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Do nothing conditions

One impulse commonly exhibited by the ego of a trader is to short a move like we’ve seen this week — usually this low-value instinct kicks in after missing the primary move.

Makes the trader feel smart again. Yeah. Bet against the primary move and fade the herd yeah.

No thanks.

First of all the humble Raul blog (hRb) has been advocating for heavy investments in Big Tech all along. Secondly, the last four weeks of Strategy Sessions have leaned bullish. Thirdly we had a bunker buster back a the end of February and that’s when I deployed lots of fresh capital into the markets. Now my job is to get fat off the land. The seeds were planted, they grew, now I just gotta feed them occasionally and give lots of water and wait for them to ripen at the end of the year. Then harvest.

I didn’t buy any Tesla in the first quarter and I may not buy any in the second quarter either. It is still my largest position by quite a lot, but an astute reader may have picked up my subtle drift towards advocating other Big Tech tickers. There’s a reason for that. Tesla printed a failed auction right at a big fat round number many moons ago. Those can take months, quarters, to resolve.

My optimistic outlook for daddy Elon’s Tesla has not changed, but being a modern chartist (no head and shoulders plebbery) I must acknowledge when it is best to back off a thesis and let it simmer while pressing other campaigns. Campaigns like Noble Jacked Dorsey’s Twitter. I am more bullish on Twitter than ever. They banned the people who were ruining the platform. Jack’s humility is contagious. And there are rumors that they’re on the hunt to buy other agencies like gay boy Clubhouse. All of this is bullish.

I am also super bullish on the FTT brokerage tokens. That feller in charge at FTT is some kind of idiot savant, sleeping on beaned bags and making billions, developing synthetic equities. Did you know coinbase stock is already trading on FTT? Think about that, while you’re left trading fucking NIO and PLUG and other shit stocks. FTT has found a way to make Coinbase shares already tradable. Also, U.S. residents aren’t even allowed to own FTT tokens. That barrier to entry also present a unique opportunity.

So I am busy elsewhere, in stuff like that and building pineapple fountains, all while I wait for the damn counter contractor to show up so I can finish the heckin’ kitchen.

I’ve planted beets, carrots, mustard spinach and started asparagus.

That’s about it. In essence. Now is the time do to nothing.

Ho ho ho,

Raul Santos, April 8th 2021

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