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HuffPo Contributor: White Males Shouldn’t Be Able To Vote!

Huffington Post contributor Shelly Garland – who is probably not a transsexual despite early reports AN EPIC TROLL, has taken the assault on white males to a whole new level – calling for the suspension of their right to vote – WORLDWIDE!

Garland, who is all woman, really has a hard-on for bashing white dudes.

If white men no longer had the vote, the progressive cause would be strengthened. It would not be necessary to deny white men indefinitely – the denial of the vote to white men for 20 years (just less than a generation) would go some way to seeing a decline in the influence of reactionary and neo-liberal ideology in the world.

Shelly duct-tapes together the totally racist notion that suspending white male voting rights would lead to the redistribution of wealth that liberals who work for a living already receive.

This redistribution of the world’s wealth is long overdue, and it is not just South Africa where white males own a disproportionate amount of wealth. While in South Africa 90 percent of the country’s land is in the hands of whites

And why is this broad-shouldered argument fair? MUH SLAVERY

Over the past 500 years colonialism, slavery, and various aggressive wars and genocides, have been due to the actions of white men. Redistributing some of their assets will go some way to paying the historical debt that they owe society.

Maybe HuffPo’s resident Jack Black doppelganger should tuck this argument and get straight to the pitchforks? After all, just 8 people hold as much wealth as the poorest 50% worldwide. Why not just take all their shit so you can achieve your utopian socialist vision?



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Trump May Launch Preemptive Strike On N. Korea – Time To Buy WAR ETFs?

Let’s be clear; fucking around in the Middle East sandbox and regime changing out-of-pocket puppets is not cool – since most of those assholes pose no threat to the USA – plus I don’t want American kids dying for oil interests. But Kim Jong Un is a crazy fat kid with nukes. Think Korean Cartman… And he keeps lighting off atomic firecrackers, so it’s only a matter of time before he sends one into Long Beach harbor via container ship. “Har Har Har” he will say, with that stupid fucking fat face of his.

And today we learn that Korean Cartman may get lit the fuck up if he so much as tests another nuke.

So there you have it – the same day as the USA cock slapped an Afghani ISIS stronghold with our largest conventional bomb evar, we put Lil’ Kim on notice that he better not so much as think of fucking around with nukes. He trolled the world yesterday with a big emergency announcement that some “big event” about to happen – only to find out he was opening a new street in Pyongyang, so who knows what that crazy motherfucker will do. Maybe he’ll sneak up behind Trump and pop a paper bag? Who can know, he’s crazy!

You may be asking yourself “how can I profit from all the impending death and destruction if Kim gets regime changed?”

Wonder no more, for there are not one, not two – but THREE ETF’s to take advantage of population reduction if you’re not into buying individual defense stocks!

iShares US Aerospace & Defense $ITA

SPDR S&P Aerospace & Defense XAR (66.040.65%)

PowerShares Aerospace & Defense $PPA

The overlap between the three is fairly high, so pick your poison – just know that $ITA has the most assets, highest liquidity, and best YTD, 1 year, and 3 year total returns – and it’s already up 28% y/y. That said, it’s also oversold in Exodus, and it may rally on all the sabre rattling alone.

Just an idea for ya. While I can wrap my head around taking Kim out because of the legitimate threat he poses, I have to wonder if Trump will turn out to be the best thing for defense stocks since…. well, it’s been pretty fucking good for them since Jimmy Carter left office.

Dear 8 lb 6 oz tiny Jesus, in your golden-fleece diapers, with your tiny, little, fat, balled-up fists… we thank you so much for our unmatched military industrial complex and our glorious interventionist President who totally ran on that platform. I just want to take the time to say thank you for all the additional bombs we are about to drop on 3rd world countries – may they exterminate all who oppose the United States of America and their little dogs too.


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Facebook Refuses To Remove Child Porn One Month After Separate BBC Incident Involving Police

Social media giant Facebook – whose “Fake News” thought police include the degenerates over at Snopes, and which has banned conservative accounts such as iBankCoin from accessing the platform – is apparently really cool with child pornography and beheading videos.

