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Want To See Some REAL Grassroots Mobilization? /r/The_Donald Combats Jill Stein’s Cuckery!

It’s been an interesting couple of days. Jill Stein’s recount scheme kicked into top gear while we were all lethargic from Tryptophan. Stein, who was at one point losing to write-in candidates Harambe and “Deez Nutz” in Texas, has pissed off a lot of good hombres over at Reddit’s now legendary /r/The_Donald forum with her cucked desire to see a war monger in office.

In response to Stein’s money grab shitshow, the_donald has mobilized! User “ocifferdave” has compiled relevant information a nice and informative post for Trump supporters to use in preventing what looks like a hail mary at stealing this election from The Don. The moderators at “The_Donald” have stickied the post at the top for all to see.

Pasted for your convenience below (or hop on over to the Reddit post here).

As a reminder for anyone who might want to participate, please heed the top comment from the thread:


——–post below——–

Want to help assure a speedy and fair recount in WI, MI and PA by applying a little pressure on election officials?

Hey, Cuck The Record mothercuckers!

‘Pedes are now fired up because of you rotten lot!

Ha! Thanks!

Here’s some ideas on how ‘pedes can help in WI, MI, and PA:

☻ Call and email the State of Wisconsin Elections Commission and politely but firmly voice your concern about Hillary Supporters volunteering to “help” with the recount.

PRO TIP: Email each person below separately with a custom introduction and conclusion sentence as these emails will be shared within their office (I work in a government office, we share time sensitive, important emails with each other to get the full team on board in resolving the customer’s complaint).


☺ Contact the State of Michigan’s Bureau of Elections and ask them how they plan to do the recount in time for their Electoral College vote on December 19th.

SPEZ EDIT: T_D please forgive me, I’m helping ocifferdave, so if you find any further contact info for MI I’ll just edit the database directly so that the info you share shows up here! #KeepingMyJob

♥ Contact the State of Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation and ask them to do the nation a favor and allow it to begin mending from a gouging political season by REFUSING to hold the recount as there is no shred of evidence of voter fraud.

u/ChooseYourLife Also, CC your emails up the government food chain and make it clear that you need an immediate response as to what they plan to do, as your request is time sensitive to the future of our Republic. Not a bad idea to CC local news outlets as well.

SPEZIT: Adding governor’s offices and news!

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker:

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder:

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf:

Wisconsin News:

Michigan News:

Pennsylvania News:

**BONUS!: u/themessias1001 giving us a heads up:

The Michigan Republican Party is urging people to get involved by donating what they can and signing up to volunteer for the potential recount at migop.org/recount.

EDIT UPDATE: Removed phone numbers per mod request. 🙂 This way no wrong numbers can be accidentally dialed. ADDED STATE LINKS TO THE PHONE NUMBERS.

From a PM: please add these links for our centipedes in WI and MI Hot links at FragCake’s post on how to volunteer!



u/Hencer612 Hypothetically, take the 48 electoral votes away from Trump. He still has more Electoral Votes, but not 270. What happens?

Damn, good question! Recounts taking too long, miss Dec 19th Electoral College vote day, Trump slides under 270 electoral votes, and per the Constitution of the United States, its now up to THE SWAMP to choose the president. Yikes! (I heard this on the super amazing No Agenda podcast, so I will try and find the sources they found.)

u/robottonic: […]contact Senators Ron Johnson (won WI by 100k) and Pat Toomey (won PA by 100k). Vote fuckery hurts them too. Hell, contact the rest of the R’s in congress. I’m sure they like having the majority. Ron Johnson’s website. Phone/fax for all 3 offices + contact form. Pat Toomey’s websitePhone/fax for both offices + contact form.

A rough draft on what an email could look like from a ‘pede to those above:

Dear Wisonsin/Michigan/Pennsylvania Governor, Election Board, News:

Do you think it is right that your state should allow a recount after our country FINALLY BEGAN TO HEAL? Stop the division, stop the recount!

If recount happens, please do not allow campaign members to volunteer due to a clear lack of neutrality. What are you doing to get the word out so democracy loving Americans this state know they can volunteer?

Lastly, what assurance can you give me–GIVE AMERICA–that the recount will be completed on time so this state can be represented at the Electoral College on December 19th?

Thank you for your time!



PS: I will forward my concerns I listed above to the Governor’s Office/Election Board/Local News.

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  1. trader confessions
    trader confessions

    I smell fear coming from the right. I think the recount is a waste of time and money but it ain’t my time or money so who cares. But Trump’s infantile outburst about the popular election results suggests that maybe he knows something we don’t. Won’t it be nice to have a president who has the self-control of preschooler? My god he’s an idiot. I heard he has early stage mental illness. Wouldn’t surprise me.

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  2. lol

    I smell the process of acceptance following the grief and loss from the left.
    Denial:”Not my president” and “but after Clinton’s 3.7M vote margin in California, he didn’t win the popular vote”
    Anger: protests
    Bargaining:False hope of recounts.
    Depression and Acceptance are next

    The majority of the left seem to be in the “bargaining” phase.

    We are seeing recounts as the left can’t seem justify Trump winning in over 3000 of 3,143 counties (Clinton won largely in the 169 most populous counties which are equal in population to the bottom 2900 or so.)

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  3. lol

    My favorite was the idea that California would secede from the Union. Without California Trump wins popular vote by 1.7M and an even greater electoral landslide, and the path to victory for the left is very difficult. Not to mention California risks going the route of Venezuela.

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