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Trump To Settle Conflict Of Interest Claims By Leaving His Business “In Total” – Establishment Watchdog Agency Approves

Given the number of times “conflict of interest” has been tossed around on Facebook by my bitter liberal extended family members, it’s probably smart for President-elect Trump to nip this one in the bud.

And it looks like Trump has made some friends!  The US Office of Government Ethics – which I didn’t know existed, but has obviously been sleeping through the last 8 years – was quick to tweet some reassuring feedback. Kind of interesting, the US OGE is headed by Walter Shaub, Jr., a donor to Obama who was appointed to his post in 2013. The tweets below at least imply that everyone is playing well together.

The tweets themselves were out of character for this boring cardboard agency. Per the Washington Post:

OGE lawyers have been influential in past presidents’ decision making, but their advice has almost always been kept confidential. If nothing else, the OGE’s tweets have publicly revealed federal-ethics officials’ preference for the president-elect to completely divest — a form of lobbying that is potentially unprecedented for the agency.

The messages surprised many who had worked with the agency in the past: Brett Kappel, a Washington campaign-finance lawyer who has worked with OGE, said the agency “never tweets about an individual federal official’s ethics issues unless they are announcing the conclusion of an enforcement action.”

Well, that puts a lid on that whole thing. Now we can get back to discussing the loose hairs clogging the drain, how much hair is acceptable, and whether it means Trump has sold out completely or just enough to avoid getting JFK’d. Perhaps some scary oligarch in a wood paneled room conveyed that Steven Mnuchin was a non-negotiable component of Trump’s ascendency to the throne. Mnuchin, Goldman banker turned hedge fund manager turned Hollywood producer, co-produced the movie Our Brand Is Crisis, about a Bolivian presidential candidate who hires an American PR team to win an election. The other producer on Our Brand Is Crisis is Grant Heslov, whose film Argo was one of the many Hollywood productions to work closely with (and seek permission from) Chase Brandon, the CIA’s “Entertainment Liaison Officer.”

According to Richard Klein, a consultant who helps connect Hollywood studios with the CIA and other government agencies, Argo was the first movie to get permission to film inside Langley headquarters in fifteen years. The Atlantic


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  1. ironbird

    Guess the trillion dollar question. Is there a chance these billionaires give a fuck about America? If they do. Then being pessimistic here is most likely wrong in certain sectors. Another question. If they do. Why did they fuck up the country in the first place? Possibly there is no “we”. Gonna be interesting to see if these really are the good guys. Got the power to try supposedly.

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  2. traderconfessions

    Has Ironbird lost faith in the Oranged diety? Stay tuned.

    There will be a YUGE and impenetrable Chineese wall, most likely built by the same folks who build the walls between analysts and investment bankers at financial institutions, that will separate Donnie from his kiddies and the Trump syndicate. Anyone believe this bullshit? But then again after he introduces his children and Consigliere Kushner to every world leader before he takes office, Donnie can pay less attention to the biz. I seem to remember a lot of whining from my alt friends about Clinton and pay to play. But thank god Trump doesn’t seem to have any of these conflicts. No shady deals with Arab nations.. what a relief.

    What a bunch of cuck hippocrites. Cuck-crites… just rolls off the tongue.

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  3. Frog

    You go, TC. Excellent points, all.

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  4. ironbird

    Jesus Christ. You libtards are like zombies. Roaming around aimlessly waiting for a living thing to appear. Quickly shit on it then eat it. The Orange one has more mass in his balls than you two combined have brains. If saving this country is the plan? Killers are needed. Keep bitching you two are adept at it. Wonder why.

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