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Hannity Unleashes: Joe Scarborough ‘Sold His Soul’ for ‘Sheep TV’

Sean Hannity hit back at Joe Scarborough in a series of tweets, telling his 2.6 million followers that the MSNBC host, ‘liberal Joe,’ had to ‘become an MSNBC liberal to keep his job.’

The tweetstorm from Hannity comes hours after Scarborough called Hannity’s nightly show on Fox “state run television.”

Hannity compared the Morning Joe host to recently fired MSNBC host Greta Van Susteren, the former Fox host who jumped networks – yet was reportedly let go for refusing to go along with the Trump-Russia conspiracy.

“@greta refused to change,” tweeted hannity. “Joe sold his soul Sheep TV.

Hannity also jabbed Scarborough over his musical appearance on the Stephen Colbert show, stating “Liberal Joe is desperate for attention now. Lashing out @Potus me, singing bad songs on Colbert. I crushed him on radio and TV,” wrote Hannity – followed by the hashtag #epicfailure

Hannity vs. Scarborough

Animosity between the two hosts has been building since June, when Hannity said he would air a montage of Scarborough’s “daily emotional meltdown.”

Per The Hill

“Poor liberal Joe and Mika [Brzezinski] continue their daily emotional meltdown,” wrote Hannity. “Hilarious video montage tonight at 10 on Hannity FNC.”

Scarborough quickly responded to Hannity.

“Comrade, your continued obsession with those who refuse to be apparatchiks for Russia suggests resentment and envy. You are obsessed,” he responded.

Scarborough has 1.3 million followers on Twitter.

Hannity also unleashed on Scarborough and his fiancee and co-host Mika Brzezinski over their attacks on President Trump, calling Scarborough an “arrogant, pompous jerk” after the MSNBC host compared Trump to “a kid pooping in his pants.”

Stay classy Joe…

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  1. nancy

    Hannity’s da man. but he’s got notin’ on Judge “are you to fast for your communications team mr. president” Jeanine. #######sad

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  2. zeropointnow

    Judge Jeanine is not to be crossed.

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  3. sarcrilege

    There’s always a grain of truth in everything. To rule out that Fox is a controlled opposition in the form of “state run television” would be a mistake.

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  4. derp

    You know the difference between me and Joe? Besides not getting pegged by Mika? My interns don’t die in my office.

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