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Suspected Berkeley Antifa Bike Lock Attacker Eric Clanton Arrested For Assault

Eric Clanton, 28, a former Diablo Valley and California State University philosophy professor was arrested on Wednesday afternoon in Oakland.

Clanton is being held on $200,000 bail after being booked into Berkeley City Jail – though police have not said whether the arrest is connected to online investigative efforts which identified Clanton as a person of interest in bike lock attacks





“[Clanton] was arrested on suspicion of use of a firearm during a felony with an enhancement clause and assault with a non-firearm deadly weapon. –East Bay Times

This is the guy 4chan unmasked as the Antifa member going around with a bike lock assaulting Trump supporters.

(Attack at 18 sec)

What’s the lesson?

Don’t underestimate weaponized autism.

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  1. optimist

    interesting enough , once again , the ignorant Trump was absolutely spot in defining Comey as a not jub , showboat and grandstander, the terms makes absolutely sense in hi tryin to please anyone but failing into doing the job

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  2. optimist

    ( ops missed a link https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/how-a-dubious-russian-document-influenced-the-fbis-handling-of-the-clinton-probe/2017/05/24/f375c07c-3a95-11e7-9e48-c4f199710b69_story.html sure you’re aware )

    needless to say , the whitehouse drama turned out much more entertaining then any tv series script , and I mean much more , as both parties show different grades of “exotic behavior” ( criminal if you like ) with some side dressing too

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  3. derp

    WAPO is fake news.

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  4. oilerua

    it is a day news ..on any newspaper .. it doesn’t look very dnc friendly

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  5. sarcrilege

    Don’t get everybody too excited that this arrest will lead to anything, let alone being sentenced and jailed. Eric Clanton is a loyal bolshevik revolutionary and marxist. The bolshevik party Antifa needs such devoted fighters. His comrades won’t let him go down. Some zionist organization financed by Soros will surely step in and get him off, either legally or thru the back door. The new marxist regime needs sociopaths like Eric Clanton to proceed with genocidal programs, like any of these:

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