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Bill Gates Goes On CNBC, Compares Trump To JFK As Dow Approaches 20,000

Boy, these liberal billionaires have an uncanny ability to adapt and overcome, as earlier today on CNBC Bill Gates compared the President-elect to JFK. This comes on the heels of Hillary supporters Warren Buffet and Mark Cuban attaining enlightenment and concluding that Trump isn’t such a bad guy after all.

From CNBC:

“A lot of his message has been about … where he sees things not as good as he’d like,” the billionaire Microsoft co-founder said on “Squawk Box.”

But in the same way President Kennedy talked about the space mission and got the country behind that,” Gates continued, “I think whether it’s education or stopping epidemics … [or] in this energy space, there can be a very upbeat message that [Trump’s] administration [is] going to organize things, get rid of regulatory barriers, and have American leadership through innovation.CNBC

Recall that this interview was brought to you by the network which told us that Trump was going to lead to immediate and utter devastation in the markets were we to win the election, and now we’re 125 points away from DOW 20 THOUSAND (or 8.8% in the 5 weeks since the election). Of course, as Fly has mentioned, the history books will give this win to Obama.

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