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FEMA: Irma Damaged Or Destroyed 90 Percent Of Homes In Florida Keys

As emergency workers scour the Florida keys for victims of Hurricane Irma in need of food, water and medical attention, FEMA administrator Brock Long estimates that 25 percent of homes in the Keys were destroyed, and another 65 percent damaged when the storm rolled through with 130 mph winds.

“Basically, every house in the Keys was impacted,” he said.

Via Fox:

Brock Long, a Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator, said preliminary estimates suggested that 25 percent of the homes in the Keys were destroyed and 65 percent sustained major damage.

As road repairs progress, some residents were allowed to return to their properties for a first look after the devastation – while the lower keys, including Key West with its 27,000 residents, are still off limits.

“It’s going to be pretty hard for those coming home,” Petrona Hernandez told Fox News. Hernandez’s concrete home on Plantation Key with 35-foot walls was unscathed, unlike others a few blocks away. “It’s going to be devastating to them.”

Just south of the town of Islamorada on Matecumbe Key, 57-year-old Donald Garner checked on his houseboat, which sustained minor damage. Nearby, three other houseboats were partially sunk. Garner had tied his to mangroves.

“That’s the only way to make it,” said Garner, who works for a shrimp company.


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  1. Dr. Fly


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  2. ironbird

    “Mobile Homes” are a fucking wood box covered in tin on a tractor trailer. Hell of a “Hurricane”.

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  3. Cricket

    Ninety percent damage. Have a look at these fools: “The Blinckman family use their personal devices Sunday while sheltering in a stairwell utility closet as Hurricane Irma goes over Key West, Florida”


    Source article here:


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  4. sarcrilege

    Irma Damaged Or Destroyed 90 Percent Of Homes In Florida Keys – define damaged or destroyed.

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