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Trading Bananas

Might as well be trading bananas. It’s just letters attached to numbers at this point, yes?

I doubled down on ZNGA this morning.  The plan is to lean on $4.50 after my entry at $5.20 last week.  If price can’t recover the $4.50 price level I will be closing out the entire position for a loss.  Otherwise, if the stock regains the level, my plan dictates holding with a target to scale off my original purchase at $5.20, thus lowering my cost basis and allowing me to continue participating in the bottoming process of the lamest company on earth.

Pandora is weak again today and floating around my entry level.  I may drop this stock again before the day is through if it breaks down.  However, I want to see it through this range and am more inclined to hold.

Yelp is coming online and looks like it may make a leg higher.  I may ratchet this position as high as 20% should we see a strong afternoon develop.

DTE and AWK are participating in the utility/dividend bubble.  That is some bona fide costanza buffoonery.  Not sure what to think of the “rapid” appreciation of these stocks.  I’ll likely stick around.

I caught a nice entry on AAPL and that has me patiently eying a $620.00 target.  Still a hold.

I bought POT today.  I’m interested to see how these intelligent farmers who “report dead crops on purpose” and their bullshit crops affect hype and hot money in a fertilizer.  It’s business like this that makes me love being a speculator.

Essentially Zynga is tip toeing my GTFO line, Yelp wants more of my allocation, farmers are political bribers, Apple is Rick Ross, Pandora is often a box of bees, and utility stocks are experiencing a bubble.  Got it?  Now trade accordingly.

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