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Stolen Valor: TX “Faithless Elector” Chris Suprun Exposed For Lying About Being 9/11 Firefighter

aer002Texas “Faithless Elector” Chris Suprun, who claims to be conservative but uses a liberal PR firm, and bought an Ashley Madison subscription while bankrupt and married w/3 kids, AND running a 9/11 charity, turns out to be a giant liar too!

Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA 8 did some digging into Suprun’s claim that he was a first responder firefighter at the Pentagon on 9/11 – when in fact, a firefighter who knew him and worked with him said Suprun didn’t start until October of 2011. This was confirmed by the Manassas Park, VA Fire Department. WFAA also found that Suprun collected unemployment while his resume suggested he was gainfully employed as a paramedic, and upon further digging, found that of Suprun’s two currently listed employers, one has never heard of him, and the other does not exist. What a fraud. Again;


suprun_1481865277235_7361784_ver1-0Look at this lying sack of shit about to throw the first pitch at a Rangers game in 2015 after being introduced as a 9/11 hero. This is stolen valor.

So we’ve got ONE Republican “Faithless Elector” who’s a complete fraud, a video made by a bunch of liberal hollywood traitors which they had to disable voting on because nobody was buying their shit, and Nancy Pelosi’s daughter (wow, how did she get to be an Elector?) who is leading the charge of 49 democrats (and 1 cucked republican) to overturn the results of the election. Are we almost done with this tantrum?

Here’s video of WFAA’s report on Suprun:

Suprun, a Dallas resident for more than a decade, even used his résumé to establish credibility in the Times piece, writing in the second paragraph: “Fifteen years ago, as a firefighter, I was part of the response to the Sept. 11 attacks against our nation.”

He has founded a nonprofit called Never Forget and state records show he is a licensed paramedic — but much of the rest of résumé, publicly available on LinkedIn, is questionable.

In addition, on at least two occasions over the last couple years at crowded Major League Baseball games, Suprun has been introduced as a 9/11 veteran before throwing out first pitches.

“He claimed to be a first responder with the Manassas Park [Virginia] Fire Department on September 11, 2001 and personally told us stories ‘I was fighting fire that day at the Pentagon.’ No, I was on a medic unit that day at the Pentagon and you make a phone call to Manassas Park and you find out that he wasn’t even employed there until October 2001,” said a first responder who knows Suprun and only agreed to speak about him if his identity was concealed. –ABC WFAA Dallas

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  1. BIGeasy

    In this digital age any ass clown who thinks they can get away with padding the CV and outright lying is a tool. The fact that no one is vetting is just as concerning.

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  2. be safe

    History will not look at faithless electorates as patriots, but as Bennedict Arnolds and they and their families will live in shame.

    They have the potential to bring our country to civil war and tremendous bloodshed because of their own delusions that Trump is a monster rather than a pragmatist with campaign rhetoric that differs greatly.

    Over 100 million gun owners… predominantly republican who carry them for self defense. You think at least a dozen of them won’t consider themselves to be acting in defense to defend the country from a coup if indeed Hillary steals the election?

    (no this is not a threat or a suggestion, just an assessment of risk…)

    If any of these electorates have really thought things through and realized that campaign rhetoric about Trump during the campaign and rhetoric on Trump’s side during the primary is not the same as post election mode Trump who is a pragmatist…
    They’ll see how foolish, shameful, and idiotic these decisions will look 10 years from now.
    They better be careful at what kind of precedence they set moving forward… For a government not by the people is what wars have been fought over in the past. This act against the people is what history remembers as traitors and tyrants that historically get overthrown in the name of freedom.

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  3. traderconfessions

    I get it .. Trump is a fraud but a good fraud. Makes sense to me. More people voted for HRC than Trump so technically she represents the will of the people… right? Nobody is changing the election so you can put your little pistol back in your pants.

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  4. Jaffs

    The half the country that got it wrong likes to lecture the half that got it right about their hallucination of the future and misperceptions of the world while pretending their petty, clever insults mean anything…

    If you only can see Trump as a fraud in your world, rather than a talented persuader who wants to make the world greater, you must live in a sad place. If you think a comment that specifically said it was about risk assessment had anything to do with me having an actual pistol, you must live in a scary imaginary world.

    The world isn’t that way, but maybe when you open your eyes, wipe away the smear campaign rhetoric clouding your eyes and climb out of your Marxist bubble you’ll see things change.
    Be safe.

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  5. frog

    “The half the country that got it wrong likes to lecture the half that got it right about their hallucination of the future and misperceptions of the world while pretending their petty, clever insults mean anything…”

    Yes, a perfect description of Trump supporters there.

    You don’t see Trump– the guy who lied in more than 70% of his statements checked by politifact– as a fraud, for what reason? Yes, those of us who face that reality do live in a sad place– but at least it is reality, not the delusional world you live in.

    Nothing TC said sounds like a Marxist. Did your fake news station or Internet site tell you that everyone who doesn’t agree with Trump about everything is a Marxist?

    Time will tell what kind of pres Trump will be. But his cabinet does not look encouraging.

    Trump’s Ungovernment
    His appointments are wrecking balls and swamp creatures, and his supporters won’t care.

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  6. chuck bennett


    You are fucking retarded.
    Stop being stupid you dummy.

    Where did I go wrong?

    Also, be careful of the wake news. Seems it works on the small minded. 😉

    Best wished

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  7. Jfred

    Who’s uniform is he wearing or should I say disgracing?

    Suprun is a liar (911 hero fraud) and a coward.

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  8. zeropointnow

    Jfred, it’s his uniform. He was a firefighter, just not until October 2001. He was not a 9/11 first responder, as he has claimed (and profited off of) for years.

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