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DOJ’s Peter Kadzik, In Charge Of Reopened Email Case, Is A MOLE!

The new #PodestaEmails are up, and it looks like Peter Kadzik, good buddy of John Podesta, and the guy in charge of the DOJ investigation into the re-opened Clinton emailswho sent his son to work for Hillary’s campaign, and Kept Podesta out of Jail during the Lewinsky Scandal, IS A MOLE! He was passing ol’ John information pertaining to the State Department’s investigation of Hillary’s emails. Good friends are hard to find, right?

Moley moley moley moley moley



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  1. john_galt

    Seriously, these people are amateurs to put such things in an e-mail. Not that I am complaining though.

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  2. tha pirate

    Gee, I wonder why CNBC hasn’t mentioned this?

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