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Tucker Carlson Immolates Suspected Antifa Bike Lock Attacker’s Activist Attorney

Last night Tucker Carlson danced circles around Dan Siegel, the civil rights attorney representing Berkeley bike lock attack suspect Eric Clanton who may be facing more than 40 years in state prison. Siegel, an activist lawyer, former Oakland mayoral candidate, and community organizer who led a moment of silence for  ‘brother comrade’ Hugo Chavez in 2013, thought he could try lawyer-talking his way around Tucker’s questions. Nope. Carlson went in with brows at full drop and Comrade Siegel was artfully vanquished.

During an April 15th demonstration at Civic Center Park in Berkeley, a man identified by researchers on the website 4chan as Diablo Valley College professor Eric Clanton allegedly hit Trump supporter Sean Stiles over the head with a u-shaped bike lock. Clanton was arrested last week and his apartment was searched – turning up a cache of Antifa paraphernalia, U-locks, sunglasses, and facial coverings.

It looks like Siegel’s 3 pronged defense will be to try and discredit 4chan, say Clanton wasn’t at the event, and peddle the notion that an off-camera provocation justifies attempted murder with a bike lock.

Siegel: “It hasn’t even proven that he was present at that event, much less that he hit anyone, much less that he did so without justification.”

And of course, what argument with a leftist would be complete without bringing up Hitler:

Siegel: “These alt-right people were using Nazi and KKK salutes, waving a flag that has Nazi and KKK symbols on it. People didn’t like that.”

You are, without really looking into it, are assuming that these 4chan people have produced some legitimate evidence of an assault.

‘These 4chan people’?

Siegel’s poor grasp on 4chan tells me he doesn’t know what he’s dealing with. First of all – this is the ‘Nazi flag’ he’s referring to:

The symbols on the flag are the name of the Egyptian frog-diety “Kek” and the 4chan website logo. Here’s video of Siegel acting all confused about it.

Meanwhile, one of the ‘Nazis’ at the rally appears to be an Antifa member in disguise.

4chan doesn’t mess around

When they aren’t exposing disgusting Burger King employees and driving Trump’s #1 Twitter troll into quit Twitter and leave the country, researchers on the site have made headlines geolocating a terrorist training camp which resulted in an airstrike on ISIS, harassed Shia LaBeouf to the point of melting down in a bowling alley, and perhaps most notably – helped Donald Trump win the 2016 election by deciphering tens of thousands of emails released by Wikileaks in amazing time. And they’re still at it – working furiously on the Seth Rich investigation and other swamp related matters.

And ol’ Siegel doesn’t keep up with the news

Trying his best to paint the ‘alt-right’ as violent, Dan Siegel brought up the stabbing in Portland, Oregon – in which the attacker was initially mis-reported as an alt-right nutcase, only to be revealed as a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Siegel: Now, we’ve been at these rallies where these alt-rightists have stabbed people. We had the incident in Portland Oregon just the other day, so for you to suggest that these right wingers are peaceful supporters of the First Amendment is ridiculous.

Carlson: But that’s totally been debunked! The guy who’s been charged with the two murders in Portland was not an alt-right guy, he was not a Trump supporter. He was a Bernie Sanders supporter and a Jill Stein reporter.

Siegel: Oh come on! He gets up in court today and says I’m not a terrorist, I’m a patriot!

Carlson: It’s on his Facebook page! Maybe you should do a little research before you go popping off on television. It’s his statement, not mine. It’s not a close call – he says “I did not vote for Trump…” …but to lay it at the feet of Trump supporters is just wrong, by his own description!

Speaking of stabby people – I guess Dan Siegel forgot about the concealable knives Antifa was selling for their rallies.

All in all, it was quite the cucking by Carlson – who left Eric Clanton’s attorney a bit worse for wear by the end of the interview. Oh, and it looks like someone from 4chan may have gotten to Seigel’s Wikipedia page.

See video below:


Anyone else think of this guy?

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