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RIGGED! Hillary Clinton Reportedly Had Secret Tarmac-Like Meeting With Broward County Supervisor of Elections (in Wasserman-Schultz District) – Now Fraud?

Saw this on Reddit. I have nothing to add, so you are getting the lazy cut-n-paste. You can take this with a grain of salt, or not, as Alex Jones and Twitter are involved in the reporting – however once again the vigilant citizen activists over at Reddit are jumping in and connecting the dots with information (especially  /u/CHAD_J_THUNDERCOCK)

Here, start with this:



Suspicions of Florida of Democrats receiving multiple ballots with Republicans failing to be given theirs.

There have been several tweets that Brenda Snipes has met with Hillary Clinton behind closed doors and several sources of claimed to be coming forward with pictures soon.

Claimed Tweets:


Media Sources:

Are There Signs of A Voter Fraud Scheme in Broward County Florida? A Handful of Mistakes and 173,000 Solutions…

Of the yet to be returned absentee ballots, Republican ballots are approximately one third the amount of the Democrat ballots – 37,173 to 91,607. This is the largest, by far, difference between the two parties of any county.


Broward County also falls under the jurisdiction of Debbie Wasserman Schulz


We need to get to the bottom of this and end this now. I recommend contacting Attorney General Pam Bondi, who is a Trump friendly official that is aware and vocal about the belief of rigged polls. I wrote her the email referencing my sources and pleading with her. I will also be contacting news sources. I also recommend contacting every local news organization you can. Make this story be known. If Florida goes down – we very well could lose.

Edit: Start writing and calling guys. On the phone as I write this. I don’t give a single fuck if they get annoyed or pissed at me. This shit ends today. They will not take this from me, they will not take this from you.

Edit 2: Thank you /u/CHAD_J_THUNDERCOCK. An analysis by trend line that shows just how clearly bad this is.

 (click to enlarge)


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  1. uglyflint

    Take a close look at that snarky face of Snipes. My fucking blood boils when I see these rats.

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  2. zeropointnow

    She looks like someone who casually litters out of her car window.

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  3. moneybagz

    Just did early voting one county North, the infamous hanging Chad palm beach county, Broward was going blue pill any way, but I was surprised at the line I waited in at 6:30 last night. I mean is everyone really waiting in line to vote for her?

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  4. matt_bear

    Broward really is that blue. It’s most likely legit.

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  5. Cathy Gross

    Broward County must only send absentee ballots to registered Democrats. I’ve requested a ballot three times and none have been delivered to me here in Georgia. I’ll be contacting Bondi’s office because this must be investigated. It looks like a week before the election, that there are 100,000 or more ballots requested that haven’t been returned. That’s because they were never mailed to the voter !!!

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