According to UK publication The Times, Facebook could face criminal prosecution for refusing to remove dozens of images and videos depicting child porn, pedophilic cartoons, child rape, an ISIS beheading video, and propaganda posters glorifying terrorist attacks in London and Egypt.

Instead of removing the content, moderators said that the posts did not breach the site’s “community standards”.

Facebook’s algorithms even promoted some of the offensive material by suggesting that users join groups and profiles that had published it.

A leading QC who reviewed the content said that, in his view, much of it was illegal under British law. Facebook was at risk of committing a criminal offence because it had been made aware of the illegal images and had failed to take them down, he said.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has defended pedos…

In March, the BBC – which busted a Facebook pedo ring in 2016 (resulting in a 4 year prison sentence) – reported dozens of examples of child pornography. Facebook’s response? They removed around 20% of the images, then reported the BBC journalists to the policeand canceled plans for an interview!

Using Facebook’s own moderation tools, the BBC’s recent investigation attempted to report 100 images that appeared to violate Facebook’s terms of service for sexualized images of children. The BBC found that just 18 of the 100 were eventually taken down on Facebook. Gizmodo

What in the hell is going on?

In November, we reported how Twitter banned a user for exposing thousands of child porn accounts, while allowing the offensive content to remain on the platform.

Meanwhile the New York Times and Salon have tried to ‘normalize’ pedophilia by running an article in defense of pedos. Salon went on to scrub the article from their website the day before a hit-piece on Milo Yiannopoulos, however the NYT continues to run it. I wonder why?

So we have social media giants Twitter and Facebook allowing pedophilic and pro-terrorism content on their platforms, while MSM outlets such as the New York Times and Salon defend it. And it’s not just those outlets… Think about it – how much attention has the record number of human trafficking busts since the inauguration received from the MSM? Meanwhile, conservative voices with divergent opinions are being throttled, banned, ‘un-followed,’ or otherwise limited from reaching audiences.

Something is very wrong with this picture…

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Trump About To Kneecap Obamacare Life Support? Threatens To Tomahawk Illegal GSE Sweeps

Less than two weeks after we published a story suggesting President Trump could threaten to withhold billions in (probably) illegal dividend sweeps from Fannie / Freddie, set up in 2012 to prop up Obamacare by paying insurers to remain in the program – lo and behold, Trump is doing just that!

Now that the President has gotten those pesky bipartisan neocons off his back by launching a few dozen Tomahawks into Syria on behalf of the deep state, he can get back to business as usual – namely, dismantling Obamacare (pending approval of course).

Recall Trump’s previous tweets on the matter:

And as former Blackrock portfolio manager Ed Dowd suggested – Trump could accomplish this by simply stopping the GSE dividend sweep Obama set up to siphon funds into an Obamacare triage mechanism to pay off insurers which would otherwise leave the program:

Well – looks like that’s exactly what Trump is planning to do

WASHINGTON—Almost three weeks after canceling a vote on his health-care package over infighting among his fellow Republicans and opposition from Democrats, President Donald Trump dug back into the fight on Wednesday, threatening to withhold payments to insurers to force Democrats to the negotiating table. –WSJ

Touching on the legal aspect – WSJ reports the following:

In an interview in the Oval Office, Mr. Trump said the executive branch may lack legal authority to make the payments established under his predecessor

“I don’t want people to get hurt,” Mr. Trump said. “What I think should happen—and will happen—is the Democrats will start calling me and negotiating.”

So there you have it – President Trump is willing to play nice over #Fanniegate, while telegraphing the “legal authority” angle he’ll use to cut off payments if Democrats don’t come to the table right now.

Let’s see if he goes with Rand’s plan

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Trump Signals Bannon Is On Thin Ice: “Straighten It Out Or I Will”

Surely this wasn’t a huge bait-n-switch!

