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Perhaps my extended absence has gone unnoticed by most, but I already feel the void. I have been performing data grabs and manipulation at a fire drill pace to appease jokers (no Dark Knight) in monkey suits. They blocked up a major money stream, and sent my skinny ass down a cable to bust open the logjam. It has taken 95% of my computer efforts.

I also have certain events in my private life that are downright somber. No deaths or dewy’s thank Krishna’s hooves, but my main squeeze and I are done. And it hurts.

The two events have transpired to leave me in a state of flummox. Therefore I sold off my high spec positions (P, ZNGA, TPX, WFM) and put a stop on YELP that was triggered today. ZNGA was working according to my plan to scale, but the balance would have claw hammered me good and hard. YELP ended up being a 5.5% loss on a 17% position, all-and-all 1% hit to my portfolio. Could have been a winner, but I stubbornly played the first pullback. No love lost, no love found. Drake’s words, not mine.

So here I sit, old mannish with a lode of cash and two utility stocks DTE and AWK.

Playing the WFM foolishness precisely right only to coward out at the last minute, and selling TPX 20% ago for no reason was telling of my psyche. Telling that I have too much on my mind-plate and I couldn’t bring the A-zone game. But most telling because I never give “lost opportunities” too much thought as that’s no way to bank coin. But here I am, staring at WFM and TPX tickers like a fucking creep holding the wall up at a nightclub.

The work bullshit is just that, and it’s done now. I still feel very upset about losing my girl and will be easing back into STAACKS when I get my mojo back.

But don’t think I’m some fat fucked hit-and-runner. Raul3, aka Macho Taco, will be back. After all, this is the best website on the interwebs.

PRE-POSTING UPDATE: I put a SPY position on at the close. I may be bereaving the death of my relationship, but I can’t pass an ace Friday squeeze setup.

And then this song keeps coming on, fuck Songza’s Lazy Summer station:

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