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Trump Hits Back: Uses Twitter To Smite DNC Conspirators Playing “Russia/CIA Card”


Donald Trump countered the buzz surrounding the baseless WaPo / CIA accusations of Russian election tampering, pointing out what the narrative would be if the shoe were on the other foot:

Trump’s support network, ungrateful establishment shills aside, has been quite vocal in countering the unfounded claims from the agency known for it’s upstanding moral behavior. Even based gay independent (i.e. not a shill) Glenn Greenwald had to call the CIA out on their bullshit. Add RNC communications director Sean Spicer devastating CNN cuck Michael Smerconish with truth – that the RNC has worked with our intelligence community and found conclusive proof that there was no hack – information which the RNC offered to show the NY Times to “Correct The Record” – which the NYT REFUSED TO LOOK AT!

Reactions over twitter have been quite entertaining as well:

As Raul reported earlier today:


At minimum this is all entertaining.

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