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SICK: Let’s Revisit The Podesta Penchant For Pedophilic, Cannibalistic, And Satanic Art


What is art? Since the dawn of time, people have been creating, surrounding themselves with, and otherwise consuming art that they connect with. It’s an attraction thing. My nature loving friends have amazing pictures of breathtaking scenery adorning their walls. They take vacations and donate money to African wildlife sanctuaries. My auto enthusiast friends have oil paintings of F1 cars in their living room and won’t leave the couch when the Monico Grand Prix is on TV. My nephew has Kanye West posters on his walls and loves yeezy’s performance art. We’re all pulling for him.

You get the point, right?

Assuming we’re in agreement, I think it’s appropriate to explore the interests and proclivities of influential people to our reality, perhaps to better understand them. Trump likes gold everything. We know this. His lifestyle has surely kept the gold leaf industry from collapse. That Monster! One of Trump’s top advisors, Steve Bannon, has beautiful scenery in his dining room. Outrageous! John Podesta, the strategist behind Hillary’s entire everything, and his power broker lobbyist brother Tony, who would definitely have a major impact on your life in a Clinton Presidency, have pictures of cannibalistic rituals and abused children on their walls. That’s apparently cool with some of you. In an effort to uncuck those who might still be able to decouple their ego from their long held believies, and conclude “hmm, maybe we shouldn’t let weird satanists rule the world,” let’s explore some souls through some windows:

john-podestaBorn and raised in Chicago, John Podesta rose to power and became a master of the universe. As Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, top advisor to Obama, and Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta has become a powerful man with much influence, whose grip on world affairs would surely be at it’s peak in a Clinton White House. What makes John tick? Perhaps this painting of a cannibalistic human sacrifice in his office can provide some insight:

podesta-cannibal-art800Featured in Time Magazine’s April, 2016 article entitled, Meet the Man Behind Hillary Clinton’s Campaign, JP comments:  It’s better to be the guy with the fork,” Podesta quips to his colleagues, if they ask about the image, “than the guy on the table.” (source)

WARNING: Way more graphic from here on out – but remember that over 60 million Americans want these guys in the White House

niceshoesTony Podesta (left) is John Podesta’s brother. The two are extremely close, sharing many similarities. Tony, a lobbyist and regular in the Obama White House, has an interesting art collection, which has been featured in several exhibits and magazines. Let’s start in his living room, as featured in an article with an ironic opening from “Inside Homes” magazine:


Do you see that diamond lookin’ wall art right next to the window of Tony Podesta’s living room? Enhance!


Yeah, that’s a portrait of a disheveled little girl in a miniskirt by artist Biljana Djurdjevic. Here is some more of her work in Podesta’s home.


Note the general theme of “kids who I could molest and then kill.” In fact, here’s a whole collection of Djurdjevic’s art, which looks like it caters to people who get off on serious child abuse. One of Tony Podesta’s many windows to the soul is located right next a painting of a TIED UP LITTLE BOY IN A KILL ROOM. Another piece in Podesta’s house is directly above and features a bunch of kids laying down.


Next, let’s take a look a little wax statue entitled “Dismembered,” on loan from the Podesta collection and featured by the DC College of Arts & Sciences in 2011.

innerpiece inner2

Observe the “dismembered child” theme. If you are at a loss, shock is the appropriate emotion right now. With any luck it will simmer into outrage.

heather-tony-podesta-arch-of-hysteria-art-gettyThen we have the controversial “Arch of Hysteria” hanging in Tony Podesta’s staircase, as featured in the Washington Post articleMarried, With Art.” Why the hysteria? Because it’s the position that noted cannibal serial killer Jeffrey Dahlmer left one of his victims in.


UPDATE 02/10/2017: Check out the art allegedly hung in another Podesta staircase:


Also noted in the “Married, With Art” story are the following quotes regarding parties at the Podesta residence:

“At political events, there’s an inevitable awkwardness,” former Clinton administration official Sally Katzen

Folks attending a house tour in the Lake Barcroft neighborhood in Falls Church earlier this year got an eyeful when they walked into a bedroom at the Podesta residence hung with multiple color pictures by Katy Grannan, a photographer known for documentary-style pictures of naked teenagers in their parents’ suburban homes. “They were horrified,” Heather recalls, a grin spreading across her face.

granIf you would like to see more of Katy Grannan’s work, simply type “Katy Grannan Poughkeepsie Journal” into BING (not google) and look at “images.” For bonus disgust, turn off safe search.


Next, take a peek at a bed in childless Tony Podesta’s house, featured in the “Inside Homes” piece.


