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Clinton Foundation Pay-To-Play: Chris Wallace is Going In For The Kill

Four days ago Chris Wallace pantsed that smug bitch Robby Mook at Fox Studios when he brought up the Clinton Foundation during an interview.

Mook probably left that interview pretty flustered, doing thousands of little damage control calculations in his very exhausted evil brain. Little did poor Mook know, Master-Baiter Chris Wallace was baiting him into the next level of the fucking game.


(if this does not play, click the bottom of the tweet)

Whatever happens from here, this election is already a watershed moment in US History. The country is going to spend several years processing, reacting to, and moving forward from these wikileaks revalations, all while we deal with our train wreck of an economy (and hopefully avoid thermonuclear war with Russia).

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HA HA: Fat Fuck Michael Moore Mad That He Accidentally Redpilled America

As a follow-up to my post on Michael Moore’s core-rattling speech about Donald Trump, I thought it was hilarious to see how Moore is furiously trying to backpedal on his now legendary sound byte, which has been turned into an EPIC TRUMP AD:

Holy shit!

Now Moore is all pissed off, saying “Good, people will come see my movie, Trumpland!”


Sorry Jabba the Nut, AKA “MC I can’t reach everything in the shower,” nobody has time for your diatribe movie. In case you hadn’t noticed, the Shock and Awe campaign against Trump totally upstaged your little indy film – but everybody has 4 Minutes and 36 seconds to hear the most honest thing you may have ever said.

Followed by perhaps the second most honest thing to come out of that leaf blower mouth (click here if video does not load):

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RIGGED! Hillary Clinton Reportedly Had Secret Tarmac-Like Meeting With Broward County Supervisor of Elections (in Wasserman-Schultz District) – Now Fraud?

Saw this on Reddit. I have nothing to add, so you are getting the lazy cut-n-paste. You can take this with a grain of salt, or not, as Alex Jones and Twitter are involved in the reporting – however once again the vigilant citizen activists over at Reddit are jumping in and connecting the dots with information (especially  /u/CHAD_J_THUNDERCOCK)

Here, start with this:



Suspicions of Florida of Democrats receiving multiple ballots with Republicans failing to be given theirs.

There have been several tweets that Brenda Snipes has met with Hillary Clinton behind closed doors and several sources of claimed to be coming forward with pictures soon.

Claimed Tweets:


Media Sources:

Are There Signs of A Voter Fraud Scheme in Broward County Florida? A Handful of Mistakes and 173,000 Solutions…

Of the yet to be returned absentee ballots, Republican ballots are approximately one third the amount of the Democrat ballots – 37,173 to 91,607. This is the largest, by far, difference between the two parties of any county.


Broward County also falls under the jurisdiction of Debbie Wasserman Schulz


We need to get to the bottom of this and end this now. I recommend contacting Attorney General Pam Bondi, who is a Trump friendly official that is aware and vocal about the belief of rigged polls. I wrote her the email referencing my sources and pleading with her. I will also be contacting news sources. I also recommend contacting every local news organization you can. Make this story be known. If Florida goes down – we very well could lose.

Edit: Start writing and calling guys. On the phone as I write this. I don’t give a single fuck if they get annoyed or pissed at me. This shit ends today. They will not take this from me, they will not take this from you.

Edit 2: Thank you /u/CHAD_J_THUNDERCOCK. An analysis by trend line that shows just how clearly bad this is.

 (click to enlarge)


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HAPPENING NOW: Native Americans vs. Government Standoff in North Dakota. MSM Mostly Ignoring, Journalist Faces 45 Years in Prison for TRYING to Report

Taking a brief break for a non-election related post


Click here to watch live, though the feed has been up and down

The MSM is not reporting on this for the most part, but here are a few links to bring you up to speed: 

KGW.com Portland: Armed police begin operation to clear pipeline protest camp

Journalist being threatened with 45 years in jail for trying to get the word out. 

The filmmaker was held without access to a lawyer for 48 hours, her colleague Josh Fox wrote in the Nation, and her footage was confiscated by the police. Schlosberg was then charged Friday with three felonies, the Huffington Post reported: “conspiracy to theft of property, conspiracy to theft of services and conspiracy to tampering with or damaging a public service. Together, the charges carry 45 years in maximum prison sentences.”

Ed Snowden all over this

Jill Stein on it:

Here is a subreddit to follow along

h/t BackAndFill




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Trump’s Hollywood Star Guarded by Minority Citizen With Important Message – MSM Narrative Destroyed!

This is the latest in an unofficial series of posts regarding the HUGE and UNREPORTED minority contingent of the not-so-silent majority. Seems like people everywhere are waking up and rejecting over 50 years of racist bullshit from the left.

