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Deals on Aisle Three

Well one of my favorite stocks went on sale this morning and I didn’t hesitate to pick up some shares.  Whole Foods will continue to outperform in the grocery space as consumers inevitably migrate away from high fructose corn cancer.  Companies like WFM have a rare quality in our rotting society: attrition.  Saves them shitte tonnes of money.  They’ve figured out the formula to motivate my generation’s lazy asses to work hard.  That’s really saying something.  If you’re afraid of playing earnings you many want to wait until after the 25th to participate.  However, I consider earnings the spark to reflex the stock higher.

Going into today I only had a 20% cash position.  I sold off Pandora and Zynga to make way for my WFM purchase.  ZNGA and P have dragged their feet throughout this entire rally.  With that being said the laggards may gain traction and participate in the next leg up.  However, I’ve lost patience for their foolishness.  Moving on.

Fuck me running sideways for not sticking with my TPX trade.  The stock has been outperforming for the entire pump.  However I won’t chase it up here as I expect price to slow down at the least, and more likely pullback.  I think we can play CMG in a similar manner once the dust settles.  I’ll be watching the developments in CMG price carefully going forward.

My largest position is YELP.  I have shares bought back in the spring, shares bought when it first turned green, and shares bought when it started getting mean.  Cost basis $22 bucks, 20% position.  Ride or die bitches.

POT looks good today too, I may jump back in.  More likely I’ll wait until Tuesday.

Summer year end clearance event.  However, none of us know what those Europeans have up their dirty wizard’s sleeve so keeping some cabbage on hand is gentlemanly.  Cash = 35%

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  1. I Like Ribs!

    I am with you on the WFM and adding to HAIN today on the stupid/ yet stupendous opportunity to add. Check out GRX for another way to hold WFM and get dividends.

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    • Raul3

      I jumped the gun on my WFM purchase, but I hardly think WFM has jumped the shark.

      Good trading ILR!

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