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Hillary Says “Lives Are At Risk” Over Fake News – Internet Not Having Any Of Her Shit

Supreme loser Hillary Clinton was helped down from her spiderweb today, wearing her most victimy purple, to let all of us know that lives are at risk because of the “dangerous epidemic” of FAKE NEWS

…fake news, like you know, using media surrogates to sell the general public on the lie that an anti-Muslim Youtube video caused Benghazi, for which the filmmaker went to prison – when Hillary knew from the beginning exactly why Benghazi happened. Friggin’ liar.

Well, today the internet wasn’t buying any of Hillary’s shit:



The strategy here is to treat you like you’re a total moron, too stupid to process information and decipher tabloid material from well sourced journalism. It’s common knowledge, provably so thanks to Wikileaks, that the mainstream media and our government have worked together for many years to shape public opinion virtually unchallenged. Lies are invented, countless innocents are murdered (picture from 2012), and the public implicitly trusts their infallible newscasters in Pavlovian compliance. Not so much anymore… with this new “Fake News” bullshit, people are noticing how contrived the whole thing is, and the tools used, to censor dissenting opinions.

Soon after Hillary’s low energy dire warning about the lives at stake, pundits were chiming in:




Perhaps it was in fact the left’s unique brand of actual Fake News that cost Hillary the election?


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Jill Stein’s Michigan Recount Dead, However Possible ELECTION FRAUD Uncovered In Detroit Before Judge Halted

So the Michigan recount was stopped yesterday by the same judge who authorized it – just one day after some really interesting reports began to surface about massive errors and discrepancies in the counts.

Wait a minute… Was Jill Stein’s recount all about exposing democrats cheating? Could this whole charade have been about multiple whistleblower reports of shady ballot handling which made it to Trump, who shared it with Stein, who then trolled everyone with multiple state recounts?

Of course not, that would be madness.

And it would mean Jill took some 4D spacetime chess lessons from Trump – who Stein totally pulled for all election:

laaaadyTwo days ago, the Detroit News reported that over one third of Wayne County precincts, which includes Detroit (610 out of 1,680) are “ineligible for recount” because the number of paper ballots issued did not match the machine-counted ballot readers (votes are cast on paper, then fed into scanner), blaming old machinery and poll workers who accidentally forget to count each ballot once. Whoops.

Also observed during the Detroit recount by monitors Ken and Penny Crider, was a sealed ballot box labeled as containing 306 Ballots, yet which only contained 50 ballots upon cracking it open. Unfortunately where such discrepancies occur, the original count stands. The Criders also observed an election official at another precinct whose ballot count matched the boxes breathing a sigh of relief that they “have a countable precinct.”


Coincidentally, right as these reports began to surface the Michigan recount was halted – so it looks like this whole issue of what looks like fraud has been nipped in the bud, unless of course Hillary stands up and restarts the recount – and assuming her handlers are there to stand her up.


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Trump Voting Chrysler Employee Shuts Michael Moore Down Over Jobs

Yesterday on CNN’s “Messy Truth with Van Jones,” human garbage disposal Michael Moore was shut down by a Michigan Chrysler employee on why he voted for Donald Trump. The unidentified man looks Moore in his fat face and says “He raised the issue… He’s done more for me than any Democrat’s done in my lifetime.”

Moore, of all people, should understand the plight of the US Autoworker since he’s the guy who POINTED IT OUT TO EVERYBODY.

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TANTRUM! Michael Moore Backpedals For Street Cred – Set To Disrupt #Inauguration2017 After Helping Get Trump Elected

unnamed-5Portly documentarian and full time bridge troll Michael Moore, who convinced swing voters in the rust belt to vote for Trump by accidentally redpilling America, is desperately trying to regain some liberal street cred. If you recall, not only was his four and a half minute speech viewed by millions of people – it was turned into an EPIC TRUMP AD. Just watching it makes me want to vote for Trump all over again.

Moore was also caught on camera dissing another liberal for even considering Hillary in the primaries:


Now, in an attempt to salvage his reputation after accidentally redpilling America, Moore has told his 3 Million+ followers to DISRUPT THE INAUGURATION!

