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Spyin’ Lyin’ Susan Rice Backs Out Of Congressional Testimony, Second Last Minute Cancellation In A Week

Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice has abruptly canceled a Tuesday appearance in front of the House Intelligence Committee to discuss allegations that she requested the ‘unmasking‘ of various members of the Trump campaign on behalf of the Obama administration.

Rice’s cancellation comes on the heels of another nix’d testimony from Glenn Simpson – the former Wall St. Journal reporter who co-founded opposition research firm Fusion GPS – which was responsible for an embarrassingly amateur and largely debunked 35-page Trump-Russia ‘dossier’ used as evidence to request a FISA surveillance warrant on a Trump associate.

Glenn Simpson, Fusion GPS Co-Founder

Simpson’s Wednesday cancellation in front of the Senate Intel Committee appearance followed revelations that two Fusion GPS associates were intimately involved in a June 2016 sit-down between Donald Trump Jr., a Russian lawyer, and 6 other people – a meeting which has the appearance of a political ‘setup’ meant to ensnare the Trump team.

The man who arranged the meeting, Fusion GPS associate Rob Goldstone, told Trump Jr. that the Russian lawyer had information on Hillary Clinton’s ties to Russia. A second Fusion GPS associate, Russian-American lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin, attended the meeting as well.

Did Simpson and Rice cancel in light of the Trump Jr. takedown backfiring? 

‘Susan Rice has a history of dishonesty – from lying about her role in unmasking the Trump team which was exposed by journalist Mike Cernovich, to the true cause of Benghazi (which Hillary correctly told Chelsea was radical Islamists within hours of the attack), to the enormous wealth Rice has accumulated while in public service – the former National Security Advisor to Obama looks like nothing more than a well paid lapdog.

FISA Basis

Many are now suggesting that the Trump Jr. meeting was the basis for the Obama administration’s June 2016 FISA request to spy on the Trump team in light of the fact that another Fusion GPS-linked endeavor (the dossier) was used as the basis for a FISA warrant on Trump associate Carter Page.

If the Trump Jr. meeting was a setup arranged by Fusion GPS associates, it would make for the second incident in which the opposition research firm was linked to dirty work used to justify spying on the Trump team. If Susan Rice knows about any type of collusion between the Obama administration, Fusion GPS, and Hillary Clinton – a candidate running for President, heads could roll.

Perhaps this is why both Rice and the co-founder of Fusion GPS canceled their testimonies…

A side note – the Don Jr. Russian Conspiracy Theory is Toast

Many on the left have suggested that the meeting between Trump Jr. and the Russian lawyer was set up to establish a back-channel to the Kremlin. As journalist and author Jack Posobiec points out – why would Don Jr. need to do that if his father was colluding with Putin?

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  1. nancy

    “lock her up”

    then everything will be altright

    once you agree to a meeting, to obtain ‘dirt’, with a foreign adversary. you are compromised by your own acts. capiche!

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  2. Uglyflint

    America is no longer a lawful country. SR fuck off.

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  3. duuude

    Where are the Supboenas ? The Trump legal team is looking amateurish.

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  4. sarcrilege

    No worries ladies, Susan Rice and Glenn Simpson are simply buying time so the deep state can come to the rescue. If one goes down, they all go down. Just look at what the Klinton crime family is getting away with…yet another murder (Klaus Eberwein) and what…? Crickets.

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  5. brvalentine

    One nasty & dangerous B!tch.

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