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ATTACK! Wikileaks Under Massive DDOS Attack, Releases Insurance Torrents With Dead Links

Check this out… Wikileaks tweeted these insurance file torrents roughly 5 hours after reporting they were under a massive DDOS attack. None of those torrent links work at present. What’s in those files??

Update: Reports are coming from several people able to download the files. They are actually .torrent links, which when plugged into a torrent client such as uTorrent, should start downloading the actual insurance files. Screenshot of the .torrent links which were sent to me minutes ago.


More (Article linked)

I wonder if the “most transparent administration in history” is behind this?

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Hackers Attack Internet In Advance Of Trump Rape Accuser Press Conference

Has your internet been down today?


Pro-Trump hackers, possibly even 4chan himself, began initiating DDOS attacks across the US today in advance of a 6PM (EST) press conference with Trump’s rape accuser. For those of you who don’t know, Lisa Bloom – Gloria Allred’s daughter, is trotting out a desperate hail mary for the left from a woman who claims Trump raped her with Jeff Epstein. Trump’s accuser’s story is full of inconsistencies and backpedaling, and I expect this PR stunt to fail miserably.

In response, hackers have been peppering the internet with attacks today, including Lisa Bloom’s website, and they have something special planned for this saddest of circuses.

@0hour1__ is a hacker whose track record of prediction is hit or miss, however I believe in this case he’s dead on. I guess we’ll know shortly.





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