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Washington Post Goes Full Retard, Hires Snarky Liberals To “Fact Check” Trump’s Tweets With Chrome Extension

Did you know that the CIA invented the phrase “Conspiracy Theorists” in 1967 to attack anyone who challenged the official narrative? Does that sounds like the recently invented phrase “Fake News” to anyone? Indeed, the battle to influence hearts and minds through psychological warfare has been raging for years. Most recently, the once-credible Washington Post, rescued from the jaws of bankruptcy by worm lookin’ motherfucker Jeff Bezos, has become the de-facto propaganda arm of the DNC and the CIA. The paper which bashed Donald Trump all election after helping Hillary dismantle Bernie Sanders, cashed in on it’s remaining journalistic credits and jumped the shark as the exclusive source of unsubstantiated and hotly contested leaks from the CIA, following their shameful FAKE NEWS industry blacklist. First and foremost, leaking to WaPo before notifying congress of their Russian assessment should be a huge red flag for anyone with half a brain.

In response to losing all control over information, which redpilled the nation and led to Donald Trump’s victory, the establishment / MSM / social media has invented the manipulative phrase “FAKE NEWS” – which is an attempt to stigmatize sources of unauthorized thoughts before they reach impressionable “unaware and compliant” minds. The goal is exactly the same as it was in 1967 – to frame all forms of dissent as tin foil. Twitter and Facebook have started using liberal “fact checkers” to let people know what to think, and in the most recent attempt to sway public opinion, the Washington Post has teamed up with Google to create a new “fact checking” Chrome entension.

Per ArsTechnica:

With the extension installed, Trump’s Twitter account now includes dozens of fact-check notes on any post with a statement that WaPo’s editors deem inaccurate or misleading. In these cases, the added gray box includes a simple headline, a few explanatory sentences, and a link to a longer WaPo article that offers fuller context. Samples of the extension at work have been posted in the above gallery.

The extension does not appear to offer context or statements in the case of a post being accurate, and Bump tells Ars Technica that the fact-checking has only gone back to late November. His announcement post about the extension claims that “our goal is to provide additional context where needed for Trump’s tweets moving forward (and a few golden oldies).” -ArsTechnica

Here are two examples:

1481989772089 complex

Funny, none of Trump’s true statements seem to be “fact checked.”  This anonymous account of the Washington Post’s agenda sums up the propaganda rag nicely:


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  1. soupbone

    Can you operate the USA without the CIA? If yes, it is your fudiciary duty to cut the cost, and why haven’t you done it already? Problem is you need but you can’t control. Downsize is one way to contain the bitch.

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  2. frog

    “leaking to WaPo before notifying congress of their Russian assessment should be a huge red flag for anyone with half a brain.”

    Not so. As Stephen Colbert has said, reality has a well known liberal bias. With the GOP dominating Congress, they do not care about truth, or about Russian propaganda or rigging of the election, as long as the GOP candidate won.

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  3. frog

    “Twitter and Facebook have started using liberal “fact checkers” to let people know what to think.”

    What other kind of fact checkers are there? Right Wingers are the people who believed for so long that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S.– but now they don’t believe it any more, because Trump decided to stop believing it and they believe whatever he says. Should those Right Wingers be the fact checkers? And these are not even Right Wingers at what are called fake news sites. These are mainstream Right Wing media, including Fox, “America’s most trusted news source.”

    Right Wingers will probably use Facebook and Twitter fact checking by rebelling against it, and continuing to believe all the fake news that comes their way. So your sacred Right Wing falsehoods will still remain effective. You have nothing to worry about.

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  4. Frog

    You know what I find most interesting about the so-called “industry blacklist” from the propornot web site, that WA Post described in their article? That it isn’t an industry blacklist. No one is paying any positive attention to the list at all. It is being uniformly bashed by just about everyone. The press coverage of propornot seems to be uniformly negative except for the WA Post article– and that article now contains a disclaimer at the top of it, saying that they can not vouch for the accuracy of propornot’s findings.

    In a time where we are hearing that Russia may have stolen our election and installed their pupped in office, no one is concerned enough to consider the possibility that propornot may be correct. And no one is even saying “Well, propornot may not be doing this the correct way, and their findings may not be accurate. But we certainly do need to be concerned about whether Russian propaganda is affecting our population, and here is a better idea about how to analyze this and solve the problem than the solution that propornot claims to be offering.”

    Nope, no one is even saying that. Total lack of concern about the effects of Russian propaganda.

    The same is true for fake news, although it’s not quite as extreme. Almost everything you read about it anywhere is about anger from people who are afraid they are going to be deprived of the wonderful fake news conspiracy theories about things like a child trafficking ring in the basements of a pizza joint that does not even have a basement.

    And they are not even really going to be deprived. There will just be something on it that marks it as questionable or whatever, and they’ll just go on circulating it and believing it, using the “questionable” label as a sign that this is THE TRUTH that the EVIL MAINSTREAM MEDIA is keeping from you. Interesting that the evil mainstream media does not seem to include Fox News, “America’s most trusted news source.” Fox is so successful in propaganda that they have convinced their own viewers that they, America’s most trusted news source, are really the poor underdog, not the mainstream media.

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  5. ironbird

    Jan 20th. The gay mafia ends. Excuse me. The tranny mafia too. Must be inclusive. That is all.

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