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OCCULT PODESTA! Paul Joseph Watson Presents #SpiritCooking Overview

I’m a little out of pocket today, but trust me – things are going SIDEWAYS.


Everything was great when we were getting redpilled with the truth about Aliens and Zero Point EnergyJudge murder, learning how the Clinton Foundation fucked over Haiti, and sick Hillary’s huggable handler, but we are way off the deep end right now, getting shitpilled with increasingly legitimate research tying John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and a huge network of associates to occultism and pedophilia. If true, we need to absorb this information and accept it, and also prepare for the markets to gyrate (crash). I have been talking with The Fly extensively, and his calculator brain is hard at work preparing to guide you through any ensuing turmoil. Plans within plans, always.

This whole situation is developing, and I am compiling lots of interesting things from dark places around the web. This is nothing you can’t find for yourself, but be forewarned; I think I might be risking my soul looking at some of this information, some of which I can never un-see. A more comprehensive post on this will be forthcoming, once I am back in pocket. In the meantime, I may hit you with relevant or breaking news throughout the day.

For now, check out Paul Joseph Watson’s piece on #SpiritCooking, John Podesta’s involvement, and Hillary’s bizarre occult rituals in the White House.

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RUMOR: Comey Calling All FBI Agents To D.C. Offices to Prep for Raids, Possible Arrests

Late night rumor;

True Pundit, the first outlet to break the NYPD Weiner story, and has (in my experience) been a reliable source of information, just put out an exclusive story tonight on the FBI. Apparently they are ready to rock and roll.

FBI Director James Comey issued a mandate late Thursday instructing all available special agents from the Washington D.C. field office and Hoover Building headquarters to report to work immediately, federal law enforcement sources told True Pundit.

“We’re preparing for many arrests from the top down,” the FBI source said. “I cannot elaborate beyond that.”

When pressed to better define what “from the top down” meant in terms of possible suspects, the source refused to elaborate.

“You’re a smart guy; read between the lines,” the source said.

Based on case protocol, the FBI is either preparing to conduct sweeping search warrants in the Clinton Foundation investigation or ready to start arresting suspects. Or both. If a grand jury has been convened by the Justice Department since Comey’s decision to re-open the Hillary Clinton case last week, then the FBI could make arrests if indictments were handed down by Thursday (yesterday). If not, it is more likely FBI agents are being amassed for multiple simultaneous raids on suspects’ homes and businesses to secure warrant-backed evidence.

Read the rest of the details here.

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BREAKING FOLLOWUP: FBI Finds State Department Emails On Anthony Weiner’s Laptop

Hours ago, CBS News (!?) reported what can only be described as an iron clad follow-up to last night’s bombshell from Brett Baier’s source deep within the FBI, who said the agency has been “actively and aggressively” pursuing the Clinton Foundation since 2015, with indictments forthcoming barring obstruction.

The FBI Has Found BRAND NEW (not duplicate) State Department Emails On Anthony Weiner’s Laptop

CBS News (!?) reports:

The FBI has found emails related to Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state on the laptop belonging to the estranged husband of Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, according to a U.S. official.

These emails, CBS News’ Andres Triay reports, are not duplicates of emails found on Secretary Clinton’s private server. At this point, however, it remains to be seen whether these emails are significant to the FBI’s investigation into Clinton. It is also not known how many relevant emails there are.

While the content and relevancy of the emails to the primary FBI investigation has yet to be revealed, CBS also reports that there was a schism within the FBI, described as an “internal feud” over how to proceed with the investigation during an election. The fact that the FBI determined these emails are not duplicates means they have already poured over them to an unknown extent, and when you consider the 24 hour turnaround since the Brett Baier piece aired last night, my guess is that these emails are absolutely relevant to the case and quite possibly very incriminating.

Also keep in mind that these emails weren’t turned over to congress

And what did we learn from the #PodestaEmails?  There were most definitely a lot of emails not turned over to congress.



Looking forward to Trey Gowdy unleashed in what may be his final form.

The last item of mention is the shift in tone at CBS News (!?) over the past few days. You know what I’m talking about. This is a huge shift in sentiment from a MSM network, right on the heels of Chris Matthews’ uncuckening. There was no fluff, no shielding Clinton, just straight dirt reported the way the news gods intended.

“And that’s the way it is”

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Now They’re Fucked: IRS Has Been Investigating the Clinton Foundation Since July

As tweeted by Wikileaks and reported on by the Dallas Observer, the Clinton Foundation has been under investigation by the IRS since July, after 64 GOP members of congress received letters urging them to push for an investigation. Of note, the investigation is being done out of their Dallas office – far away from Washington insiders.

The Earle Cabell Federal Building in downtown Dallas is an all purpose office complex, a bastion of federal bureaucracy located at 1100 Commerce St. Most people come for a passport or to get business done in front of a federal judge. But inside, a quiet review is underway that has direct ties to the raging presidential election: The local branch of the IRS’ Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division is reviewing the tax status of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

Assuming the Dallas IRS field office doesn’t have a similar Clinton Puppet as the DOJ, I think it’s safe to say that the entire criminal enterprise called the Clinton Foundation is done.


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WIKILEAKS TWEET: State Department Releases 357 New Clinton Emails – Part Of Coup?

Things are flying so fast today, forgive the brevity. After the ~4PM EST tweet about the missing two terabyte drive, Wikileaks just tweeted this:

Here is a screenshot, but I encourage you to click the link in the tweet and go to town.

For the US State Dept to release these emails, now, only reinforces the notion of a coup.



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SECOND UPDATE: See Fly’s Analysis HERE




The “Circa 4PM EST” Wikileak is out:

One wonders why Wikileaks felt it necessary to plug this tweet before dropping it. Must be some VERY SPICY stuff inside.

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Stocks Flat, VIX Not Buying It, Oil Hammered, Treasurys Barfing $SPY $TBT $VXX

As I write this, the S&P 500 looks angry:


A closer look at the chronic minute chart. Quite the battle:


Nasdaq getting sharia stoned, but making a stand?



Russell 2K looks like it wants to fight it’s way back:



VIX not giving anyone the benefit of the doubt:


Oil getting tossed into oblivion:


Treasurys getting jacked:


Gold looking hedgey:


Some of my favorite yield names getting chopped up:


Let’s see where this battle of the bastards goes




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FRAUD: California Scheming As Man Discovers 83 Ballots Sent To One Apartment


Color me shocked. As Fox reports, a San Pedro, CA man was minding his own business, tending to his garden, when he looked over at his 89 year old neighbor’s two-bedroom apartment and saw TWO HUGE STACKS OF 2016 BALLOTS! All 83 ballots had different names going to the same address of this 89 year old woman who lives alone.

The man who found the ballots, Jerry Mosna, took them to the Los Angeles Police department, which directed him to the Post Office. Not confident in the USPS’s ability to get to the bottom of anything, Mosna’s neighbor, John Cracchiolo called the LA County Registrar’s office.  The office of the Registrar had this to say:

“We are carefully reviewing our records and gathering information to fully identify what took place.  Our preliminary assessment is that this appears to be an isolated situation related to a system error that occurred causing duplicate ballots to be issued to an address entered for a single voter. We are working directly with the system vendor to ensure the issue is addressed and to identify any similar occurrences.”

Whether or not this is an isolated incident (it’s not), keep your eyes peeled for shenanigans over the next 5 days.

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