “Fake News” by date, leading up to the election these are all seeds planted before the phrase exploded:

April 11th, liberal propaganda site Buzzfeed stokes the fire by following up on Facebook’s commitment to eliminate hoaxes.


September 2nd, factcheck.org uses the phrase “Fake News” factcheckj

October 5thThe Guardian reports that Buzzfeed was allegedly hacked on October 5th by a Saudi teen named Ahmad Makki, who defaced the Buzzfeed website with a message that read “Don’t share fake news about us.” Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was hacked by the same  “Fake News” hackers.ourmine2

In fact, a whole bunch of tech CEO’s and celebrities were apparently hacked by “fake news” Ahmad Makki, who conspicuously shares the same name as a famous Pro-Assad blogger who was [nsfw] murdered brought to justice by the Free Syrian Army (the jihadist rebels Hillary planned to support in toppling Assad).

October 7th, two days after The Guardian storybuzzfeed turns around and posts a story about a “Fake Hillary Clinton Speech Transcript” emanating from a “fake news” website.


October 8th, Snopes gets in on the Fake News action:

snoe October 13th, liberal Vanity Fair rehashes the Facebook “Fake News” story, which Facebook later put together a new and improved “task force” to deal with:


October 19th, our old friends at the Washington Post jump into the fray once again:


Closer to the election – Facebook Fact Checker Politifact uses the phrase “FAKE NEWS” in an October 23rd piece:  (click to enlarge):


After the election, Google and Facebook (re?)-declare WAR on Fake News!


November 17th, WaPo publishes a story from a “Facebook fake-news writer” who thinks he got Trump elected.



the-little-shop-of-horrors-giantAnd here we are today, 30 days later; “Fake News” is on everybody’s mind, and it’s being used to justify new rules that will curate, filter, and silence opinions which do not align with the left leaning “fact checkers” in charge. This is really a fight over free speech, as these seeds of the “Fake News” have blossomed into a gigantic ravenous thought eating plant whose sole purpose is to ensure we don’t think ourselves into a proper government.

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Hillary Says “Lives Are At Risk” Over Fake News – Internet Not Having Any Of Her Shit

Supreme loser Hillary Clinton was helped down from her spiderweb today, wearing her most victimy purple, to let all of us know that lives are at risk because of the “dangerous epidemic” of FAKE NEWS

…fake news, like you know, using media surrogates to sell the general public on the lie that an anti-Muslim Youtube video caused Benghazi, for which the filmmaker went to prison – when Hillary knew from the beginning exactly why Benghazi happened. Friggin’ liar.

Well, today the internet wasn’t buying any of Hillary’s shit:



The strategy here is to treat you like you’re a total moron, too stupid to process information and decipher tabloid material from well sourced journalism. It’s common knowledge, provably so thanks to Wikileaks, that the mainstream media and our government have worked together for many years to shape public opinion virtually unchallenged. Lies are invented, countless innocents are murdered (picture from 2012), and the public implicitly trusts their infallible newscasters in Pavlovian compliance. Not so much anymore… with this new “Fake News” bullshit, people are noticing how contrived the whole thing is, and the tools used, to censor dissenting opinions.

Soon after Hillary’s low energy dire warning about the lives at stake, pundits were chiming in:




Perhaps it was in fact the left’s unique brand of actual Fake News that cost Hillary the election?


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Trump Fires Flynn Jr. Over #Pizzagate Tweet, MSM In Full Attack Mode Over “Absolutely Abhorrent” #FakeNews

As readers of this site know, the #Pizzagate story is back in play after a strange man with a gun entered Comet Ping Pong and allegedly fired a round into the ground. Within hours of the incident, embers of discussion around the internet erupted into a forest fire after Mike Flynn Jr. and Jake Tapper got into a DM argument over Flynn’s #Pizzagate tweet.


Tapper, as you may know, was revealed by Wikileaks to be a Democrat shill – fielding questions from the DNC to sabotage Trump / Cruz in upcoming interviews. Coincidentally, of the 1,684 pizza restaurants in DC, Comet Ping Pong (#pizzagate ground zero) is the Tapper family’s favorite. (as an aside; Jennifer worked for this AmeriCorps)

In response to the Tapper / Flynn spat, Morning Joe went apeshit, calling Flynn Jr.’s tweets “Absolutely Abhorrent”

Hours later, Donald Trump fired Flynn Jr. from his transition team, drawing a hard line in the sand over #pizzagate. The message is clear; Trump will not entertain unproven conspiracy theories.

The bigger story here is that the MSM reaction to #pizzagate is to castrate the messenger instead of critically examining the evidence. When they do attempt to scratch at the surface, it’s utterly incorrect – stating things like “Conspiracy theorists believe Hillary Clinton was running a child trafficking ring out of the back of a pizza restaurant.” Wrong, totally wrong.

Flynn Jr.’s tweets were merely pointing out two things – namely:

  • There are a lot of strange coincidences in the #Pizzagate controversy, as revealed by the #PodestaEmails
  • Until this story is disproven, the issue isn’t going to go away

That was not an endorsement, or a rekindling, or a call to action. It was simply an observation after the topic resurfaced. People want to know why the Podestas and Comet Pizza are fans of pedo and cannibal art. Or why they’re joking about selling babies. Or why they use the phrase #chickenlover – a term used in the gay community to describe a man who likes underage boys. Or why Podesta remained friends with convicted pedo Dennis Hastert, or engaged in late night #spiritcooking sessions with Marina Abramović, or had strange logos created that were apparently too lascivious to forward. There’s not a lot of ambiguity here – these data points are out there. It’s human nature to identify the members of the village that you shouldn’t leave your kids with, and people understandably want answers when our leaders are seemingly steeped in “abhorrent” behavior. Calling all of this “Fake News” implies that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation, which is all people want.