Trump campaigned on a non-interventionist America First platform, waxing eloquent about the failures of globalist misadventures in the Middle East, and surrounding himself with the likes of Mike Flynn, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, and of course Kellyanne Conway – all proponents of “America 1st” nationalism and staunch opponents of globalist neoconservatism. This was the team which sold Trump supporters on the vision of change. Shit.

And one by one, each of those people are either gone, de-fanged, or relegated to some dark corner – having been supplanted by the likes of Chelsea Clinton bestie Ivanka Trump and Democrat leaning husband Jared Kushner, plus a cadre of globalists from Goldman Sachs; Stephen Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary, Gary Cohn as top Economic advisor, and Dina Powell – Valerie Jarrett’s buddy who scored a seat on the National Security Council shortly before Stephen Bannon was kicked off (officially). And hey, National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster is an admittedly big fan of regime change.

And last week the United States lobbed bombs into Syria – less than 90 days after the inauguration, 48 hours after a chemical attack of questionable origin which wasn’t investigated or presented to congress or the UN, and a day after Steve Bannon was kicked off the NSC. To suggest discord within the administration would be putting it lightly.

And in a Tuesday exchange with the New York Post’s Michael Goodwin, Trump made it clear that Stephen K. Bannon’s days in his administration are numbered – after a reported feud with both Jared Kushner and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster.

“I like Steve, but you have to remember he was not involved in my campaign until very late,” Trump said. “I had already beaten all the senators and all the governors, and I didn’t know Steve. I’m my own strategist, and it wasn’t like I was going to change strategies because I was facing crooked Hillary.”

Referring to the discord which has clearly placed Bannon on the outs, Trump then made the following threat:

Steve is a good guy, but I told them to straighten it out or I will.

Syria aside, Trump has done a lot of good things since entering office, and a few I disagree with – but at the end of the day we’ve witnessed a slow motion ideological coup that has left many Trump supporters puzzled and disappointed. Whatever the case, I certainly hope that the President abides by his most recent statement that the United States won’t “go into Syria,” though whether that means actual boots on the ground or drones with 90% civilian casualties has yet to be seen. I’m sure whatever McMaster, Mattis, and Kushner cook up will be in America’s best interest.

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ISIS Attacks Syrian Base Following Trump Salvo – We Are Now Aligned With Radical Islamic Terrorists

Like clockwork, hours after the United States sent 59 Tomahawk missiles into a Syrian air base, reportedly killing 6 people – and leaving much of the runway intact, ISIS swooped in and attacked a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) facility 20 miles away.

ISIS, also known as Daesh, has attempted to take advantage of the chaos caused by the President’s strikes, launching a powerful offensive on a military base in Al Furqlus, pro-Syrian news site Al-Masdar claimed.

Homs governor Talal Barazi claimed the airbase was used to support operations against ISIS. –Express.co.uk

Reported ISIS strike 20 miles from airbase

It is believed the ISIS assault has not yet made any territorial gains, but the US offensive has provided an opportunity for the terror tyrants to keep pressure on Syrian forces and attack without risking retaliatory air strikes.

Are we on the same page? One month after John McCain made a mysterious trip to Syria, the same John McCain pictured a few years ago with ISIS leaders, and who is currently calling for the USA to support the ISIS-aligned Free Syrian Army (FSA) – President Trump bombed the shit out of a Syrian airbase after doing zero investigation into increasingly suspicious evidence that Assad gassed his own people. And all of the sudden, Trump’s most vicious opponents suddenly love him.

The exact thing a huge number Trump supporters voted against is now happening; The risk of direct conflict with Russia over Syria is back on the table, and the USA is now aligned with ISIS and the Free Syrian Army – which spend their free time kidnapping, torturing, beheading, drowning, electrocuting, and otherwise fucking people up in the region. Oh, and Saudi Arabia along with Qatar – big Clinton Foundation donors, funded and have otherwise provided support to anti-Assad forces.

Call this airstrike what you will – even if you buy that it’s some isolated incident meant to send a message; our actions in Syria yesterday put us in direct alignment with Saudi Arabia, ISIS, the FSA, and the Neocons – all of whom have talons sharpened for yet another regime change. But hey, at least the “Putin Puppet” argument just went out the window.

