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Trump To Chris Wallace: CIA To Undergo Changes – “We Have Our People, They Have Their People”

Tonight on Fox News Sunday, President-elect Trump addressed several controversial topics, answering some fairly hardball questions from Fox’s Mike Wallace. In response to questions on WaPo’s report on Russian hacking, and who he thinks is spreading these rumors, Trump said that this entire narrative is coming from the left, who are sore losers after suffering “one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics,” and that the spy agencies are confused right now. “Take a look, they’re not sure, they’re fighting among themselves!” Trump points out that they have no clue who did the hacking, and it could have been anyone. Wallace then asks how Trump can possibly trust the information from these people he has to rely on for information – to which Trump replied:


“I’ll make changes at the top. I mean we’re gonna have different people coming in because we have our people, they have their people”

(see below)


The rest of the interview covered several other hot-button topics. In summary:

Swamp Draining:

Trump says he wants to make good deals for this country, suggesting we don’t need bloated programs like a $4.2 Billion dollar Air Force One. We need to look at the bad deals made, such as the hundreds of billions of dollars wasted on the F35 program.

Trump also said that the people [government officials] making these deals should have a lifetime ban from working for these companies.


Trump says the 10-15 year wait for permits is a huge problem. Companies don’t want to apply for a permit (mining, for example), and wait 10-15 years only to be denied. This type of red tape drives businesses out of the country. Because of this, China and other countries “are eating our lunch.” THAT SAID, Trump said his EPA wouldn’t do bad deals [for the environment].

Dakota Access Pipeline:

No comment, as it may be resolved before he gets into office. If it isn’t, Trump said he would solve it “very quickly.”

Obama’s legacy:

Not going to “take a wrecking ball” to it. There are things they agree on, and things they never will.

Appointing generals:

When asked about criticism over taking council from Generals; Trump said that Generals had “passed the test of life, that’s how they got to be generals” and others didn’t. Trump also mentioned that Obama had the same exact numbers of Generals at his disposal.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson:

Though initially coy about the question of the next Secretary of State, Trump did defend Tillerson – saying he’s much more than just a CEO. He’s the CEO of the world’s largest company, he knows many of the players around the world (world leaders of oil producing nations), and Tillerson is a “world class player.”

Call with Taiwan:

“Suck my nuts” could be the best way to describe Trump’s answer. While Trump said he recognized the “One-China” policy, he questioned why we’re honoring it when China treats us so poorly. The President-elect railed against China’s currency manipulation, tariffs they impose on US exports, and building a giant fortress in the middle of the ocean. Furthermore, Trump doesn’t want China dictating to him – and it would have been disrespectful for him not to have taken the call.

Carrier deal and factories:

Trump made it clear that his administration is going to offer tax breaks to companies looking to send jobs and factories overseas. Those who ignore this offer and send jobs overseas to make shit that they sell right back to US consumers, are going to face a 35% tariff on goods re-entering the USA. Trump mentioned that the Wall St. Journal has no clue WTF they’re talking about on this subject.

Keeping his stake in Celebrity Apprentice:

Trump said he would maintain his stake in the enterprise, but would not be involved whatsoever while his children run his business empire. Trump said he’s turned down “7 deals” from a major player in the last week, and that the money he spent on the election is peanuts compared to the money he’s giving up as the President. Trump said he was happy to leave his business behind, as this is a calling, a higher purpose. Trump told Wallace “I’m not going to do [personal] deals.”

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  1. joshua

    That carrier deal is an absolute turd. Give them a tax incentive that they will invest in automation. Those jobs are going bye bye…… he could’ve just took all their government contracts away, probably would’ve done it. Really like the tariff threats though, I’m guessing that will make companies think twice.

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    Generals get to be Generals by sticking their nose up a Generals ass when they are Colonels. The political Colonel is selective, sticking his nose up the ass of a General he thinks is going “all the way”. If the Colonel chooses incorrectly or is unlucky and “His General” gets fired or worse, farmed out at 2 stars then he retires, he knows his chances of getting promoted are Zero.

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  3. frog

    Of course Trump has an answer for everything. He always does. Let’s see what he does once in office. Actions speak louder than words.

    Trump is choosing. Crony capitalist welfare queens who have a history of robbing Americans blind.

    Billionaire ‘King of Bankruptcies’ to Head Commerce Under Trump
    “Despite promises to ‘drain the swamp,’ Trump chose a man for Deputy Secretary of Commerce who enriched himself at expense of labor and consumers and shipped jobs overseas.”

    Trump Picks Ex-Goldman Banker Known as ‘King of Foreclosures’ to Head Treasury

    We should be doing now is getting out in the streets, and demonstrating against any cabinet picks whom we think would screw over the working class and middle class– you know, the people that Trump advertised himself as the Savior of. But we can’t cooperate. So we obviously won’t unite to do things like that. We’ll just bend over and take what’s handed to us, as usual.

    And I guess Trump is going to get rid of all the CIA folks who reported on the Russian hackers. And hire Yes men.

    We have to all hope that this doesn’t end up like G W Bush who got Yes men intelligence agency people to claim there were WMD’s in Iraq. Because that’s what he required his Yes men to say Yes to.

    That’s one of the most dangerous aspects of Trump– that he is used to being surrounded by Yes men and Yes women. So he will never get any useful info. He will just have people who tell him what he wants to hear, instead of the truth.

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  4. metalleg

    But Trump’s Generals stick their noses the furthest up the ass than any of the Generals in all of history.

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  5. traderconfessions

    Trump has no idea how the government works. Agencies are run by career staff. The political appointees on both sides come and go. Trump can’t fire civil service career employees.

    The Russian hacking story will dog Trump like HRC’s emails. But ultimately he will reluctantly admit in the face of substantial evidence there was hacking but deny it had any impact on election. He will then call Putin to express his “outrage” (chuckle).

    Americans will put up with Trump’s naughty boy bullshit if the economy hums. If not, look out below. Let’s see what happens when China starts sailing warships in international waters off our coast or encourages the North Korean wacko start playing with his toys.

    Even Ironbird might consider moving to the East Coast.

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  6. infinitezuul

    Obama destroyed the Dem party and with it their media lackeys. Trump is the natural result of his horrendous tenure.

    Obama will be the last Dem president for a generation and they will continue to lose congressmen and governors.

    Good riddance.

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  7. traderconfessions

    Infinite.. nope. exactly the opposite will happen. Americans will tire of Trump’s antics and failure to deliver on his promises and will embrace mainstream politics again, for better or worse. Remember that more people voted against him than for him. Congressional Republicans are not going to commit suicide by supporting crazy.

    Now that he’s president I hope he does a great job. Time will tell.

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