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TANTRUM! Michael Moore Backpedals For Street Cred – Set To Disrupt #Inauguration2017 After Helping Get Trump Elected

unnamed-5Portly documentarian and full time bridge troll Michael Moore, who convinced swing voters in the rust belt to vote for Trump by accidentally redpilling America, is desperately trying to regain some liberal street cred. If you recall, not only was his four and a half minute speech viewed by millions of people – it was turned into an EPIC TRUMP AD. Just watching it makes me want to vote for Trump all over again.

Moore was also caught on camera dissing another liberal for even considering Hillary in the primaries:


Now, in an attempt to salvage his reputation after accidentally redpilling America, Moore has told his 3 Million+ followers to DISRUPT THE INAUGURATION!

The group which Moore is joining, Disruptj20, plans to “shut down the Inauguration ceremonies” and “paralyze the city itself.” What a bunch of losers.

Are you snowflakes KIDDING ME? Holy participation award batman, accept the results of the election and try again in 4 years. Next time, I suggest the DNC refrain from screwing over Bernie Sanders by literally cheating in the primaries – should he run again. The party of former slave ownershypocrite arms dealers, and pedophiles should maybe avoid running candidates who take money from Saudi Arabia in exchange for supporting their oil wars.

Consider, democrats, cleaning your own dilapidated house instead of throwing a tantrum and dropping a deuce all over America’s election process.


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HA HA: Fat Fuck Michael Moore Mad That He Accidentally Redpilled America

As a follow-up to my post on Michael Moore’s core-rattling speech about Donald Trump, I thought it was hilarious to see how Moore is furiously trying to backpedal on his now legendary sound byte, which has been turned into an EPIC TRUMP AD:

Holy shit!

Now Moore is all pissed off, saying “Good, people will come see my movie, Trumpland!”


Sorry Jabba the Nut, AKA “MC I can’t reach everything in the shower,” nobody has time for your diatribe movie. In case you hadn’t noticed, the Shock and Awe campaign against Trump totally upstaged your little indy film – but everybody has 4 Minutes and 36 seconds to hear the most honest thing you may have ever said.

Followed by perhaps the second most honest thing to come out of that leaf blower mouth (click here if video does not load):

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