99D country club croquet?

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The United States has just launched 60 Tomahawk missiles into Syria – based on rapidly unraveling reports that Assad gassed his own people. This is an absolute betrayal to his base. In less than 24 hours, Trump’s most vocal enemies are suddenly huge fans of recent developments, and his supporters are completely shocked.

Consider the following:

In the “Hillary Wins” timeline most of the world was expecting, the justification for removing Assad were reports that he was murdering his own civilians with conventional weapons – nothing about chemicals. The entire thing was mapped out – and while Hillary was saber rattling about her “red line” no-fly zone to go regime-change Assad, Trump was actively campaigning against it – meaning despite Assad murdering his own people, Trump still did not support US intervention based on existing evidence. So now, if we’re wearing tinfoil hats (or not even based on what we’ve learned about the how these people operate), the theory is that Trump’s win disrupted this plan – and a new, more horrific justification would be required for Trump to justify involvement.

And now we have it, and it appears Trump is playing along. And it’s clearly bullshit…

For starters, his enemies – the Neocons and globalists – are applauding this move


Meanwhile, Trump’s core supporters have been rocked:

  • Cernovich
  • Adams
  • Moly
  • Ron Paul
  • Others

Trump is very close to being a one-term president, and it looks like it’s too late to change course. Consider that within 48 hours the internet has already uncovered the following:

  • Reporter who tweeted about the attack the night before
  • Gas equipment passed out
  • Type of gas changed from Sarin to Chlorine after photos emerged of unprotected “white hats” cleaning up the scene
  • Kerry stated Syria was chem weapon free
  • Reports of 250 people having disappeared in the region, ISIS involvement suspected
  • McCain visited a month ago.

Hell, we had people within the Dept. of Defense leaking war plans to The Intercept about a “Saturation Strike” which would take out Russian personnel.

One of the proposals drawn up is a “saturation strike” using dozens of cruise missiles designed to hit Syrian military targets — including military air fields — in an effort to limit future Syrian Air Force attacks on rebel positions, according to the two U.S. military officials.

The officials asked for anonymity to discuss classified plans.

So, it appears we’ve been had, and Trump’s credibility is now shot among people who simply wanted the United States to stop bombing brown people.


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Le Pen Redpills France During Debate While Macron’s Lead Narrows On Talk Of Open Border Bullshit

The French election may come right down to the wire – with populist candidate Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron neck and neck before last night’s debate – which saw Macron’s lead narrow after a mediocre performance rife with cultural appeasement and accusations of taking money from special interests. While some say she has no chance of winning the second round, Goldman Sachs analyst Bobby Vedral says not so fast

Check out the latest pre-debate poll from The Telegraph:


If I were Macron, I’d worry…

Le Pen quite simply dropped redpills all over the stage:

I want to end immigration, legal and illegal, allowing only 10,000 legal immigrants. We have nothing more to offer them, we have seven million unemployed, we have nine million in poverty, who require all our focus and energy.

Yes today there is humanitarian immigration and economic immigration, an asylum law that is totally abused – but once again the best way to launch a signal that is honest, is that we cannot welcome any more, is to eliminate everything that attracts immigrants; free medical care, housing, etc.

The migrants earn in France, without working, five or ten times what they earn back home. We understand why they come.


Frontrunner Emmanuel Macron, on the other hand, talked about tolerance and compassion… something the French are fresh out of:

We must strengthen our borders and have a realistic immigration policy, but we must also do our duty…

…When it comes to asylum seekers, I ask that we show a bit of wisdom and stay true to our principles…

Therefore I propose a policy that is rigorous, firm, coordinated, but also in line with our principles.

To which candidate Francois Fillon laid the smackdown:

“I fundamentally disagree with Emmanuel Macron, who has congratulated the German chancellor on her refugee policy”

Hello President Le Pen? If so, goodbye EU and so-long ECB backstop the next time those Greek tax cheats hit the wall.