The group which Moore is joining, Disruptj20, plans to “shut down the Inauguration ceremonies” and “paralyze the city itself.” What a bunch of losers.

Are you snowflakes KIDDING ME? Holy participation award batman, accept the results of the election and try again in 4 years. Next time, I suggest the DNC refrain from screwing over Bernie Sanders by literally cheating in the primaries – should he run again. The party of former slave ownershypocrite arms dealers, and pedophiles should maybe avoid running candidates who take money from Saudi Arabia in exchange for supporting their oil wars.

Consider, democrats, cleaning your own dilapidated house instead of throwing a tantrum and dropping a deuce all over America’s election process.


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REVOLT: GOP #FaithlessElector To Break Oath – Will Not Vote For Trump – OH WAIT, HE’S TIED TO LIBERAL PR COMPANY

With the Jill Stein recount fiasco nearly behind us, we can focus on other schemes to try and de-legitimize President-elect Trump.

Based on everything I’ve learned from Pace Picante commercials, I don’t think Texans like things from New York City. That said, if it came down to New York hot sauce over an open-border war mongering establishment shill with plans to rehome rapey North African migrants all over America, I think most Texans would begrudgingly eat the shitty NY hot sauce and wait four years to go back to the hot sauce store.

Not this guy. Ol’ Chris Suprun of Dallas, TX really wants to see America fail. He may be a GOP elector, but you can tell he’s shifty by those thick rimmed silicon valley glasses and that Trotsky jacket over a denim button-up. He even wrote a nice little hit piece in the NY times (which was factually incorrect), oh, AND HE HAS TIES TO A LIBERAL PR FIRM!

Via Gateway Pundit:

Texas presidential elector Chris Suprun says he will not cast his vote for Donald Trump.

Suprun signed a pledge last summer to support the Republican nominee.
He lied. Suprun is a #NeverTrumper. His Twitter timeline is littered with fellow #NeverTrumper gibberish.

If you look at Chris Suprun’s Twitter page you can clearly see that he is using Megaphone Strategies as his PR firm.













Megaphone Strategies was founded by far left activist Van Jones.
It’s mission is “to use use PR as a tool to diversify progressive movements.












Its clients include: Netroots Nation, Green for All and Demand Progress.

So this so-called conservative is using a far left company founded by Van Jones as a PR firm? You just can’t make this stuff up!

Do Republicans even vet their electoral college members?
Good grief!


Suprun and Jill Stein should get a room. They can awkwardly paw at each other while whispering sweet traitorous retarded nothings in each other’s ears.

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Trump Fires Flynn Jr. Over #Pizzagate Tweet, MSM In Full Attack Mode Over “Absolutely Abhorrent” #FakeNews

As readers of this site know, the #Pizzagate story is back in play after a strange man with a gun entered Comet Ping Pong and allegedly fired a round into the ground. Within hours of the incident, embers of discussion around the internet erupted into a forest fire after Mike Flynn Jr. and Jake Tapper got into a DM argument over Flynn’s #Pizzagate tweet.


Tapper, as you may know, was revealed by Wikileaks to be a Democrat shill – fielding questions from the DNC to sabotage Trump / Cruz in upcoming interviews. Coincidentally, of the 1,684 pizza restaurants in DC, Comet Ping Pong (#pizzagate ground zero) is the Tapper family’s favorite. (as an aside; Jennifer worked for this AmeriCorps)

In response to the Tapper / Flynn spat, Morning Joe went apeshit, calling Flynn Jr.’s tweets “Absolutely Abhorrent”

Hours later, Donald Trump fired Flynn Jr. from his transition team, drawing a hard line in the sand over #pizzagate. The message is clear; Trump will not entertain unproven conspiracy theories.

The bigger story here is that the MSM reaction to #pizzagate is to castrate the messenger instead of critically examining the evidence. When they do attempt to scratch at the surface, it’s utterly incorrect – stating things like “Conspiracy theorists believe Hillary Clinton was running a child trafficking ring out of the back of a pizza restaurant.” Wrong, totally wrong.

