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One Week After Hyper-Feminist Swedish Deputy PM Mocks Trump, Her Boss Visits Anti-Feminist Iran To Cut Deals

Sweden has recently become known for hypocrisy, Ikea, and rape – in stark contrast to cars and whatnot not too long ago. Last week, right after President Trump signed an Executive Order reinstating the controversial “Mexico Policy,” prohibiting non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which receive US taxpayer funds from providing or advocating for abortions, the Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden, Isabella Lövin, took to twitter to mock a photo of a room full of men flanking the US President as he signed the order – I guess for not being diverse enough.


Of note, the raging selective feminist (Mc)Lövin also happened to tweet that snarky little picture just one week before her boss, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, traveled with the whole crew to one of the most abusive countries on earth towards women – Iran, to cut deals and make pillowtalk about how they complete each other (with no women in the room). In light of this, (Mc)Lövin’s resting bitch faced tweet about Trump Seems more than a bit hypocritical, no? In fact, here’s the same picture updated with a leaked account of what was said during the Swedish signing, translated for your edification. See if you can spot the mole.


How absurd. The Swiss “we are a feminist government”  leadership is truly Stockholmed by mind numbing hypocrisy.

Meanwhile (and as some of you know already), to all the misguided idealists in the fight for female emancipation – when it comes to identity politics and diversity:

The Trump organization employs more female executives than men, who are actually paid more than their male counterparts (the Clinton Foundation, by the way, paid women “72 cents for every dollar a male executive made on average”). Kellyanne Conway was the first woman to successfully run a Presidential campaign. Trump’s spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, is a black woman. Omarosa is on fire – although Roger Stone doesn’t like her very much. Trump donated $25K to a mostly black New York women’s basketball league after 9/11. Oh, and here’s a letter read by one of Trump’s female executives to address her experience working for him:

Not enough? Barbara Res, at 33, became the youngest woman to ever be put in charge of supervising the construction of a skyscraper when Trump hired her in 1980. From her book:

res“Unfortunately, construction remains a heavily male dominated industry, but in 1972, it was a “no woman’s land,” and Res met resistance at every turn, in the form of discrimination, sexual harassment and intimidation. She quit several positions because of discrimination… Res met Donald Trump, at the Grand Hyatt project he was developing for the hotel company. She impressed him and when he had a new ground up project, he installed her as Executive in charge of Construction. The project was the world famous Trump Tower and the rest is history – a history filled with travail and triumph.”

Tell me again about how Trump hates women? He did all of the above as a private citizen for over four decades – not pandering for votes. Meanwhile none of these miserable hyper-feminists seem to care about the abuse and subhuman living conditions women endure around the world.


Places like IRAN for example!

While privileged first world idiots all over danced the streets in vagina outfits and banged their fists in protest against “the Patriarchy” after Trump’s inauguration, actual, institutionalized and culturally “normalized” human rights abuses happening to women in strict Islamic republics for ages. If an Iranian woman wants to post pictures on instagram without a Hijab, she’ll be arrested. Wear a miniskirt in Iran? Get 40 lashes. Go to a party with men? That’ll be 80 lashes. Husband claims his wife has cheated? That’s a stonin’. In fact, much of Iran seems embody the exact opposite of the feminism Swedish deputy PM Isabella Lövin claims to be about. Perhaps her office staff can pose in a cute pilgrimage reenactment that will send an empowering message to young women?

How many Swedish women need to be victimized in dark corners and public pools before these issues are addressed? I hear Merkel is handing people cash to go home.

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OUT OUT OUT! Trump Quashes Rumors Of Elliott Abrams For #2 Job At State Department – MSM Forced To Cover Neoconservatism

Are we witnessing more transdimensional Kekian chess between President Trump and the media?

Just this week – two days ago in fact, Rand Paul went on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss auditing the Fed – and the disturbing possibility of neocon Elliott Abrams invading the State department as Rex Tilleson’s #2. This was all based on a rumor propagated by CNN “according to sources familiar with the situation.” Trump supporters were immediately alarmed, and the anti-Trump crowd seized the opportunity to expose the President as a secret neocon charlatan preaching to his sheep-filled Tent-revival.


Just look at all these jackasses who took the bait and ran with it:


Here we are 48 hours later, and guess what? It was Fake News all along! Well, not quite… The official story is that Trump caught wind of Abrams talking trash and decided to take him off the list. And look who’s got the exclusive scoop!