As you know, Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was demolished the other day by an asshole. What fewer people know is that said asshole is bi-polar schizophrenic ex son-in-law of Jim Henson, James Otis. What an entitled fuck face poster child for the tolerant left.

Well, Trump’s star was quickly restored yesterday – and look, it’s got a new guard! It looks like there’s at least one reporter there, but he doesn’t seem to be actively engaged in reporting shit.


(Click to enlarge. Read her sign.)

This is a mass awakening, and it’s a beautiful thing.

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Diverse Offerings: Not Only are TONS of Minorities for Trump – SHKRELI TO DROP UNLREASED WU-TANG IF TRUMP WINS


When my great grandchildren beam questions between our neural implants from Cydonia (Mars), asking about the election of 2016, perhaps the first thing I will mention is that 2016 was the year we got the unreleased Wu-Tang Album (and the Beatles, and Nirvana).




Martin was live streaming unreleased Beatles songs earlier tonight to give people a taste of what’s to come…

As long as we’re talking about diverse things that are awesome, here’s a picture of a Hispanic church in Los Angeles that CNN would never show you (Coincidentally, you know who was a huge proponent of secure borders? Based Revolutionary Cesar Chavez):


And last but not least, even more proof that the silent majority isn’t just a bunch of rednecks, and we aren’t so silent anymore:


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Julian Assange – Proof of Life or G-Man Autotune?

By now I’m sure you’ve seen Fly’s post with Assange’s “Proof of Life” evidence that people have been demanding from @wikileaks. What the fuck? The internet has been freaking out over this, and the best they could do is some high school gym shit? Also, for a tech conference you would think they’d have their A/V game way tighter. In any event, why are the Ecuadorians allowing Julian to phone into some lame tech conference, but not someone like Glenn Greenwald or Matt Taibbi?

Wikileaks, meanwhile, has been posting progressively pithy, irrelevant, and asinine shit since Julian’s Assange’s internet was cut, leading many to believe a certain risotto cooking bond villain has taken over the account. @wikileaks also retweeted a several month old Michael Moore visit to the embassy and passed it off as current, and posted a different weird documentary style visit from a Showtime employee who was apparently mentioned in the Podesta emails. When the internet started to declare Assange dead, Wikileaks trolled us with a retarded poll. Also, remember, Barbed Fucking Wire visited Julian Assange and brought him lunch right after he went dark. As a general rule, I do not accept anything into my body which comes from Pam Anderson.

All of that said, the video from today’s conference at least sounds like Julian Assange, which means he’s either A-OK and nibbling on the last crumbs of Pam Anderson’s vegetarian roast beef sandwich, or he’s being impersonated with high technology.

After browsing around the interwebs, reaction to this video is mixed. Many are satisfied with this evidence, however there’s a large contingency of “video only” proof of lifers as well. Don’t they know that shit can be faked too?

A few examples of the reaction to this evidence (click to enlarge the illegible ones):











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This Fuckin’ Guy

Well, it looks like we’ve been Trolled by Kim Dotcom, unless he’s got plans within plans. Maybe they threatened to bomb his local McDonald’s or turn it into an Arby’s.


Still, the day is young. Hillary probably hasn’t hacked up a lung on her birthday cake yet, and taking into consideration Dotcom’s “unique” sense of humor, he may very well follow up with another tweet to the effect of “OR, you can click HERE!”


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DARK MONEY – Project Veritas has Gone EVEN DEEPER! Offshore Dark Money Fronts, Obama Connections, and the Attempt to Cover it up.

In this newest and most explosive of new videos exposing the Clinton Criminal Enterprise (CCE), James O’Keefe III has gone deep – as in White House deep. Project Veritas, infiltrator of covens and exposer of gross criminal behavior, set up a corporation in Belize meant to look like a dark money front. Veritas funded this company, and promptly set out to entice high level democrats to this sweetest of honey pots. Once the Veritas videos broke, the DNC realized their massive fuckup and scrambled to return the money!

From the new video’s description:

In the effort to prove the credibility of the undercover donor featured in the videos and to keep the investigation going, Project Veritas Action made the decision to donate twenty thousand dollars to Robert Creamer’s effort. Project Veritas Action had determined that the benefit of this investigation outweighed the cost. And it did. In an unexpected twist, AUFC president Brad Woodhouse, the recipient of the $20,000, heard that Project Veritas Action was releasing undercover videos exposing AUFC’s activities. He told a journalist that AUFC was going to return the twenty thousand dollars. He said it was because they were concerned that it might have been an illegal foreign donation. Project Veritas Action was pleased but wondered why that hadn’t been a problem for the month that they had the money.

Watch Convicted Felon Creamer brag about his connections to Obama and the Clinton campaign.



Watch the new O’Keefe video and discuss. I will be posting updates, analysis, and developments throughout the day.



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