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4Chan Rabbit Hole PRIME: The Original FBI Anon’s 4Chan Thread



Put the kids to bed, prepare your favorite indulgence, and take another plunge into the Rabbit Hole. In our last episode, you learned that Donald J. “Spirit of Harambe” Trump is quite possibly on a very important mission from the future.

Tonight’s spooky feature, made spooky by Halloween, is a dive into the archives from way back in the beginning of July of the year Negative One (BT) (as it will be known) AKA 4 months ago, long before the most damaging revalations (safe link to google spreadsheet, h/t Raul3), and before Comey let Hillary slide. As we brush aside the leaves and peek down into the rabbit hole, we meet an anonymous 4chan user claiming to work for the FBI. Anon then proceeds to interact with and enlighten the class. I turn this over to you, dear reader, so that you may indulge your curiosities if you have not availed yourself already.

Protip: When you have this open in your browser, Ctrl-F “vMmUnwCH” and search for it. There should be 14 results, all of whom are the mystery FBI Anon…

[Optional Pre-Boarding Musical Stylings for Your Journey]


UPDATE!!! Hacker 4chan is now engaging in Rank Speculation (or is it?)


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  1. the_swatter

    amazing stuff! thanks for sharing!

    my inner autism trembles like averting eyes…

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  2. zeropointnow

    You have to push through Swatter!

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  3. the_swatter

    i pushed all the way through, down the rabbit hole and out a time warped wormhole…

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