Per CNN – which apparently required two journalists to report:

The President found out about Abrams’ outspokenness against Trump after meeting with him on Tuesday to consider him for the position, which would have made him Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s deputy. The meeting went well, but Trump could not get past Abrams’ past criticism, the sources said. –CNN

Sure guys. Trump’s vetting team doesn’t have vast resources at their disposal, such as Google, to find out that Abrams has been talking massive shit about him the entire election, or that Abrams is a dyed in the wool neocon.

Let’s look at what this DID accomplish…

Brought the topic of neoconservatism, nation building, regime change, and oil wars front and center.

Reinforced Trump’s commitment to draining the swamp.

Made the media look like idiots, again.

Whether or not Rand Paul was in on it or Pliny the Younger was drunk on propaganda has yet to be seen – but if this was another case of tactical chess, it appears at least some in the MSM are catching on:

What’s next, a series of seemingly coordinated worldwide crackdowns on heinous illegal behavior so that the public knows Trump means business when the time comes to really drain the swamp? Plans within plans bitches.

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Dramatic Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi Ends Earnings Call With Apocalyptic Flair

Yesterday, Expedia $EXPE CEO, long time Trump hater, and former Iranian refugee Dara Khosrowshahi ended an otherwise milquetoast earnings call with quite the dramatic statement:

Khosrowshahi isn’t the first left-leaning corporate executive to use their visibility to slam President Trump and his policies, however his outrage is possibly the most understandable. While the impact of the Executive Order banning travelers from terror-sponsoring nations may marginally impact Expedia’s revenue, Khosrowshahi – who fled the Iranian revolution with his parents, probably has family members in Iran who have been directly affected by the ban. In an email to employees after the Executive Order was issued, obtained by Geekwire, Khosrowshahi explains:

My family emigrated to the U.S. after the Iranian revolution in 1978.  We sure didn’t feel like refugees, but in hindsight I guess we were –

I believe that with this Executive Order, our President has reverted to the short game.  The U.S. may be an ever so slightly less dangerous as a place to live, but it will certainly be seen as a smaller nation, one that is inward-looking versus forward thinking, reactionary versus visionary.

While Khosrowshahi’s apocalyptic dig at the President was perhaps a bit childish, I find it notable that his letter to employees acknowledges the increased security the Executive Order was meant to provide – even if the rest of his screed is open border kumbaya bullshit. At minimum it’s tacit acknowledgement that radical Islamic terror exists, which is far more than one can say for America hating CEOs like Starbucks’ Howard Schultz.

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FAKE NEWSFLOW: Are The NY Times, Guardian, And WaPo Buying Clicks? China Jumps From Trickle To Half Of All Traffic In Two Months

Last week the Failing New York Times published an article crediting Donald Trump and the controversial election for “more subscribers in three months than all of 2015,” claiming the addition of 276,000 new “digital-only” customers. The beleaguered publication owned by Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim is doing so well in fact that they are vacating 8 floors of their New York headquarters to generate “significant rental revenue,” as well as pushing lame Twitter ads offering 40% off subscriptions which state things like “Truth. It’s vital to democracy” and “The best independent journalism.”

While subscriber count may have allegedly increased, website traffic really didn’t start picking up until the first week in December. The Washington Post and The Guardian (UK) saw similar traffic trends around the same time, in stark contrast to most of their peers. A quick before-and-after illustrates the dramatic pickup in visitors:

Rankings at the beginning of December, 2016:


Rankings as of February 8th, 2017:


Traffic begins to pick up significantly around the middle of December for all three. Here’s a look at the overall picture compared to various other news outlets:


That’s odd. Now let’s take a look at each outlet’s traffic by country for the NYT, which shows significant increases in visitors from China, jumping from 5.1% to 49.2% of all site traffic in two months:


What’s most interesting is that The NY Times has been completely blocked in China since 2012, and just last month Apple was ordered to pull two NYT apps from the App store despite users being unable to view content since the original 2012 ban. Per the NY Times:

When the Chinese government began blocking the Times websites in 2012, it also prevented users with Times apps from downloading new content.

People seeking to bypass internet filters have traditionally used VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) which tunnel through China’s highly restrictive firewall, however China has been cracking down on VPN use for several years.

Now let’s take a look at the Washington Post and The Guardian, which are not blocked in China – jumping from virtually no traffic to 58.9% and 57% of site-wide visitors respectively.




