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Nobody Wants My Rock

I went into the market and initiated additional risk today.  I bought a full size SCTY long and paired it with a smaller sized SFM long.  The SCTY long is a component of watching the TAN ETF and another chapter in my Elon Musk admiration saga.  I have always been a harsh critic of solar technology but if Elon gives it the Midas touch it will power cities effortlessly sooner rather than tremendously later.

The balance continues on the Nasdaq and S&P although significant amount of pressure is being applied to the sellers all day.  Price continues to linger on the highs without much in the way of a rotation lower.

While all of this is occurring my very hot, top-notch momo stocks are SILENT.  Like, scary move silent.

Adding high profile SCTY to a basket with ONVO, RVLT, lots of GOGO, and a few other menaces (LEDS WTF?) was like smoking a Newport (extra LO) whilst laying on a crate of dynamite to stargaze.

The combustible matter below my person will either propel me to the stars or leave no remains except a dusty crater in the night.

Tomorrow…I hope

I’m sick of waiting for my outcome.

94% long
Excellent symmetry in this video:

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  1. Raul3

    That SFM pushed right into my risk threshold before finally turning too. You gotta stay coo

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