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HAIL MARY: Clinton and Podesta Are Making Their Play For The Electoral College

10 of the 538 electors – 9 democrats and 1 republicuck, or 1.9% of the electoral college, have written a ““bipartisan electors’ letter” demanding that the electoral college be given a briefing on the CIA intelligence which led to claims of Russian election tampering. bipartisanI presume this means: show us what the CIA claims to know. and not “show us what the CIA, FBI, and RNC have gathered on both sides of the issue” – which, if anything, would be the appropriate approach.

Continuing to grasp at straws in a similar vein to Clinton’s lame joinder to Jill Stein’s recount, John Podesta has demanded that the wishes of 1.9% of the electors translate into a tube-fed CIA curated intelligence briefing. Hmm, 1.9% of a population’s wishes dictating to the majority? Sounds familiar.


This shit is starting to get really long in the tooth – but I guess we all should have expected this “sand in the eyes” level of kombat from reptiles. The best case scenario for Clinton / Podesta is of course Trump never makes it into office – however at minimum, they have sullied Trump’s reputation for the next 4 years, and perhaps they will even find a way to impeach him.

Washington works on leverage, and my guess is that the more Trump actually drains the swamp, the less likely he will be to make it through to the end of his first term. Perhaps this entire CIA / WaPo thing is a big game of chicken, and a few cucks are mad that Paul Ryan’s buddy Mitt was passed over for SoS?

However things play out from here, Trump isn’t getting out of this unscathed.



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  1. heaterman

    Odds of a full scale investigation for the HRC clan/foundation rise along with the amount of “scathing” Trump is subjected to.
    Just sayin.

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  2. ironbird

    Blow back. Backfire. Coming from Cali there is a limit. The messenger is the end of the woman fag party known as the left. God is back and they have no idea what to do about it. Everything sucks and we all must be miserable filth.

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