These dramatic increases in traffic have significantly bumped each site’s Alexa ranking by as much as 38%, a key metric used in website valuation. Of note, BBC.com experienced a similar boost, and others may have as well.

Not to overstate the obvious, but considering the URL ban on the New York Times, one might conclude that this massive increase which now accounts for nearly half of all website traffic is some type of high volume traffic generating bot server unimpeded by China’s restrictive firewall, synthetically inflating visitor counts for affected sites.

All three news outlets spent much of 2016 trying to influence the election in favor of Hillary Clinton with biased coverage and regular hit pieces against Donald Trump. Since winning the election, President Trump has declared war on much of the mainstream media – branding it the “opposition party,” while remaining under heavily biased attack. China is no fan of the US President either; between the threat of tariffs and Trump’s disregard for the long held “One China” policy over Taiwanese recognition, China has both economic and political reasons to try and mitigate the US President’s tough talk.

In fact, Chinese state-owned JAC Motor and Mexican auto manufacturer Giant Motors, co-owned by NYT owner Carlos Slim, are jointly investing over $200 Million dollars to build SUV’s in Hidalgo, Mexico after President Trump’s continued spats with Mexico over the proposed border wall, as well as the demand-killing tariffs he claims will pay for it. Amazon, which shares an owner with the Washington Post, was recently granted permission by China to begin forwarding freight from Chinese merchants selling on its site, and they have also been allowed to operate Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the highly restrictive country.

While not much else is known at this point, the list of entities with the capability of pushing half the traffic to several major websites from Chinese domains seems rather short.

UPDATE: A user on 8chan found this: http://adage.com/article/media/washington-post-continues-debut-ad-produc…


Update II 02/17/2017: Looks like Alexa removed the country-specific data for the affected sites:

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Rand Paul To Tucker Carlson: Let’s Audit The Fed – Oh, And WTF Is Up With The Neocon Iraq War Architect Trump’s About To Appoint?

ss1n7UlAfter a Democrat filibuster of Rand Paul’s “Audit the Fed” bill – reintroduced in January along with 8 co-sponsors and passed by 53 Senators including Bernie Sanders, the Senator from Kentucky believes he may find a friend in President Trump, who has previously endorsed the idea. Opponents to the audit, also known as establishment shills, suggest that transparency might lead to scrutiny. You don’t say?  On Tucker Carlson Tonight, Paul explained how the Fed hurts people:

The reason I want oversight is people get hurt in the downturn,” Paul said. “So in 2008, when the housing market went bust, I blamed that on the Federal Reserve. We’re right in the middle of another boom. Anybody seen the stock market lately? It is a boom, just like the real estate boom of 2008, and it will come to an end. I wish I knew exactly when, so I could give your viewers some investment advice, but it will end. There will be a correction.” RealClearPolitics

Given the Trump’s rollback of Dodd-Frank, which included provisions to audit dark money emergency lending facilities (yet harmed small businesses and community banks) – Auditing the Fed is perhaps more important than ever.

Just as interesting: Carlson, a patriot, brought up another issue which Rand Paul and many others feel strongly about; rumors of Neoconservative Never-Trumper Elliott Abrams imminent appointment as second in command at the State Department. As Paul writes in a Rare op-ed yesterday:

Crack the door to admit Elliott Abrams and the neocons will scurry in by the hundreds.

Neoconservative interventionists have had us at perpetual war for 25 years. While President Trump has repeatedly stated his belief that the Iraq War was a mistake, the neocons (all of them Never-Trumpers) continue to maintain that the Iraq and Libyan Wars were brilliant ideas. These are the same people who think we must blow up half the Middle East, then rebuild it and police it for decades.

As Think Progress writes of Abrams:

Abrams was one of the defendants in the Iran-Contra Affair, and he pled guilty to two misdemeanor counts of withholding information from Congress. He was appointed Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director on the National Security Council for Near East and North African Affairs during Bush’s first term, where he served as Bush’s chief advisor on the Middle East.

That’s about as swampy as it gets, and contrary to just about everything Trump campaigned on.

Paul had the following to say on Tucker about Abrams:

Someone who was a never-Trumper should never be in a Trump state department – for goodness sakes!

President Trump has been different than many. He said that Nation building hasn’t worked. When he said that, Elliot Abrams said “He’s absolutely wrong, Nation building is exactly what we need to do.”

