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Illinois Governor Chugs Glass Of Chocolate Milk Laced With Brown Sugar In Diversity Stunt

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner (R) became an unwitting assistant in a diversity stunt on Wednesday at a downtown Chicago “workplace diversity” workshop for black history month – downing a glass of chocolate milk with a slug of brown sugar meant to represent how people of color “sit at the bottom” of an organization until “you actually stir it up.”

The metaphor was the createion of Hyatt Hotels diversity and inclusion executive Tyronne Stoudemire, who enlisted Gov. Rauner in the stunt

Stoudemire, who is black, poured a glass of milk to represent the white men who lead most organizations (including, um, the state of Illinois).

This chocolate syrup represents diversity,” Stoudemire said, before squirting a healthy dash of brown syrup that immediately sank to the bottom of the glass.

When you look at most organizations, diversity sits at the bottom of the organization,” Stoudemire continued. “You don’t get inclusion until you actually stir it up.” –Chicago Tribune

Rauner, who is worth an estimated several hundred million dollars, stirred the syrup into the milk to turn it brown, took a swig, and proclaimed “Diversity!”

“Diversity is the mix, and inclusion is making the mix work,” added Stoudemire as the sugary analogy concluded.

Stoudemire told Chicago Inc. he’s been using the chocolate milk stunt for 16 years as a simple way to illustrate the lack of diversity at the top of Fortune 500 companies. He typically picks on the most powerful person in the room to be his assistant, he said, adding that Rauner “didn’t know what he was getting into.”

Rauner’s spokeswoman, Rachel Bold, wrote in a statement: ”This was the event moderator’s example of diversity that an audience of all ages could see and understand. It was one of two demonstrations at the event, both of which received ovations from the crowd.”


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  1. sarcrilege

    Who made the spoon Rauner used to stir that shit up? Don’t tell me. It was an import job from Austria. Richard Von Coudenhove Kalergi, yes?

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  2. ironbird

    That shit is magic in Wakanda. Makes one sprout wings.

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  3. masteroneass

    Diversity and the government can suck a big one. theres a reason why whitey is on top. deal with it or leave losers. you want to win you have to stop crying like babies and participate.

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  4. Po Pimp

    My company is on a huge “diversity and inclusion” kick for the last year. Because it is so forced it is very off-putting and has made me even more cynical than before.

    Fuck this shit.

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  5. roundwego

    Today should be a dramatic week end. Moral hazard are blowing up all over the hubris of central banks. Gutony kills. I know my friend died at 52yr weighing 620lbs. In the end had no control.

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  6. who cares

    as they play both sides,
    its a class and nationality issue. (but shh, they dont want it that way) they want racism/sexism and more laws (in fact they want you to want more laws imprisoning yoursellf, cause its better that way and funnier)

    They do not hire you locally cause you are not snobby enough to afford ivy league programming plus since your are a native they will only hire 1 person on the team (for translation questions/nothing tech related).

    Diversity at leftcoast america tech
    means 1 amercan, 20 from India, 40 from israel, 1 from china, 1 from europe and thats it. Get used to it, cause its been going on for twenty years and will never change. NEVER. Its there money and buy all the pol around the state. There is ZERO that can be done except crushing their bottm line and refusing to acknowledge their existance. But they will still prosper regardless since they never have to make a single dime. They are as fake a company as the news run by secret org and secret internationalists.

    When shit goes down, not going after my fellow dumbass natives left or right, they targets are clear and the danger it apparant. The ilk at the top needs erradicating for good. and all greed need to go with it…. no bit co1n will stop their greed and evolution of the same actors.

    Diversity is taking all of Americas knowledge and passing it down to a foreigner who works for free (his greencard).

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