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Rick Ross Calls For Trump Assassination

The tolerant left is thinking dark thoughts about Donald Trump. In addition to destroying their own towns and beating the shit out of Trump supporters, like assholes, calls for Trump’s assassination have been working their way through social media, all the way to mainstream entertainment.

Here’s Rick Ross, whose fucking ankle bracelet went off while hanging out with President Obama at the White House, mouthing “Assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman”

Apparently the “Kill Trump” wing of the tolerant left includes Facebook. Here they are (several months ago) letting a user know that an “Assassinate Donald Trump” hate group is A-OK.


And what are we starting to see on Twitter? #WithHer supporters all over the place calling for Trump’s assassination:

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First of all, don’t these morons know they can get in serious trouble for this shit? A California man was thrown in a halfway house for 60 days right before the 2008 election when he posted (regarding Obama) “he will have a .50 cal in the head soon” on a Yahoo message board. He would have likely gone to prison if a jury hadn’t determined he didn’t intend on actually doing it. Regardless, the Secret Service does not fuck around.

Given the spate of violent, hate fueled protests going on around the country, and people now calling for Trump’s assassination, I have to wonder why we aren’t hearing a peep out of leadership on the left denouncing these heinous acts of hatred and bigotry, starting with Obama. And while this trend is obviously a minority of #WithHer voters calling for Trump’s death, there are violent protests happening right now, and it’s crickets from the party that apparently forgot how to act like human beings.


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Trump Voter Viciously Beaten By Racist Thugs Speaks Out As #SorosRiots Erupt Across Country

On Thursday Fly brought you shocking video of a violent encounter between vicious Hillary fans and an older Trump supporter, David Wilcox, in which they beat Wilcox senseless and stole his fucking car.

The Chicago Tribune caught up with the very banged up Wilcox who shared his side of the encounter.

What the fuck is going on? Hillary supporters across the country are losing their shit and getting violent with Trump fans. Even students in very the liberal, affluent, and apparently very intolerant town of Woodside, CA beat up a classmate for supporting Trump (this video keeps getting taken down by YouTube, so I will update with a mirror if needed).

The hits just keep on coming! A 23 year old “Anti-Bullying Ambassador” was arrested yesterday at Trump tower for shoving a 74 year old man to the ground.


And a man in San Jose, CA was beaten for walking out of an establishment with a Trump sign:

These protestors, with their tens of thousands of professionally printed signs, and their craigslist ads for paid agitators, are anything but tolerant. If dark forces are funding paid agitators to amplify and turn violent otherwise peaceful protests (*cough*Arab Spring?), we need to get to the bottom of it and take down all involved. Hell, manipulating protests so that they become deadly is right out of the establishment playbook for meddling with contentious elections.

“The U.S. State Department under the leadership of Secretary Hillary Clinton continued a program to embolden foreign, revolutionary, social media activists to agitate for regime change in various parts of the world. The program arguably had major, detrimental consequences for the trajectory of the Middle East.”

Even President-Elect Trump weighed in:

It should come as no surprise that Soros, the man with the evil roadmap for America, who gave $33 Million in one year to fund activist groups, including $650,000 to fund the highly organized BLM movement, is intimately involved in this manufactured and amplified backlash against Trump. Many of these groups have legitimate grievances to air, however the line between peaceful protest and violent movement is consistently being crossed, and the hate and vitriol behind their message is bringing out the worst in people.



Maybe they’ll keep turning on each other after drinking too much haterade.

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Trump To Keep Obamacare Clauses?

Today President-Elect Donald Trump told the Wall St. Journal that he likes two clauses in Obamacare “very much,” praising the following components of Obama’s disastrous crowning achievement in the ongoing mugging of middle class wallets:

  • The ban on insurers denying coverage for pre-existing conditions

  • Provision allowing children to be insured on their parents’ policies

I agree 100%, as obese basement dwelling 26 year old hypochondriac snowflakes across the land will be able to see a psychiatrist to cope with the debilitating triggering epidemic we face today.

Per the WSJ:

In his first interview since his election earlier this week, Mr. Trump said one priority was moving “quickly” on the president’s signature health initiative, which he argued has become so unworkable and expensive that “you can’t use it.”

Yet, Mr. Trump also showed a willingness to preserve at least two provisions of the health law after the president asked him to reconsider repealing it during their meeting at the White House on Thursday

Mr. Trump said he favors keeping the prohibition against insurers denying coverage because of patients’ existing conditions, and a provision that allows parents to provide years of additional coverage for children on their insurance policies.

During the interview, Trump also distanced himself from his campaign promise of a strict “Repeal,” by adding:

“Either Obamacare will be amended, or repealed and replaced.”

Is this capitulation, or is the 20,000 page legal behemoth known as Obamacare looking a bit difficult to untangle?

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You’re Fired: Christie OUT, Pence IN To Lead Transition Team

Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions will replace Chris Christie as shot callers within Trump’s transition team. Whether this is because of the optics surrounding the ever smoldering Bridgegate Scandal, or because Christie always takes two sandwiches in meetings, is unclear.

Christie, as reported by the Washington Examiner, “will shift from leader of the transition team to a vice chair alongside Rudy Giuliani”

The changes come as Trump prepares to fill the most consequential roles in his administration. The people who hold top White House staff positions, such as chief of staff, communications director, national security adviser and press secretary, wield enormous influence over the president’s agenda and the operation of the government.

Mayhaps the Orange Merlin, Slayer of Saudi Agents and other pay-for-play puppets, isn’t so broken up over the prospect of New Jersey “Biff from Back to the Future” having to take a knee over his dick-move bridge closing legacy.



