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Early bird already got the worm // no NASDAQ Tuesday trading plan

There isn’t much opportunity for me here left today. Around 7am NEW YORK the buyers stepped in and did the only thing I would’a done which’is’to work price back up through yesterday’s trend day high.

That’s a high probability set-up.

I deal in high probability set-ups and hustling opening bell.

I work too hardt.

On a day like this, when the weather folks are saying its gonna be about 80, and the NASDAQ has a tiny risk/reward, my job is to go work the land.

The stock market (and cryptos) have an ‘all clear’ to rally through the rest of the year. You’ll have some ‘sell in May’ types trying to stoke up some fear here soon. Ignore them. Just hunker into the best tickers and cruise into year-end. Once Elon’s Tesla starts printing CyberTrucks we’ll be looking for a broad, multi-year correction in big tech equity and crypto as humans start to shift their positioning into real things.

So it is written. So it shall be. I expand on this line of thinking at the bottom of last Sunday’s blog.

Trade’em well today lads. I am off to survey my next hole dig.

Raul Santos, April 6th 2021

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