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BREAKING: Explosion At Brussels Train Station, Suspect Shot By Police

A train station in Brussels, Belgium was evacuated today after an explosion – according to senior Belgian law enforcement officials.

Belgian military police ‘neutralised’ a suspect reportedly wearing an explosive belt following the incident, however it is unclear if the person who was shot is still alive. No other casualties have been reported.

“At the moment, the police are in numbers at the station and everything is under control.” –Brussels Police

Belgium has been on high alert for terrorism following a March 2016 suicide bombing which killed 32 people on the Brussels subway and a local airport. ISIS claimed responsibility.

Will update as more is known…

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  1. ironbird

    Can not wait to visit Europistan. Once the Muslims have completely took the place over. Little dancing boy clubs. Cheap tickets to see rape victims stoned and homos thrown off of buildings. A true Globalist Disney. Should be a true Hell to behold. Then again could just go to any Muslim country today. Decisions decisions.

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  2. sarcrilege

    What can one say other than that terror distracts from traitors within, the usual synagogue suspects:

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