This is dark stuff…

…and it gets darker

marinabarEnough about Tony’s house, let’s look through other “windows to the soul” of those who govern us. You of course remember #SPIRITCOOKING satanist Marina Abramovic, who Tony Podesta has given money to, who was invited to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign launch, whose art Hillary Clinton placed in US embassies around the world, who Hillary wanted to invite to a lunch event, who donated the maximum $2700 to Hillary’s campaign, and who said in a Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) that her spirit cooking dinners in private homes are not art.

I think we can conclude that Hillary Clinton and the Podesta brothers are “into” Maria Abramovic. She’s apparently much more than just a great host. Here’s some more Abramovic “art” for you to chew on. Note Lady Gaga is in two of them:





Here’s a human sacrifice cake at one of Abramovic’s parties.

2011mocagalaartistlifemanifestodirectedz8k0cudvjowx img_0724-620x465

Here’s Abramovic and illuminati-loving Jay-Z embracing.


Nice Jay. On to the next one.

horns horns1 drummerred capture skull2

Bringing it back

There are people who chalk all of this up to nonsense, or “progressive art,” or employ whatever other mental gymnastics they need in order to feel safe in their groundhog day life. Why question the nature of the world when you’ve got such glorious leaders? Before you devolve into morlocks, seriously take a look behind the curtain. Trump this, Trump that, Trump Putin, Trump’s kids ad nauseum. Shut your pie hole for a minute and let the room cool down! Your candidate, that you researched, her family, and her inner circle, have surrounded themselves with or otherwise been involved in satanic, cannibalistic, and pedophilic expressions of art for quite some time. Absorb that. It makes one wonder how deep the Jeff Epstein rabbit hole goes, and why Joe Biden keeps molesting little girls on camera. THESE ARE YOUR PEOPLE, LIBERALS. Fix it, defect, or you can consider yourself part of the problem. As Saul Alinsky, the radical domestic terrorist Hillary Clinton wrote her 92 page senior thesis about, said:


And just like that, Alinsky’s devotees ARE the establishment. Lucifer is alive and well, and has been lurking in the shadows of Washington DC for quite some time.

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Reports Of @Jack Dorsey Being A Satanist #Spiritcook Are FALSE

Twitter is blowing up right now over some “satanic” tweets by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (@Jack) made back in 2006. In light of the Podesta emails and #spiritcooking thing, talking about “satanic verses” while cooking pasta is probably the worst possible thing Dorsey could have tweeted.

Here’s the first one (source):


Then there’s this one, with outrage below (source):



While these tweets are indeed titillating at first glance, the logical conclusion is that Jack was reading Salman Rushdie’s book “The Satanic Verses.”


The Satanic Verses is Salman Rushdie’s fourth novel, first published in 1988 and inspired in part by the life of Muhammad. As with his previous books, Rushdie used magical realism and relied on contemporary events and people to create his characters. The title refers to the satanic verses, a group of Quranic verses that allow intercessory prayers to be made to three Pagan Meccan goddesses: Allāt, Uzza, and Manāt. The part of the story that deals with the “satanic verses” was based on accounts from the historians al-Waqidi and al-Tabari. (Wikipedia)

Looking up page 307 of the book, we find the following passage which apparently made Jack cry in his pasta:

‘ACID BATH’: She drowned while high on LSD (“acid”), but in various industrial processes metals are dipped into a literal “acid bath.”

And what did Jack need to turn back to on pages 86 and 87 for comfort?

Devout Sikhs never trim their beards or hair (Hindi).

While it doesn’t look like @Jack is a spirit cook, I think we’ve found the source of his power.



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OCCULT PODESTA! Paul Joseph Watson Presents #SpiritCooking Overview

I’m a little out of pocket today, but trust me – things are going SIDEWAYS.


Everything was great when we were getting redpilled with the truth about Aliens and Zero Point EnergyJudge murder, learning how the Clinton Foundation fucked over Haiti, and sick Hillary’s huggable handler, but we are way off the deep end right now, getting shitpilled with increasingly legitimate research tying John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and a huge network of associates to occultism and pedophilia. If true, we need to absorb this information and accept it, and also prepare for the markets to gyrate (crash). I have been talking with The Fly extensively, and his calculator brain is hard at work preparing to guide you through any ensuing turmoil. Plans within plans, always.

This whole situation is developing, and I am compiling lots of interesting things from dark places around the web. This is nothing you can’t find for yourself, but be forewarned; I think I might be risking my soul looking at some of this information, some of which I can never un-see. A more comprehensive post on this will be forthcoming, once I am back in pocket. In the meantime, I may hit you with relevant or breaking news throughout the day.

For now, check out Paul Joseph Watson’s piece on #SpiritCooking, John Podesta’s involvement, and Hillary’s bizarre occult rituals in the White House.

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