Flynn Jr.’s tweets were merely pointing out two things – namely:

  • There are a lot of strange coincidences in the #Pizzagate controversy, as revealed by the #PodestaEmails
  • Until this story is disproven, the issue isn’t going to go away

That was not an endorsement, or a rekindling, or a call to action. It was simply an observation after the topic resurfaced. People want to know why the Podestas and Comet Pizza are fans of pedo and cannibal art. Or why they’re joking about selling babies. Or why they use the phrase #chickenlover – a term used in the gay community to describe a man who likes underage boys. Or why Podesta remained friends with convicted pedo Dennis Hastert, or engaged in late night #spiritcooking sessions with Marina Abramović, or had strange logos created that were apparently too lascivious to forward. There’s not a lot of ambiguity here – these data points are out there. It’s human nature to identify the members of the village that you shouldn’t leave your kids with, and people understandably want answers when our leaders are seemingly steeped in “abhorrent” behavior. Calling all of this “Fake News” implies that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation, which is all people want.

Instead, the re-emergence of #Pizzagate was the spark needed to kick the war on #FAKENEWS into overdrive. Don’t fall for it.

The entire “Fake News” narrative is an attempt to control what you know about the world. Thanks to the internet, anyone with a keyboard can share their opinion. When the Drudge Report broke the Monica Lewinsky scandal in 1998, it was the opening salvo in the assault on the mainstream media’s control over information. With the passage of time, alternative media outlets have grown in size and readership, and distrust of the MSM is at all time highs.

Do you blame people for questioning the news? Over the course of this election alone, we learned that much of the media is completely cucked. Those who aren’t end up dead – often from mysterious circumstances.

The battle over hearts and minds is won by treating people like adults, and this war on #FAKENEWS is entirely condescending. The premise is that you are too stupid to critically analyze information – that we’re all sheep, and we need real news outlets to shepherd us away from dangerous and misguided opinions.

Sorry, that’s not how human beings work. Much like free market capitalism, if someone (a “fake news” outlet, for example) consistently puts out a bad product, people will stop consuming that product. They will be ridiculed and shunned for following charlatans. The beauty is that it’s self-regulating, whereas trying to control choice has never worked, and using #pizzagate and “Russian hackers” as an excuse to silence alternate opinions is going to backfire, bigly.

Inform your decisions with facts and evidence, scrutinize anything that doesn’t sit well, and decide for yourself. Thanks to the internet you have virtually unfettered access to the raw data, even if you have to pay for it. You can actually read all the Wikileaks yourself, in context, and use the Mattlock lobe of your animal brain to come to your own conclusions. Whatever you do, don’t believe the vomitous hype from conglomerate news organizations with a vested interest in controlling what you think.

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#PIZZAGATE Coverup? Strange Behavior By Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, and The Firing Of Joe Biggs Have The Internet Abuzz

Just like that – #Pizzagate is back. It all started two days ago when a man walked into Comet Pizza and according to police, fired an assault rifle at the floor. Reports allege that the gunman was investigating the restaurant for it’s central role in the much talked about #pizzagate scandal, which was ignited by the DKIM verified Wikileaked Podesta Emails.

Reactions around the internet have varied from outrage to disbelief, with the MSM quick to condemn the incident along with #pizzagate, and the Reddit-4chan Autist alliance madly working to piece things together and prove that the whole event was fabricated.

(I dragged this little timestamped prediction out of the rabbit hole).


Of all the opinions and information flying in the immediate aftermath – one voice stood out from the rest; the son of Trump’s incoming National Security Advisor Mike Flynn.

With #Pizzagate decidedly back out of the shadows, outspoken conservative Breitbart journalist Milo Yiannopoulos immediately pounced on the opportunity to give a presentation to the world…


…however, 30 minutes before Milo’s speech he made this odd statement:

“… I do have one announcement to make, which is that sadly, when I announced I was going to be speaking about Pizzagate this evening, I got a number of phone calls with Washington area codes saying ‘not yet, stop it,’ so we’re going to be talking about a few other things instead.”