Regime change, Iraq War; Elliot Abrams was one of the key architects of the Iraq War. We don’t need people with a failed policy back in. Donald Trump represents something new and different, and is I think, a welcome relief from the Neocons.

Tucker: “I’m baffled by it, to be honest.”

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Rahm Emanuel Tells Democrats To Stop Crying, Bend Over For “Long Haul” – Then Offers Subversive Advice On Dirty Politics

Stanford University started the week off with two elite liberal inspirationalists to help the tender psyches of turtleneck wearing “compliant and unawares” climb back from the depths of despair. I imagine that miserable couple on the plane to Portland were in attendance – both wearing jeans and faux-buckle loafers with no socks. In a sermon to the fractured cult of Jobs on Monday, Justice Ginsburg put down her antique ivory ear-trumpet to let the world know she wants to eradicate the electoral college, and people need to be more charitable. Credible sources within earshot say many tears of inspiration were shed.

In stark contrast to Ginsburg’s feel-good appearance, however, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel took a big check to show up on the Palo Alto campus, where he effectively called tantruming democrats whiny bitches, telling them to put on their big boy/girl/it pants and move on.

Our party likes to be right, even if we lose. If you win, you then have the power to go do what you need to get done. If you lose, you can write a book about what happened. Great. That’s really exciting [Sarcastic Rahm eye roll].

He then went all Harkonen apprentice, talking about plans within plans and biding time:

You also gotta know, you can’t beat something with nothin’ – that was Bill Clinton’s always lesson. You have to have an alternative. You have to give people your vision. And I would also be honest, it took us a long time to get this low – it ain’t gonna happen in 2018. Take a chill pill, man. You gotta be in this for the long haul. If you think it’s gonna be a quick turnaround, like that – it’s not.

Of course while waiting to regain power, the most effective thing congressional Democrats can do for the country is divide, divide, divide!

“We don’t have the power to swing at everything, so you have to pick what is essential.”

B: Wedge. Wherever there is a disagreement among Republicans, I’m for one of those disagreements. President wants Russia, I’m for John McCain and Lindsey Graham, I’m for NATO. Why? Wedge. Schisms have to be wedges, wedges have to be divides.”

Third: We gotta lower the President, why? Because they are strong enough to get him in [against?] us. We’re not strong enough.

How about “don’t cheat in the primaries with a candidate whose fake charity has taken Millions of dollars from our enemies?”

Video here:

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Orwellian Happenings: Twitter Censors Trump, Suspends New Comic Strip For Lampooning Liberal Stupidity

While reports are rolling in about Twitter censoring or curating President Trump’s tweets (at least some of which Trump is aware of), outrage is building over the increasingly Orwellian suspensions of conservatives- the latest being a 2 week old account which was apparently way too honest about Social Justice Warriors (activist idiots). “He He Silly Comics” (@sillyfunnycomic) set up shop over at Twitter on January 20th and began tweeting hilarious comics which immediately began picking up steam.



Here are a few examples:






And a few more (click to expand):

1486368088071 1486368226509 1486367933967 1486374265632







It was THIS comic, however, which apparently sent Twitter off the deep end:



animation (11)

4chan takes notice, @SillyFunnyComic stops by:




Here’s a screenshot of the Hijab comic tweet  before account suspension.




This sums it up nicely:


Where can we find you Silly Funny Comic??

Since being banned on Twitter, you can find Silly Funny Comic over at gab.ai


So Twitter decides to suspend the account of an artist trying to make a name for herself for no other reason than her opinions, while a bunch of pedos and the NY Antifa chapter get to keep their accounts.

I’m sure their fans are happy.


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Audi Panders To SJW Tendies In Wage-Gap Superbowl Ad, Floats Biggest Falsehood Since Emissions Testing Scandal

When Audi/Volkswagen isn’t using software to cheat emissions tests so they can lie about the degree to which they’re poisoning the environment, their PR department – in it’s infinite wisdom, is cooking up stupid campaigns, like their new wage gap ad. In it, a white male father is wrought with shame over the oppressive patriarchy’s threat to his precious daughter.

What do I tell my daughter? Do I tell her that her grandpa’s worth more than her grandma, that her dad is worth more than her mom? Do I tell her that despite her education, her drive, her skills, her intelligence, she will automatically be valued less than any man she ever meets? Or maybe I’ll be able to tell her something different. 