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Lee Stranahan: ‘Ideological Coup’ By Kushner-Linked Goldman Globalists Destroying Trump White House

After Wikileaks revelations that Citigroup picked Obama’s cabinet, it appears the Trump administration is succumbing to ‘same globalism, different bank.’

Weeks after the Daily Mail exposed an internal struggle between Kushner-linked Goldman Sachs operatives and Trump advisor Steve Bannon, it has become clear that an “ideological coup” led by globalist bankers is well underway – claiming populist Steve Bannon as their latest victim. This ties in with Roger Stone’s warning that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has been leaking anti-Bannon information to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

Well, it appears the Goldman globalists have won… for now. Wednesday evening, former Breitbart lead investigative reporter Lee Stranahan dropped an insightful Periscope video in which he laid out exactly what’s going on in the White House – pointing out who’s running the show, and imploring people to simply research the players for themselves.

In a nutshell: Weeks after meeting with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein at the Four Seasons bar in DC, Jared Kushner-friendly Goldman alums have successfully maneuvered Trump’s top advisor Steve Bannon off the Natl. Security Council – further strengthening the globalist cabal’s influence over President Trump. Jared Kushner, it should be pointed out, has a well documented history of donating to Democrats; including Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and Robert Mendez (D-NJ).

Let’s look at the ex-Goldman operators within the Trump White House:

Gary Cohn – recently Goldman’s #2, is Trump’s chief economic advisor – who was granted an unprecedented accelerated payout of $285 Million in order to go work at the White House.

  • Staunch Democrat
  • Huge globalist, led Goldman delegation to restructure Greek debt during financial crisis, helping them hide debt from EU overseers in Brussels.
  • Head of the National Economic Council as of January 20th, 2017
  • Brought in Drew Quinn – lead negotiator of TPP


Dina Habib Powell, another top Goldman alum and former president of the Goldman Sachs foundation:


Instead of draining the swamp, Goldman alums Cohn, Powell, and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin are the swamp…

The populist, nationalist agenda that Donald Trump was elected on is getting pushed out of the White house.

The fact that Powell is in – who was in the Bush administration, as a Security advisor, is deeply troubling. She’s got Ben Rhoade’s old job.

Goldman Sachs has taken over…

We voted for the working people who have been taken advantage of by companies like Goldman Sachs. You’ve been screwed by Goldman Sachs. Look up TARP. You didn’t vote for Goldman Sachs. We did not vote for Globalism.

And before you say “Wait, Steve Bannon is from Goldman!” – full stop… Bannon addressed how the megabank has changed and no longer shares his values.

What can Trump voters do?

Stranahan has one request for any and all who oppose this ideological coup by Goldman Sachs: CALL THE WHITE HOUSE!

See entire Periscope here:

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Chris Matthews And CNN’s Don Lemon Melting Down Over Rice And Farkas Bombshells – Claim It’s Racist, Sexist Fake News!

If the truth can be judged by the reaction of establishment propagandists, it looks like we’ve hit paydirt…

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Mother Jones D.C. bureau chief David Corn resorted to angrily sucking each other off over the Susan Rice ‘unmasking’ controversy – claiming it’s nothing more than a racist and sexist ploy by the President to “distract attention from the investigation.”

While groping through his addled mind for reasons for why poor Susan Rice is getting hounded by the media after it was revealed she was behind unmasking the Trump team, Matthews bloviated like a turtleneck-wearing coffee shop philosopher.

Notice it’s always a female? Just a thought.

Doubling down on the identity politics, Matthews then throws race into it!

So they are making her, you know, basically they’re defaming her without any reason to do so because she’s a woman. Maybe because she’s a black woman?


Meanwhile, CNN’s resident party enthusiast Don Lemon was sure to caution the network’s tiny audience that the Susan Rice and Evelyn Farkas stories, plus House Intel Chair Devin Nunes reporting that Trump was spied on – are all FAKE NEWS.

Don’s such a bitch. Look at that bowtie.

Consider this:

People are going to jail…

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