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Chuck Schumer: TPP IS DEAD

Chuck Schumer, Sith Lord level Democrat and cousin of soon to be Canadian Amy Schumer, just announced that the TPP will not be ratified by Congress.


Yes, the job destroying, globalist enriching, secretively created, octopus feeding partnership that was to be Obama’s crowning achievement in his mission to destroy America – IS DEAD.

Per the Washington Post:

Obama’s signature global trade deal had been on life support for months as both Democrats and Republicans campaigned against unfair trade policies ahead of the Nov. 8 election. And Donald Trump’s triumph in the presidential race cemented its fate.

“There is no way to fix the TPP,” Trump said in a June economic address. “We need bilateral trade deals. We do not need to enter into another massive international agreement that ties us up and binds us down.”

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) expounds:

“I think the president-elect made it pretty clear he was not in favor of the current agreement,” McConnell said. “But he has the latitude because [congressional negotiating authority] is in place through the next administration to negotiate better deals, as I think he would put it, if he chooses to.”

MEGA RINO bitch and alleged Trump Tape leaker Paul Ryan (RINO-Wis) simply said:

“the votes aren’t there”

Eat a dick Paul Ryan.

Let’s quickly review the last 48 hours:

  • Looks like we’re not going to engage in direct conflict with Russia over a pipeline through Syria
  • The President of the Philippines no longer hates our guts
  • TPP is dead
  • Kanye West and Kim are LEAVING!

So far so good. The Octopus has been slowed down, but there is still much to be done.



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Trump Reaches Out To Jamie Dimon To Head Treasury

Donald Trump has reached out to Jamie Dimon, head of JP Morgan Chase, for top job at the Treasury. Per Reuters:

A senior person on President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team contacted JPMorgan Chase & Co Chief Executive Jamie Dimon to see if he would be interested in being U.S. Treasury secretary, a person familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

It is unclear how Dimon responded, said the person, who was not authorized to speak publicly. Dimon has said multiple times in the past that he is not interested in the job – most recently in September.

If you need to brush up on Jamie Dimon, here’s the milk and toast. Seems like a cool master of the universe for a libor rigging London Whaling kinda guy who sailed through the fallout of the Financial Crisis relatively unscathed. After finding out that Citigroup picked Obama’s 2008 cabinet, we have to scrutinize every single one of Trump’s picks. To that end, the Secretary of the Treasury is a very important job. Not only is this cabinet member the key economic advisor to the President, they automatically get a seat on the National Security Council, as well as 5th position in the line of succession. Assuming that tapping Dimon is in the vein of letting one of the guys involved in the credit crisis help clean up the mess, we need to consider the wisdom of Trump’s decision in the context of the unique and still vulnerable position we (the world) are currently working our way through. I can imagine several scenarios that would shatter the thin veneer of confidence in our banking system, requiring another round of extreme measures and stock broker suicides. If it all goes to hell, who do we want at the battlestation, on top of that situation?

Alliances are being formed right in front of us which will be crucial to pay attention to. We need to monitor and scrutinize every single Trump appointment – not only for market signals, but to see how the future is likely to unfold. People need to know what interests are being represented, historical statements and ideologies of key appointees, and as time goes on, how Trump appears to be managing his team (to the extent we can know). This movement, after all, was all about rejecting the Status Quo. That said, the “who better qualified” argument is absolutely legitimate when it comes to economic brain surgery. You generally want the guy who’s cracked a few skulls.

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Wikileaks Staff Doing Reddit AMA Right Now: Tough Questions, Some Answers

The good folks over at Wikileaks are doing a Reddit AMA right now, and they are getting grilled. Highlights below, and full AMA here. Of note, people have been asking why no releases on Trump. Wikileaks repeated that they don’t have any, which was met with skepticism based on some of Assange’s previous comments. Perhaps they don’t have any relevant information, but they should release it anyway. They are also claiming to be non-partisan, which is verifiably false. The microwave just indicated that my popped corn is ready for consumption, so consume I shall.

Assange’s Situation At Embassy


Timing Of Releases






DDOS Attacks


Info on Trump? 


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ART OF THE DEAL: Canada Wants To Renegotiate NAFTA

Well what do we have here? Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has come out with comments to the effect of dismantling or renegotiating NAFTA.

“I think it’s important that we be open to talking about trade deals,” Trudeau — a fierce defender of free trade, which helps bolster the Canadian economy — told reporters.

“If the Americans want to talk about NAFTA, I’m more than happy to talk about it,” he said, adding that it was important to periodically reassess trade deals to ensure that they continue to be of benefit to Canadians. Yahoo News

So we’ve got Russia talking Peace, the Philippines reversing course with recent comments from President Duterte, and dopey prince Alwaleed trying to kiss the ring.


“May you live in interesting times” -some Chinese guy

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Market View From 10,000 Ft – A Mixed Bag

You might as well take the Dow 30 off your screen as there is a sea of red and green soup in the broader indices.  As Fly and Raul have reported, FANG stocks are getting kicked in the teeth, along with much of the tech sector in general. Who knew that anti-Trump Jeff Bezos and liberal tech titans would fall out of favor? Bet against Trump, get your dick chopped off. Sorry NFLX, guilt by association.

Take a quick look at a heatmap of the market to see today’s mixed bag:


Long bonds are holding relatively steady after yesterday’s selloff, though pressure is downward and is dragging yield names with it.


I’m also keeping an eye on this 10 year chart of TNX:




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