Instead, the re-emergence of #Pizzagate was the spark needed to kick the war on #FAKENEWS into overdrive. Don’t fall for it.

The entire “Fake News” narrative is an attempt to control what you know about the world. Thanks to the internet, anyone with a keyboard can share their opinion. When the Drudge Report broke the Monica Lewinsky scandal in 1998, it was the opening salvo in the assault on the mainstream media’s control over information. With the passage of time, alternative media outlets have grown in size and readership, and distrust of the MSM is at all time highs.

Do you blame people for questioning the news? Over the course of this election alone, we learned that much of the media is completely cucked. Those who aren’t end up dead – often from mysterious circumstances.

The battle over hearts and minds is won by treating people like adults, and this war on #FAKENEWS is entirely condescending. The premise is that you are too stupid to critically analyze information – that we’re all sheep, and we need real news outlets to shepherd us away from dangerous and misguided opinions.

Sorry, that’s not how human beings work. Much like free market capitalism, if someone (a “fake news” outlet, for example) consistently puts out a bad product, people will stop consuming that product. They will be ridiculed and shunned for following charlatans. The beauty is that it’s self-regulating, whereas trying to control choice has never worked, and using #pizzagate and “Russian hackers” as an excuse to silence alternate opinions is going to backfire, bigly.

Inform your decisions with facts and evidence, scrutinize anything that doesn’t sit well, and decide for yourself. Thanks to the internet you have virtually unfettered access to the raw data, even if you have to pay for it. You can actually read all the Wikileaks yourself, in context, and use the Mattlock lobe of your animal brain to come to your own conclusions. Whatever you do, don’t believe the vomitous hype from conglomerate news organizations with a vested interest in controlling what you think.

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Donald Unleashed! Breaks Decades Old Protocol By Talking To President Of Taiwan, MSM Loses Their Mind

Yesterday, President-elect Trump took a call from the democratically elected, gay-rights supporting, first female President of Taiwan – the first such contact since Jimmy Carter nullified the USA’s treaty governing relations with Taiwan, switching diplomatic recognition of the island to China in 1979 as part of the USA’s acceptance of the “One China” policy.

1640_map_of_formosa-taiwan_by_dutch_%e8%8d%b7%e8%98%ad%e4%ba%ba%e6%89%80%e7%b9%aa%e7%a6%8f%e7%88%be%e6%91%a9%e6%b2%99-%e8%87%ba%e7%81%a3If you need a refresher; after changing hands several times over the last 400 years, China’s nationalist party (the Kuomintang, or “KMT”) reclaimed the strategically important trade hub from Japan after WWII. Of note, the KMT had ruled mainland China for 22 years (1928 – 1949), and only retreated to Taiwan after defeat at the hands of the Communist Party of China (CPC). To protect Taiwan, the United States stepped in and brokered the “Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty,” which came to an end in 1979 when Jimmy Carter nullified the treaty in exchange for China’s support of American operations in Afghanistan. Dick move Jimmy.

After Barry Goldwater went to the Supreme Court to oppose Carter’s nullification (which exposed Taiwan to Chinese aggression) Carter finally signed the Taiwan Relations Act in 1979, recognizing the substantial but “non-diplomatic” relations between the United States and Taiwan. We also agreed to Taiwan’s Six Assurances, putting China on notice that the United States would continue to do business with, sell weapons to, and protect Taiwan, and that we would honor the brand new Taiwan Relations Act. In short: China & Taiwan can try to peacefully work out their issues, but in the meantime the USA will continue to do business with and protect Taiwan from Chinese aggression. Since 1979, despite decades of arms sales and burgeoning trade with Taiwan, no US President has spoken with the un-recognized Taiwanese government – until now.


Which was met with stern rebuke by the MSM and the Washington establishment it shills for:

npr cnbc











The ever defiant Trump responded: 

Paul Joseph Watson and a slightly uncucked Piers Morgan have defended Trump’s phone call:

And finally, Ted Cruz, who introduced legislation earlier this year in support of Taiwan’s independence (reaffirming the USA’s six-points, and re-recognizing the expired Taiwan Relations Act) has defended Trump’s phone call as “An improvement over Obama’s foreign policy.”

In response to this kerfuffle, China has lodged a formal complaint with the United States, stating that Trump’s phone call changed nothing about China’s stance on Taiwan’s independence.

My take: Trump is trolling China – letting them know that we’re no longer going to be the limp-wristed bitch of communist regimes.


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Day After Trump Excoriates Media For Being Cucks, The Don Cancels NYT Interview. Now Back On

Just yesterday, President-elect Donald J. “Spirit of Harambe” Trump cocked his pointing finger and UNLOADED on a room full of MSM cucks.

Per ZeroHedge:

While many expected the meeting to be an opportunity to ask questions of the president-elect, the media elites apparently got the surprise of their lives when Trump spent the majority of the meeting attacking they’re blatant biased coverage the 2016 presidential elections referring to the room as a bunch of “dishonest, deceitful liars.”  One participant in the meeting described it as a f—ing firing squad” after “Trump started with Jeff Zucker and said “I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a liar and you should be ashamed….”  We suspect that was rather less cordial than they expected. (source)

Flash forward to this morning; Trump was set to do an interview with the NY Times, which he canceled because they changed the “terms and conditions.”

(Note the timestamps. #stamina)

Never passing up an opportunity to make the NYT eat shit, Trump points out that they’re more or less FAKE NEWS!

And here we have it:

I wonder what happened behind the scenes? Did Trump call their bluff after they tried to go heavy on him? Is a recently fired cuck at the NYT filling a banker’s box with the contents of their desk right now? Whatever the case, I have a feeling that President Trump is going to make the media his bitch.

Look, even CNN is coming around:


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