Also of note, many have noted that Alex Jones has recently had an abrupt change in tone towards #pizzagate starting about a week before the comet pizza incident. Early yesterday, Jones put out a video suggesting that #pizzagate is a diversion and people should stop looking into the story. This was kind of, very, totally out of character for the king of Conspiracy theories. In fact, something like #pizzagate heating up are precisely what Alex Jones has built a career on.

maxresdefault-8Last thing (for now), Infowars reporter and Army Veteran Joe Biggs – known for his over the top investigative journalism and hard hitting #pizzagate youtube videos – was just fired for unknown reasons, and Infowars has deleted some or all of Biggs’ #pizza related content from their video archive. People have no clue what he did, as neither @Rambobiggs nor Infowars has commented on specifics. Biggs has made several tweets and gab.ai posts which he’s deleted in the last few hours:


Biggs then asked (in another deleted tweet):

So we’ve got a strange 4chan post warning that a false flag involving James Alefantis (owner of Comet Pizza) was about to occur, the day before a guy walks in 2 hours till open and allegedly fires a round into the floor. The incident sets the internet ablaze again and the MSM shifts into maximum FAKE NEWS WITCH HUNT MODE. The controversy draws the son of a very public figure into the fray – and just as we’re about to hear from outspoken and very articulate Milo Yiannopoulos on the issue, he cancels. The same day, Alex Jones of Infowars puts out a video encouraging people to stop investigating #pizzagate – and Infowars fires resident #pizzagate expert Joe Biggs (@rambobiggs) and removes his content.

There are a few theories floating around right now; Either Alex Jones and Milo have been compromised and Joe Biggs has been thrown under the bus, or Trump’s team told everyone to knock it off until after the inauguration and Biggs didn’t want to play along. Another possibility is that Alex Jones has been looking to pivot away from #pizzagate for a week or so, and Milo was called off so as not to embarrass Breitbart. Whatever the truth, something is afoot.

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OPEC Calls Huge Meeting With Non-Member Oil Producing Nations To Coordinate Global Cuts

Last week, for the first time since 2008, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) agreed to a production cut of 1.2 Million barrels / day starting in January, sending oil to 18 month highs over $50 / bbl. While it’s excellent to see OPEC working together, it should also be noted that output spiked to record highs right before agreeing to the cut. A bit lame.

boratIn order to encourage non-OPEC oil producers to voluntarily make less money in the short run via limiting production, 14 oil producing nations have been invited to OPEC’s headquarters in Vienna for a hot chocolate and strudel sleepover – the first such sleepover since the infamous production cut of 2008 when those dicks from Algeria and Libya hogged the Xbox ALL FRICKIN’ NIGHT playing Rainbow Six (Gadhafi was coincidentally pwning everyone). So far just four of the 14 non-OPEC countries have RSVP’d for the sleepover: Russia, Oman, Bahrain, and Azerbaijan. Mexico and Kazakhstan are also expected. Putin is expected to officiate the Xbox tournament this time so everyone gets to play a few rounds.

Per the Wall St. Journal:

“On Saturday, OPEC plans to press its rivals to agree to specific cuts and allow production to be monitored by a committee with three OPEC members and two non-OPEC members.

Their participation is crucial, OPEC officials say. Without it, the oil-price gains of the past week would be imperiled, and the OPEC production deal itself could be severely undermined, OPEC officials said.

Saudi Arabia “absolutely” expects non-OPEC producers to reduce their output, one of these officials said. The kingdom helped orchestrate the first OPEC production cut in eight years by promising that non-OPEC producers would join in.” WSJ

If oil producing nations fail to reach an agreement and oil falls back into the abyss below $40, expect all hell to break loose as defaults devastate the industry (and it’s huge mountain of debt). Around 20% of high yield bonds are oil & gas related, spread throughout all sorts of pensions, mutual funds, annuities, and other financial instruments, and defaults in the sector are growing.

