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The Juice Is Loose! OJ Simpson Released After 9 Years In Prison

OJ Simpson, who beat a murder rap for allegedly slitting the throats of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her lover Ron Goldman – only to earn a 9 year stint in the can for a 2007 armed robbery of his own memorabilia, is now out on parole.

The 70 year old former NFL star turned actor was approved for early release at a board hearing in July after exhibiting good behavior – avoiding 24 years of his 33 year sentence, and will be under parole supervision for up to five years.

The BBC reports:

Bruce Fromong, who was one of Simpson’s victims in the robbery, testified in favour of him being granted freedom.

Simpson was found guilty in 2008 exactly 13 years to the day after he was famously acquitted in the double-murder case.

Despite the 1995 not-guilty verdict, a civil court jury held Simpson liable for the deaths of Brown Simpson and Goldman, awarding $33.5m (£25m) to their families.

A lawyer representing Ron Goldman’s family told Associated Press this amount had nearly doubled with interest under Californian state law, and that the family would continue to seek payment from Simpson after his release.

Simpson has expressed his desire to move to Florida after leaving jail.

His lawyer Malcolm LaVergne said on Wednesday that he was feeling “very upbeat” ahead of the release.

Simpson became a cult figure in the National Football Leaue (NFL) after record-breaking performances for the Buffalo Bills team.

After retiring in 1979 he starred in television shows and movies, including the 1988 film The Naked Gun.

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  1. ferd

    Killed two white people and got away with it. Don’t it make you want to steal some sneakers?

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  2. ironbird

    OJ is classic Americana. That the lawyer class has polluted for decades. Innocent then proven guilty by kangaroo court. Without the ability of the so called guilty to go free every now and then. The innocent are fucked. We do not live in China. Supposedly.

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  3. mad marsupial

    Did they pick him up in a white Ford Bronco?

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  4. sarcrilege

    What a ride this guy had. What a life. Experienced it all.

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