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Louise “Hard Drugs” Mensch Fires Lawyer Over Twitter For Criticizing Evan McMullin

Louise Mensch, the anti-Trump neocon provocateur and former Conservative MP from England, whose mind is ‘messed up after taking hard drugs,’ has fired attorney Mark S. Zaid after he got in a twitter battle with CIA lackey and former Presidential candidate Evan McMullin.

McMullin, commenting on a recent story that Facebook sold $100,000 worth of political advertising to a “Russian bot farm,” said “This is direct evidence that our adversaries try to turn us against each other. They know we’re weak when divided.”

To which Mensch’s now-former attorney Mark Zaid replied:

“Of course, USGOVT undertakes similar actions overseas. At least #Russians financially contributed to our economy!”

McMullin played the Red Dawn card in response – accusing Zaid of using a “Kremlin talking point.” After a brief back-and-forth, Louise Mensch fired Zaid over Twitter. Zaid, in response, seemed relieved – responding “Thank you Louise! Notice of withdrawal will be filed with court tonight. You’re on your own.

See the exchange here:

Recently, Mensch falsely alleged that president Trump’s inactive fashion model agency is under investigation by New York authorities for sex trafficking – a claim which Mensch’s co-author Claude Taylor retracted and apologized for after it was revealed their source was a hoaxer.

Mensch, on the other hand, continued pushing the story over Twitter – using the hashtag #PIMPOTUS.

Other tall tales include that a FISA court issued “sealed indictments” against Trump in advance of an impeachment, Orrin Hatch secretly replaced Trump as president in May, Vladimir Putin murdered Andrew Breitbart so that Trump and Bannon would end up in the White House, Putin funded the Ferguson riots, and hundreds of Americans are under Russian control.

Don’t do hard drugs kids.

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  1. ironbird

    “What Happened” disorder strikes again. No way to figure out the issue here. Totally unable to deduce similarities. There are none.

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  2. sarcrilege

    Goes to show no good deed goes unpunished. A pro-bono lawyer is fired by chaos agent Louise Mensch. Good luck getting another pro bono lawyer.

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