“Fitch Ratings Inc. released a report Tuesday that said that nearly 60% of unrated and below-investment-grade energy companies are likely to have loans labeled as “classified,” or in danger of default under regulatory guidelines. “It’s grim,” said Sharon Bonelli, senior director of leveraged finance at Fitch.”-WSJ


“As of 30 September, the global speculative-grade default rate for the energy and natural resources sector rose to 18.96 per cent – the biggest month-to-month increase in energy and natural resource defaults since May 2016 – driven by an increase in energy and natural resource defaults with seven of the 13 defaults, 54 per cent.” City AM

Those kind of defaults in a $2 Trillion junk bond market would devastate high yield, along with the little old ladies who were tricked into buying it to boost their very fixed incomes.

Take a look at the effects previous OPEC cuts have had on the price of oil:

cy7qybkuqaankj5Fingers crossed that that those spawn campers from Kazakhstan don’t piss everyone off and ruin the sleepover.



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Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi Resigns After Stunning Referendum Defeat – EU Set to Unravel

Update: Italy’s oldest bank, Monte dei Paschi di Sienna (which needs $5 Billion Euros) is down over 6% in opening trade after the referendum, as their rescue is now in doubt.


Fuck with the bull, you get the horns. Populism is sweeping Europe, and the message is clear: the European Union is a failed experiment, globalism is a job-killing scam, fuck your oil wars. Oh – and it turns out Europeans aren’t too fond of their governments express-shipping tens of thousands of violently aggressive North African migrants into quiet neighborhoods where they run around jerking off in public pools and raping locals.

In a wave of populism directly aligned with Brexit, France’s National Front, Germany’s AfD, and the election of Donald J. Trump, 70% of Italians came out to the polls yesterday to reject Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s referendum to reform the Italian constitution – with a 60% “NO” vote. The reforms, narrowly approved by Italian parliament, would have slashed the number of senators from 315 to 100. Those 100 would be appointed by regional committees instead of elected by the people.

wo-aq539_renzi2_p_20131208181558In response to the overwhelming rejection of this establishment power grab, Prime Minster Matteo Renzi (who looks like the dude from Westworld) has resigned, all but paving the way for Italy’s Five Star Movement (M5S) to Make Italy Great Again (MIGA?).

If you’re not familiar, the Five Star Movement was started by Italian comedian turned fierce political activist Beppe Grillo. M5S is considered to be populist, anti-establishment, big on environmentalism, anti-globalist, and “Eurosceptic” (against the EU) – which includes their strong desire to ditch the Euro post haste. M5S rattles against globalism for decimating Italy’s working class, and much like other populist movements which reject the one-world open border bullshit, M5S is trying to avoid further Sharia invasion. To give you an idea of how serious this movement is, Rome’s first female mayor, Virginia Raggi, was elected on the M5S platform – as was the mayor of Turin. Furthermore M5S has been murdering the establishment in polls all year.

This wave of Populism sweeping Europe is firmly in, and establishmentarianism is out. There’s already been backpedaling out of a freaked out Germany (who just weeks ago was trying to push “migrant quotas” on the rest of Europe). If France’s Le Pen is elected, the EU and it’s ECB financial backstop are all but finished. The Euro would die a chaotic death, sending EU member nations scrambling to return to their individual currencies. Freeloading tax cheats like Greece would die in fiscal calamity. Germany, France, and the UK will probably be OK (for various definitions of “ok”). The rest of the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, and Spain) are in different degrees of trouble. Italy still has massive banking issues, including $400 Billion (USD) of non-performing loans.

ital portygree

Needless to say, the fact that Italians would vote for the very populism that’s likely to remove their ECB backstop and may send them into Ciabatta lines speaks volumes. It will be interesting to see how market participants react to another nail in the coffin of the nearly 20 year old Euro experiment, especially since Italian Credit Default Swaps have been creeping higher over the last 12 months while Italian banks find themselves deeper in hell.


In response to the Italian referendum, the Euro is trying to recover after falling to recent levels tested several times in the last two years.

eurousdeur2Get ready for #ITALEXIT

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