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Guy In Charge of DOJ Weiner Investigation Sent Son To Work For Hillary’s Campaign

As reported on last night, Peter Kadzick – Georgetown pal of John Podesta, attorney to Marc Rich, helping hand who got Podesta off during the Lewinsky scandal, AND GUY IN CHARGE OF THE DOJ EMAIL CASE, reportedly sent his son to go work on the HRC campaign.

Insanity at it’s finest!


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PA State Police Raid Democrat Field Office On Suspicion of Voter Fraud

In yet another example of good Americans not sitting in their ass while another election is stolen, state police in Pennsylvania kicked down the doors (probably knocked) of a Delaware County field office. As reported by philly.com:

The warrant did not specify the nature of the probe, but said agents also were looking for “templates . . . utilized to construct fraudulent voter registration forms” and “completed voter registration forms containing same or similar identifying information of individuals on multiple forms.”

This is on the heels of voter fraud investigations in Florida and Virginia, another investigation in Texas, and reports of fraud in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Broward County.

I know I’m missing some, so feel free to update the list in the comments section.

(h/t the_swatter for musical selection)

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Oh Snap! Michelle Obama Deletes 3 Years of Tweets About Hillary


According to YourNewsWire and verified by yours truly, Michelle Obama has deleted all references to Hillary from her official @FLOTUS account, and ALL tweets going back to 2013 from her @MichelleObama account. #NotWithHer? Curiouser and curiouser...



Update: Hilarious comment of the day comes from DeplorableJanMoss:


Update2: From the hacker known as @0HOUR1__



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SHIFT: Chris Matthews Just Endorsed Trump!?

Holy shit, is this a disturbance in the force or what?

This Chris Matthews? The guy who has spent the entire election trying to dismantle Trump at every turn? Maybe Melania won him over? Or maybe MSNBC has been enlightened after sticking their foot in their mouth?

Also interesting right on the heels of MSNBC’s not-so-friendly interview with James Carville.


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Updated! Peter Kadzik – Asst. AG In DOJ Weiner Case, Is Old Georgetown Pal of John Podesta

It has come to light through the #PodestaEmails that the assistant Attorney General of the Department of Justice, Peter Kadzik, who wrote today’s letter to congress from the DOJ informing them of their intent to fully investigate the Anthony Weiner case, just happens to be old Georgetown pals with John Podesta. Oh, and Kadzik was also one of the attorneys for Marc Rich, international arms dealing fugitive that Bill Clinton pardoned on his last day in office.

UPDATED BELOW WITH INTIMATE LETTER FROM KADZIK TO PODESTA: Willing to take on “whatever position needs to be filled” for “Hilary”

On Kadzik’s DOJ profile page, you will see he has had quite the illustrious career since receiving his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center.



And what do we have here? A Georgetown Law student, emailing Professor Podesta about the “possibility” of even the “smallest amount” of time to meet with Kadzik. (source)



As the Daily Caller reports, John Podesta had dinner with his old Georgetown buddy Peter K. and an intimate group of friends the day after Hillary Clinton testified in the Benghazi hearings, raising questions about the relationship between the Clinton machine and the DOJ:


Maybe Podesta was just trying to pay Kadzik back with a meal for keeping him out of jail during the Lewinsky scandal?




I’ll leave you to your own conclusions, but I’m sure the DOJ investigation will be of the utmost integrity.




(Source: Wikileaks)


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MELTDOWN: James Carville Comes Unglued As MSNBC Does Their Fucking Job

This has been a most amazing week already, and it’s only Monday!

Jake Tapper of CNN responds directly to The Fly’s tweet, HORRIFIED that the Clinton News Network’s Donna Brazile would help Hillary Clinton Cheat during the debates.

Tapper further clarifies that he is also disgusted:


Next, we have Hillary’s epic Twitter meltdown!

And Finally, watch James Carville lose his fucking mind during an MSNBC interview today! Carville looks like an Alien who just lost his claim to the planet, but the most interesting part for me was MSNBC’s un-cucked coverage. The MSM is definitely way less #WithHerd than they were last week, for now.

And on a day many thought couldn’t get worse for the Clinton campaign, it appears the campaign bus has once again crashed.



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FIVE, FIVE FBI Field Offices Investigating Clinton Foundation! Ah, Ah, Ah!

As reported by the Daily Caller:

FBI field offices in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Little Rock, Ark., are investigating the Clinton Foundation concerning allegations of pay-to-play financial and political corruption, according to a Wall Street Journal report Sunday…

…The Clinton Foundation has numerous programs operating in Haiti, the Caribbean, Latin America and South America.

“Los Angeles agents had picked up information about the Clinton Foundation from an unrelated public corruption case and had issued some subpoenas for bank records related to the foundation” and described the unusual field office initiative as “at times a sprawling cross-country effort,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

First a revolt within the FBI, then Comey is forced to re-open the Email case, and now we learn that the FBI is all over the Clinton Foundation!

Is this Halloween or Christmas?

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