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FBI REVOLT INTENSIFIES! Releases Closed Case Files On Pardoned Fugitive Marc Rich

Ever since FBI Director James Comey announced his recommendation not to prosecute Hillary Clinton over her private server, there have been substantial rumors of an internal revolt within the FBI. Former assistant director James Kallstrom has been slamming Comey’s decision not to prosecute, and is now calling the Clintons a crime family. Comey, who earned $6 Million dollars from Lockheed the same year they donated to the Clinton Foundation, was also an HSBC board member shortly after NY AG at the time Loretta “tarmac” Lynch let the Clinton Foundation partner slide with a slap on the wrist for laundering drug money. Thus, he has up until this point been “one of theirs” so to speak. If James Comey was ever a Boy Scout, he should have to give all his merit badges back.

Also, recall the FBI Anon on 4chan who held an informal “AMA” in the beginning of July, enlightening any and all who would listen. And while Comey’s hand may have been forced by the NYPD (or he found his moral compass) in the FBI’s decision to reopen the email case, today’s FBI release shows that without a shadow of a doubt, they are not all #WithHerd. In fact, it looks like just about everyone ELSE at the FBI is not #WithHerd.

As Talking Points Memo reports;

the timing of the tweet struck many as odd, since the FBI Records Vault Twitter account had sent no messages from Oct. 8, 2015-Oct. 30, 2016. Suddenly, on Sunday, a flood of new tweets went out with links to records released over the course of 2016, including FBI files on Donald Trump’s father, Fred, and retired CIA director David Petraeus.

This head-scratching account reactivation came just two days after FBI Director James Comey’s announcement that the agency was looking into more emails potentially tied to its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state.

Indeud. As we have been reportingPeter Kadzick, DOJ official in charge of the Clinton Email reinvestigation, was Marc Rich’s attorney and John Podesta’s good buddy (who kept him out of jail). Kadzick also tried to get his daughter a job on the Clinton campaign.

Needless to say, the suspicious timing of this FBI release strongly suggests that more than just a small contingency of employees at the Federal agency are patriots.

Can’t wait for the Weaponized Autists™ at Reddit and 4chan to get their hands on these files!

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