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O’Keefe: Twitter Employs 300-400 Snarky Liberal Millennials Who Review Private DMs

Just when you thought it was safe to send dick pics over Twitter DM, Project Veritas is here to rain on your parade…

In today’s third installment of James O’Keefe’s undercover sting on the social media giant, Project Veritas operatives once again slink their way into the circle of trust, offering loose-lipped nerds validation in exchange for devastating corporate secrets… such as the fact that Twitter employs 300-400 people to review your “private” direct messages so they can better market to you.

Per the exchange below, Clay Haynes, who was featured in part one of the Twitter exposé, admitted in a January 6, 2018 meeting that Twitter has hired hundreds employees with the express purpose of looking at these “d*ck pics,” stating:

“There’s teams dedicated to it. I mean, we’re talking, we’re talking three or four… at least, three or four hundred people… Yes, they’re paid to look at d*ck pics.”

“I’ve seen way more penises than I’ve ever wanted to see in my life.”

“That’s, yeah… You know, actually… This sounds horrible, but I’m actually glad and fortunate it’s just dicks, it’s just blow job pictures, it’s just that type of stuff.”

Next, O’Keefe stings Pranay Singh – a “Direct Messaging” engineer for Twitter, who echoed Haynes’ claims and even joked about using private messages for blackmail:

“Everything you send is stored on my server… So all your sex messages and you, like, d*ck pics are on my server now…”

“All your illegitimate wives and, like, all the girls you’ve been f*cking around with, they’re are on my server now… I’m going to send it to your wife, she’s going use it in your divorce.”

“So, what happens is like, you like, write something or post pictures on line, they never go away… Because even after you send them, people are like analyzing them, to see what you are interested in, to see what you are talking about. And they sell that data.”

Singh continues, “So what happens is, like, when you, like, write stuff of when you post pictures online, they never go away.  Like, they’re always on there. Even after you send them, people are analyzing them, to see what you’re interested in, to see what you’re talking about, and they sell that data.”

PV Journalist: “Wait, you’re talking about just regular tweets or the DMs? Or both?”

Twitter Engineer:Everything. Anything you post online…”

Watch the whole thing here:

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  1. sarcrilege

    You should see my completely shocked face. Just shocked. Horrified. I would never ever imagined they would do such thing, violate privacy. But it’s free. Which is ok. That makes it worth it.

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  2. heaterman

    You can be sure the same is happening at Snap and Instagram,

    …taking bets now..

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  3. ironbird

    “They” are fucking foreigners. Run by Satanic queers. Oh and “Snarky”.

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  4. oilerua

    @heaterman my bet is facebook messenger watsup and AI + some humans do it for gmail too

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