See this marketing disaster for yourself. Note the “Top Gun” maneuver when she hits the brakes and sends a fat patriarchy kid into a spin.

Oh my God. Just tell her you’re a huge cuck.

Hilariously, people aren’t buying Audi’s shit:


Perhaps it’s because the “wage gap” is easily explained by lifestyle choices? This isn’t some issue of discrimination or “equal work for equal pay” whatsoever. Per Pew Research:

As Millennial women come of age in the “lean in”1 era they share many of the same views and values about work as their male counterparts. They want a job they enjoy that provides security and flexibility, and they place relatively little importance on high pay. At the same time, however, young working women are less likely than men to aspire to top management jobs… The gender gap on this question is even wider among working adults in their 30s and 40s, the age at which many women face the trade-offs that go with work and motherhood.

And as D.C. McAllister of PJ Media writes:

Surprise, surprise. The wage gap is caused by women’s choices. Progressives are all about a woman’s right to choose, aren’t they? Well, women, more than men, choose to interrupt their careers to take care of their families.

•42% of women choose to reduce their hours worked to care for family members compared to 28% of men
•39% of women choose to take significant amount of time off compared to 24% of men
•27% of women choose to quit their jobs compared to 10% of men
•13% of women choose to turn down a promotion compared to 10% of men

Additionally, research shows that women will never make up half of the U.S. workforce because of their personal choices, not because of discrimination.

It’s obvious that Audi’s PR department is full of morons who didn’t think to google that shit before basing an entire advertising campaign around a falsehood.

They are getting LIT UP in their twitter feed. Click here and scroll through the comments if so inclined

Reactions around the web have been entertaining per usual:


And Mark Dice is hilarious:

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The Unpoisoning: Two Proposals To Rescue The US Educational System And Federal Workforce From Liberal Indoctrination

If ever one needed better evidence of failed liberal ideology, look no further than the complete mental breakdown and kneejerk arrogance programmed into a nation of tantruming pseudo-intellectual children of all ages. I’ve never seen so many overly-dramatic sore losers who can’t manage to look inward and move on with their lives.

In light of the fact that so much of America is woefully unequipped with facts, critical thinking skills, or the ability to absorb divergent opinions without having an existential crisis, it’s time to address perhaps the most important swamp of all; the hyper-liberal US educational system and the people responsible for influencing the future of our nation.

Submitted for consideration by an attorney and educator who wishes to remain anonymous [emphasis mine]


I’d like to submit two proposals concerning what President Trump could do to “drain the swamp.”  The first proposal concerns the flagrant political discrimination that plagues almost all of academia, both k-12 and college level. Virtually all of these institutions have become the sole haunt of left wing ideologues.  Everyone knows this, although some liberals may try to deny it.  The result has rendered most of our colleges and grade schools veritable liberal ghettos where conservatives need not apply and are certainly not welcome if they try.

The proposed solution is to give these institutions one year to balance their teaching staff so that fully half of them are registered Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, or otherwise conservativeOnce that year had elapsed, President Trump could decree by Executive Order that funding for any educational institution receiving federal funds would be cut by a percentage equal to the disparity between liberals and conservatives in their teaching staff.  For example, if only 5% of their teaching staff were Republican or Conservative after a year’s recruitment then the institution would receive only 10% of its prior federal funding. Institutions that raised their Republican representation to 40% would receive up to 80% of their prior federal funding.  This approach would motivate biased liberal institutions to at least abate their political discrimination, and American taxpayers wouldn’t continue to pay for left wing bigotry poisoning the minds of our children.

In America today, Christian bakers can be forced out of business for refusing to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding, but nobody blinks an eye when Spike Lee announces he’s firing a singer simply because she sang at Trump’s inauguration.  This type of selective discrimination, rampant in academia, is as wrong as any arising from race, religion or sexual preference.  The First Amendment rights of speech and association are not a right to discriminate, however the Left continues to do so based purely on political persuasions they disagree with.

By signing an Executive Order defunding politically discriminatory educational institutions, President Trump could at least begin to end this problem.

I’m sure you can anticipate my second proposal.  That is, again by Executive Order, require that two-thirds of all federal employee hires have to be ideologically conservative until similar balance is achieved.  As with the prior proposal, no new laws have to be introduced through Congress, this is something President Trump could do on his own through Executive Order to begin to heal the rampant discrimination that is also demonstrably present in the federal workforce.




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